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Control effects, also known as Crowd control (CC) or disables, are a set of skill and trait effects that temporarily prevent actions or movement and disable all enemy's skills for the effect's duration. When first applied, all control effects will also interrupt the target. The boon Stability provides immunity against most control effects, while some skills have the ability to break stuns and remove other control effects listed below.

Some enemies possess a Defiance bar which renders them immune to the effects of both control effects and non-damaging "soft CC" conditions. These effects instead cause varying damage to the defiance bar. Depleting this bar will "break" the enemy, causing a strong negative effect, most commonly stun and increased incoming damage. The Unstoppable ability and Indomitable effects possessed by certain enemies render them totally immune to control as well as movement-restricting conditions like crippled or immobile. Some foes also have specific non-boon stability effects which prevent most forms of control.

Control effects[edit]

  • Daze.png Daze — Disables all skills for a short duration.
  • Stun.png Stun — Prevents movement and actions for a short duration.
  • Knockdown.png Knockdown — Knocks the target on ground, preventing movement and actions for a short duration.
  • Pull.png Pull1 — Pulls the caster to the target or the target to a specific location and disables them for a short duration.
  • Knockback.png Knockback1 — Knocks back the target away and on the ground, preventing movement and actions for a short duration.
  • Launch.png Launch1 — Throws the target in the air over a short distance, preventing movement and actions for a short duration. Can move Downed targets.
  • Float.png Float — Causes the target to float in the air, preventing movement and actions for a short duration. Causes underwater targets to move up.
  • Sink.png Sink — Causes the underwater target to move downwards.
  • Fear.png Fear1 2 — Disables all skills and causes the target to flee directly away from the caster for a short duration.
  • Taunt.png Taunt1 2 — Forces the affected target to run towards the source of taunt with all skills except stun breakers disabled while using their auto-attack skill.
1 Targets that can take Fall Damage, i.e. PvP/WvW, can be moved off ledges and cliffs.
2 Fear and Taunt are both conditions and control effects.

Similar effects[edit]

Functionality is similar to control effects for stun breaking purposes:

Functionality is similar to control effects but can't be removed by stun breaking skills and traits:

Other unique effects that restrict character's movement or skills on certain conditions:

Condition based non-disabling control effects[edit]

Some conditions will deal damage to enemy Defiance bar without being considered a disabling mechanic (particularly for purposes of various traits, as well as Stability as their counter). These conditions are often referred to "soft CC". Outside of defiance bar interaction, they serve a similar purpose as disabling control effects by hindering an opponent's actions or movement.

Certain enemies are only vulnerable to specific conditions. For example, Warg Bloodhounds and Charged Souls can only be effectively hindered through the use of conditions that reduce movement speed (Chilled, Crippled and Immobile). Similarly, some enemies are immune to a specific condition – for example, most dredge are not affected by Blinded.

Effect based non-disabling control effects[edit]

Some mechanics, including translocation of characters, results in control effects that do not disable or otherwise interrupt a target. Similar to condition based soft CC, stability does not counter these effects (unless otherwise noted). These effects can be avoided by either not traversing areas where these effects are prevalent, putting your character outside of the range of such an effect before it can take effect, or move in a direction desired to dampen the impact of the effect.

  • Slippery floor effects such as Social Awkwardness, or icy terrain as seein in SAB World 2-3.
  • Wrenching gaze from an Incarnation of Judgement.
  • Gravity field from Sorrow.
  • Deadly sandstorm from Awakened Hierarchs — this effect ends either upon resolution of the skill, which will result in large damage being dealt to targets in the area, or when the user's defiance bar has received sufficient damage to render the user in a defiance break state.

Related traits[edit]

Many traits relate to specific control effects and can be found in the relevant page. The traits listed below apply to control effects in general. Additionally, traits which trigger when interrupting a foe using control effects can be found here.

Traits which activate upon an incoming control effect

Traits which activate upon disabling a foe

Traits which benefit from disable on foes[edit]

Traits that increase control effect duration[edit]

Related equipment[edit]

Relics that benefit from control effects on foes[edit]

Upgrade components that increase control effect duration[edit]


Increases to stun and daze duration have a ceiling of 100%.

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