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Specialization background.

Devastation.png Devastation is a core specialization for the revenant that focuses on improving damage and Life stealing.

Tier Trait Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Minor Adept Mutilate Defenses.png Expose Defenses Your first attack when entering combat applies vulnerability. This ability is refreshed when you use an elite skill.
Major Adept Aggressive Agility.png Aggressive Agility Movement skills remove immobilizing conditions.
Major Adept Vicious Lacerations.png Unsuspecting Strikes Deal increased strike damage to foes with health above the health threshold.
Major Adept Battle Scarred.png Battle Scarred Siphon health after using your healing skill.
Minor Master Focused Siphoning.png Destructive Impulses All damage dealt is increased, and increased additionally if you have an off-hand weapon equipped.
Major Master Assassin's Presence.png Assassin's Presence Increase the ferocity of nearby allies.
Major Master Notoriety.png Notoriety Might grants you more power and less condition damage. Gain might when using a legendary stance skill.
Major Master Thrill of Combat.png Thrill of Combat Gain stacks of Battle Scars while in combat.
Minor Grandmaster Targeted Destruction.png Targeted Destruction Deal increased strike damage to targets based on their vulnerability stacks.
Major Grandmaster Brutality.png Brutality 9 Gain quickness when you swap weapons. While you have quickness, your strikes remove stability.
This removal effect can only occur once per interval on each target.
Major Grandmaster Swift Termination.png Swift Termination Deal increased strike damage to foes below the health threshold.
Major Grandmaster Dance of Death.png Dance of Death Applying vulnerability to foes grants stacks of Battle Scars. The healing from Battle Scars is increased while you are below the health threshold.
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