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Ammunition skills, or ammo skills for short, are skills with multiple charges, allowing them to be cast repeatedly within a short amount of time before going on cooldown.


  • Ammo skills have a maximum number of uses that regenerates over time.
  • Each ammo skill has a short recharge between uses that varies per skill.
  • Count Recharge and recharge between uses are affected by recharge-reduction skills and traits.
    • Maximum Count.png Maximum Count - The maximum number of times the skill can be used before going on cooldown.
    • Count Recharge.png Count Recharge - The time it takes to regain one ammo. There is a thin white border around the skill indicating how much time is remaining until you gain another ammo.
  • Only one ammo is regenerated at a time for a given skill (i.e. if 2 ammo is missing on a skill that takes 20 seconds to recharge each, it will take 40 seconds to fully recover all ammo)

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  • The Ammunition System was added during the August 8, 2017 patch.
  • The Ammunition system was built partly due to the Firebrand's mantras. The old mantra system was inconvenient as once a mantra charge was used and the fight ended, players could either waste the next charge and wait for it to recharge or go into the next fight with one less mantra charge.[1]


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