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A shout is a skill type that generally affects a wide area. Certain shouts give bonuses to allies while others can be used to debuff enemies. Many shouts have an instant cast time and may be used during other skills.

List of shout skills[edit]

Skill Underwater.png Hero point.png Activation.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description

Guardian tango icon 20px.png Guardian[edit]

"Receive the Light!".png
 "Receive the Light!"
Not available underwater.png 2 20.25¼ 30 Heal yourself and allies in a cone in front of you.
"Hold the Line!".png
 "Hold the Line!"
4 30 Grant protection and regeneration to allies.
2 30 Grant aegis and swiftness to up to five nearby allies.
"Save Yourselves!".png
 "Save Yourselves!"
3 50 Draw conditions from nearby allies to yourself. Gain multiple boons for a short duration.
"Stand Your Ground!".png
 "Stand Your Ground!"
4 30 Grants stability and retaliation to yourself and allies.
"Feel My Wrath!".png
 "Feel My Wrath!"
9 0.25¼ 45 Grant fury and quickness to nearby allies.

Warrior tango icon 20px.png Warrior[edit]

"To the Limit!".png
 "To the Limit!"
2 1 30 Heal yourself and regain all adrenaline. Nearby allies gain endurance.
"Fear Me!".png
 "Fear Me!"
4 60 Induce fear in your foes.
"For Great Justice!".png
 "For Great Justice!"
2 25 Grant fury and might to yourself and allies.
"On My Mark!".png
 "On My Mark!"
3 5 Call out target foe to make them vulnerable.
"Shake It Off!".png
 "Shake It Off!"
4 25 Cure conditions on yourself and nearby allies. Also breaks stuns.

Ranger tango icon 20px.png Ranger[edit]

"We Heal As One!".png
 "We Heal As One!"
1 20 Heal yourself and your pet. You each gain a copy of the other's boons.
Not available underwater.png 3 30 Order your pet to guard nearby allies. Your pet takes damage on behalf of those allies; gain might when your pet receives damage.
"Protect Me!".png
 "Protect Me!"
4 30 Gain protection and break allies out of stuns. Your pet taunts the next foe that attacks you.
"Search and Rescue!".png
 "Search and Rescue!"
4 60 Your pet teleports a downed ally within range to you and begins reviving them. Grant regeneration to nearby allies.
"Sic 'Em!".png
 "Sic 'Em!"
2 35 Your pet rushes at your foe, revealing them and dealing increased damage.
"Strength of the Pack!".png
 "Strength of the Pack!"
9 1 75 Rampage with your pet, gaining stability, fury, and swiftness. You and your pet also grant might to each other when you attack.

Elementalist tango icon 20px.png Elementalist (requires Tempest)[edit]

"Wash the Pain Away!".png
 "Wash the Pain Away!"
15 10.5½ 20 Mists billow out of the player, healing allies that are in range.
"Feel the Burn!".png
 "Feel the Burn!"
15 25 Heat waves blast out from the player, causing damage and granting fire aura to allies.
"Eye of the Storm!".png
 "Eye of the Storm!"
15 40 Imbue your voice with the element of air, massively increasing speed and breaking stun for nearby allies.
15 0.25¼ 35 Call upon the earth to cripple and immobilize foes in the area around you. Allies in the initial blast gain magnetic aura.
15 0.25¼ 25 Unleash a torrent of ice on enemy locations, chilling those who cannot escape. Grant frost aura to allies in range.
25 0.25¼ 75 Shout and infuse your allies with arcane energy. Allies who would take lethal damage while this is active ignore the deathblow and are healed instead. If the effect expires naturally, grant an aura based on your current attunement.

Necromancer tango icon 20px.png Necromancer (requires Reaper)[edit]

"Your Soul Is Mine!".png
 "Your Soul Is Mine!"
15 0.75¾ 20 Heal yourself and strike foes around you, absorbing life force for each foe struck.
"Nothing Can Save You!".png
 "Nothing Can Save You!"
15 0.5½ 25 Damage foes around you, converting their boons into vulnerability. Your attacks become unblockable for a short time. The duration increases based on the number of foes struck.
15 40 Damage foes around you. Summon a shambling horror plus additional horrors near each enemy struck. Shambling horrors absorb damage for their master as long as they are attacking.
15 20 Damage foes around you and chill them. Transfer a condition to each foe you strike.
"You Are All Weaklings!".png
 "You Are All Weaklings!"
15 30 Damage foes around you inflicting conditions on them and giving you boons. Gain additional might per foe struck.
"Chilled to the Bone!".png
 "Chilled to the Bone!"
25 10.25¼ 90 Freeze all enemies around. Gain boons for each foe you freeze.

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