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Disambig icon.png This article is about speed at which characters move. For general mobility, see Movement. For the boon granting increased movement speed, see Swiftness.

Movement Speed refers to the distance a character travels over a period of time, relative to the ground, by using the movement keys or movement actions.

Base speed[edit]

Movement Speed can be expressed in units per second (u/s). Sideways or backward motion is much slower than forward motion and forward motion speed is reduced by 33% while in combat.

Movement Speed increases do not stack with each other—only the greatest value takes effect. For example, a character under the effect of Signet of Air (+25%) and swiftness (+33%) will only move 33% faster. Maximum movement speed is universally capped at 400 units per second; this translates to 136% of base out-of-combat speed, but 190% of base in-combat speed. As such, the capped movement speed can be achieved out-of-combat with a mere 40% movement speed increase, whereas in-combat this requires a 100% increase i.e. Superspeed. Superspeed only makes use of its full 100% increase while in combat.

Walking speed is 80 units per second in all directions, both in combat and out of combat.

Sideways and backward motion cannot be increased beyond their base levels by any effect, including Superspeed.

Direction Out of combat
In combat
Forward 294 210
Strafing 180 180
Backpedaling 105 105
Cap 400 400


On a slope, the numbers above apply to the total speed (horizontal + vertical). As a consequence, the horizontal speed is lower.


Direction Out of combat
Base ~300
Swim-speed Infusion +10 ~330
Swim-speed Infusion +16 ~350
+25 boost from traits ~380
+25 boost from traits and Swim-speed Infusion +16 ~430


While gliding, the horizontal speed is 294 u/s, and 390 u/s when leaning forward. The vertical speed is around 113 u/s in both cases.


Mount Speed (u/s)
Raptor 600
Springer 575
Skimmer 540 (land and underwater)
850 (water surfaces)
Jackal 625
Griffon 500
Griffon (airborne) 624
Griffon (dive lvl 1) 1200
Griffon (dive lvl 2) 2000
Roller Beetle 0-1800[1]
Warclaw 550
Skyscale 500
Skyscale (airborne) 300 (ascending)
612 (forward)
650 (descending)
  1. ^ Caps at 610 on flat ground without boosting.

Related effects[edit]

Effect Change
Super Speed.png Superspeed +100%
Mist Form.png Mist Form +66%
Woven Air.png Woven Air +50%
Blazing Speed Mushrooms.png Celeritas Spores +40%
Blessing of Air.png Blessing of Elements +40%
Flame's Embrace.png Flame's Embrace +40%
Swiftness.png Swiftness +33%
Swiftness (effect).png Leader of the Pact (I, II, III) +5%, +15%, +33% in major cities
Speed boon.png Speed boons +15%
Rising Momentum.png Rising Momentum +5% for each point of active upkeep
Unseen Burden.png Hamstrung -1% for each 1% missing health (max of 70%)
Unseen Burden.png Unseen Burden -1% for each stack up to 99 stacks
Ichor.png Ichor -33%
Crippled.png Crippled -50%
Chilled.png Chilled -66%
Quicksand (effect).png Quicksand -90%
Immobile.png Immobile Unable to move or turn.
Stun.png Stun Unable to move or turn.

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