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Welcome to the official Guild Wars 2 Wiki, the comprehensive reference written and maintained by the players.

Current release: Whisper in the Dark

They'll betray you... you can't trust them... I can protect you...
Can you hear the whispers in the dark?
The first episode of The Icebrood Saga is now live!
Advance deeper into the Far Shiverpeaks as the whispers of Jormag beckon you closer. Explore the Bjora Marches while weathering the storm and discover the reason for General Almorra Soulkeeper's urgent call. Master new abilities by manipulating essences and attuning yourself to Raven, obtain Ancient Boreal weapons and restore them to their old glory or face off with new foes in three new strike missions.


Gear and equipment

▪ Armor ▪ Trinkets ▪ Weapons
▪ Prefixes ▪ Ascended equipment
Items and Inventory
▪ Consumables (Food, Utility) ▪ Collections ▪ Upgrades (Runes, Sigils, Infusions)
▪ Wardrobe ▪ Dye ▪ Outfits
▪ Recipes ▪ Materials ▪ Mystic Forge ▪ Legendary equipment
Commerce and currencies
▪ Trading Post ▪ Gem Store ▪ Vendor ▪ Vault

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