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Specialization background.

"Pick 'em off, one at a time."

Specializing in firearms improves your critical-hit efficiency and enhances your bleeding and burning potency. It grants various condition damage bonuses and strengthens your flamethrower.

— In-game description


Firearms is a core specialization for the engineer that focuses on conditions, condition damage and the use of pistols, and the flamethrower.

Tier Trait Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Minor Adept Sharpshooter.png Sharpshooter Critical hits have a chance to cause bleeding.
Major Adept Chemical Rounds.png Chemical Rounds Gain condition damage. Your pistol skills gain increased condition duration.
Major Adept Heavy Armor Exploit.png Sanguine Array Gain might when you inflict bleeding on a foe.
Major Adept High Caliber.png High Caliber You have an increased critical hit chance against foes within the range threshold.
Minor Master Hematic Focus.png Hematic Focus You have increased chance to critically strike against bleeding foes.
Major Master Pinpoint Distribution.png Pinpoint Distribution 10 While you are in combat, grant might to yourself and nearby allies each interval.
Major Master Skilled Marksman.png Thermal Vision Gain expertise. Increase your outgoing condition damage when you inflict burning.
Major Master No Scope.png No Scope 8 Critical hits on foes within the range threshold have a chance to grant fury. Fury grants you ferocity.
Minor Grandmaster Serrated Steel.png Serrated Steel Bleeding you inflict gains increased duration.
Major Grandmaster Juggernaut.png Juggernaut Gain might and stability while wielding a flamethrower. Might applied to you gains increased duration.
Major Grandmaster Modified Ammunition.png Modified Ammunition Deal increased strike damage for each condition on a foe.
Major Grandmaster Incendiary Powder.png Incendiary Powder 10 Burning you inflict lasts longer, and your critical hits inflict burning.
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