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Salvation.pngSalvation is a core specialization for the revenant that focuses on improving healing, support, and the Legendary Centaur Stance.

Tier Name Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Minor Adept Disarming Riposte.png Disarming Riposte 20 Striking a foe while they are using a skill blinds them.
Major Adept Nourishing Roots.png Nourishing Roots Grant regeneration to allies near Ventari's tablet.
Major Adept Blinding Truths.png Blinding Truths Blind nearby foes when you use a healing skill.
Major Adept Tranquil Balance.png Tranquil Balance While above the health threshold, healing to allies is increased.
Minor Master Hardened Foundation.png Hardened Foundation Gain toughness. Gain healing power based on a portion of your toughness.
Major Master Tranquil Benediction.png Tranquil Benediction The healing orbs that you create while wielding a staff will now grant swiftness and regeneration when picked up by allies.
Major Master Eluding Nullification.png Eluding Nullification 10 Dodge rolling removes a condition from nearby allies.
Major Master Invoking Harmony.png Invoking Harmony Healing done to allies is increased for a short duration after invoking a legend.
Minor Grandmaster Serene Rejuvenation.png Serene Rejuvenation Increase healing to allies. Natural Harmony also applies alacrity in an area.
Major Grandmaster Selfless Amplification.png Selfless Amplification Increase outgoing healing based on a percentage of healing power.
Major Grandmaster Natural Abundance.png Natural Abundance Create energy fragments around Ventari's tablet when using a legendary centaur stance skill.
Major Grandmaster Momentary Pacification.png Momentary Pacification 45 Using an elite skill attaches vines to nearby foes. After a short duration, vines will immobilize their host.
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