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The Photon Forge visual effect

Photon Forge is a mechanic exclusive to the Holosmith elite specialization that replaces the Engineer's elite tool belt skill (default F5). It can be activated via Engage Photon Forge, and deactivated either using Deactivate Photon Forge, or if the player overheats.


When activated the player's model is covered with a hexagonally tiled bright texture. The color of the texture varies based on the player's heat level, being blue under 50% heat, orange above 50%, and red above 100% (when traited with Enhanced Capacity Storage Unit Enhanced Capacity Storage Unit).


  • When in Photon Forge, the Holosmith passively builds up heat, and the normal weapon skill bar is replaced with the skills below.
  • Reaching 100 heat (150 with Enhanced Capacity Storage Unit) will force the Holosmith out of Photon Forge mode, incur a penalty in the recharge of all their toolbelt skills, and prevent activating Photon Forge until all Heat is lost, indicated by the Overheat effect.


# Skill Activation.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Tool belt
F5 Engage Photon Forge.png Engage Photon Forge 1 Activate your Photon Forge, gaining access to new skills. Generate heat while Photon Forge is active. Take damage if you overheat. Disables use of kits for a short duration.
F5 ChainDeactivate Photon Forge.png Deactivate Photon Forge 6 Cancel Photon Forge and begin cooling after a delay. Cooling effectiveness increases over time.
F5 ChainDeactivate Photon Forge (hot).png Deactivate Photon Forge 6 Cancel Photon Forge and begin cooling after a delay. Cooling effectiveness increases over time.
ChainOverheat.png Holoforge Overheated Unable to reactivate until cooled.
Photon Forge
1 Light Strike.png Light Strike Swing a holographic blade.
1 ChainBright Slash.png Bright Slash 0.5½ Slash with a blade of light energy.
1 ChainFlash Cutter.png Flash Cutter 0.5½ Cleave through all foes in front of you twice.
2 Holo Leap.png Holo Leap 0.75¾ 2 Create a holographic launch pad and leap to your foe. The pad remains behind for a short duration, granting increased movement speed to allies who touch it.
3 Corona Burst.png Corona Burst 0.5½ 6 Strike nearby foes and begin to store up energy, gaining boons and heat each pulse. After charging, the energy explodes, inflicting conditions on nearby foes.
4 Photon Blitz.png Photon Blitz 10.5½ 10 Fire multiple piercing blasts at your target.
5 Holographic Shockwave.png Holographic Shockwave 0.75¾ 15 Create a deadly holographic shockwave that launches foes upward. This attack always deals a critical hit.

Related traits[edit]


Becoming downed will set heat to 0, even if you have recently overheated.
While in Photon Forge, you are always in a pseudo-Combat mode. You cannot change skills, but changing traits still works, and run-speed is normal.
  • Although of similar nature, Photon Forge does not count as an Engineering Kit. Accessing an Engineering kits while in Photon Forge will first deactivate the Photon Forge.
    • For this reason, activating Photon Forge puts all Engineering kits on a 5-second recharge, to prevent the Holosmith from deactivating Photon Forge earlier than Deactivate Photon Forge would allow.
  • Activating and deactivating Photon Forge counts as a weapon swap.
  • With Photon Forge active you cannot interact with environmental bundles, banners or siege weaponry, or almost anything that can't be used while under the effects of a transformation.
  • Static Discharge Static Discharge functions with Photon Forge and will issue a bolt when both entering and leaving Photon Forge.
  • As of the August 17, 2021 update, players can now use the mount key while in Photon Forge. Doing so will automatically deactivate Photon Forge.
    • Heat does not dissipate while mounted. There is a slight delay before heat starts to dissipate after dismounting.


  • Kills in the Photon Forge count as staff kills.
  • When activating Photon Forge, the character will occasionally shout:
    • Projector, activate.
    • Light, come forth!
    • Activating hard light emitter.
    • Hologram projector engage.
    • Switching to holo mode.
    • Temperature normal.
  • When deactivating Photon Forge, the character will occasionally shout:
    • Returning to normal parameters.
    • Disengaging holo projector.
    • Holograms off.
    • Better let this cool down a bit.
See also: Heat#Player chatter

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