Champion's Rest

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Champion's Rest

Champion's Rest map.jpg
Map of Champion's Rest


Champion's Rest.jpg

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Champion's Rest is a lounge in the Heart of the Mists for high ranking PvP players. Additionally, players who have access to Champion's Rest can add certain obstacles and traps to the brawling arena below the area.

Getting there[edit]

Access to this area is only permitted with the use of a special pass, the Champion's Rest Pass.pngChampion's Rest Pass (2 weeks) or the Champion's Rest Pass.pngChampion's Rest Pass.

  • Two week passes are earned through top four placement in Monthly Automated Tournaments or through top 25 placement in a PvP League.
  • Permanent passes can be earned through winning ArenaNet sponsored community tournaments as well as through the Tournament of Legends.



Gathering Merchant (map icon).png Andrew
Arena Vendor.png Arena Vendor
Armorsmith (map icon).png Benth
Trading Post (map icon).png Black Lion Trader
Activity (map icon).png Ela
Makeover Preview (map icon).png Geron
Tournament Vendor.png Harald
Weaponsmith (map icon).png Kixxa, Black Lion Trader
League Vendor (map icon).png League Vendor
League Vendor (map icon).png League Weapon Vendor
League Vendor (map icon).png League Armor Vendor
Bank (map icon).png Logrimm
Weaponsmith (map icon).png Loma
Mystic Forge.png Mystic Forge Keeper
Laurel Merchant (map icon).png Nicola
Trading Post (map icon).png Nikalyus, Black Lion Trader
PvP Browser (map icon).png PvP Browser
Bank (map icon).png Rashak
Merchant (vendor icon).png Stephixx


Armorsmithing Station (map icon).png Dunn
Artificing Station (map icon).png Carsonn
Cooking Station (map icon).png Shar
Huntsman's Station (map icon).png Rayge
Jeweling Station (map icon).png Kaede
Leatherworking Station (map icon).png Grant
Tailoring Station (map icon).png Ashlynn
Weaponsmithing Station (map icon).png Kira


Guild Banker (map icon).png Gerta
Guild Commendation Trainer (map icon).png Guild Promoter

Combat practice[edit]

Practice Golems


Crafting Stations

Crafting resources[edit]

Bulk ingredients[edit]

Chef tango icon 20px.png Shar
Basil Leaves in Bulk.pngBasil Leaves in Bulk
Bell Peppers in Bulk.pngBell Peppers in Bulk
Buttermilk in Bulk.pngButtermilk in Bulk
Cheese Wedges in Bulk.pngCheese Wedges in Bulk
Ginger Root in Bulk.pngGinger Root in Bulk
Rice in Bulk.pngRice in Bulk
Sour Cream in Bulk.pngSour Cream in Bulk
Tomatoes in Bulk.pngTomatoes in Bulk
Yeast in Bulk.pngYeast in Bulk


  • A destructable desk sits within the area. This is a humorous reference to Angeels, a Guild Wars 2 streamer 'slamming' his desk in frustration.