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Honor.pngHonor is a core specialization for the guardian that focuses on improving dodging, healing, and life support.

Honor may enhance the mace, staff, and symbol and shout skills.

Tier Trait Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Minor Adept Vigorous Precision.png Vigorous Precision 10 Gain vigor when you critically strike.
Major Adept Invigorated Bulwark.png Invigorated Bulwark Increase your outgoing healing each time you block an attack. Mace skills gain reduced recharge and their boons gain increased duration.
Major Adept Protective Reviver.png Protective Reviver Cast Lesser Shield of Absorption when you begin reviving an ally. Shield of Absorption revives allies when it detonates.
Major Adept Protector's Restoration.png Protector's Restoration 20 Cast Lesser Symbol of Protection when you use a healing skill.
Minor Master Selfless Daring.png Selfless Daring The end of your dodge roll heals nearby allies.
Major Master Honorable Staff.png Honorable Staff Gain concentration. Gain additional concentration while wielding a staff. Staff skills recharge time is reduced.
Major Master Pure of Heart.png Pure of Heart Aegis heals when it blocks an attack.
Major Master Empowering Might.png Empowering Might 1 Grant might to nearby allies when you critically strike.
Minor Grandmaster Purity of Body.png Purity of Body Your Virtue of Resolve passive also regenerates endurance.
Major Grandmaster Pure of Voice.png Pure of Voice Shout skills gain reduced recharge and convert conditions to boons on allies.
Major Grandmaster Writ of Persistence.png Writ of Persistence Symbols gain increased duration and radius, and heal allies.
Major Grandmaster Force of Will.png Force of Will You have increased vitality. Healing effectiveness to other allies is increased based on a percentage of your vitality.
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Version history[edit]

For a detailed specialization history, see here.