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Current release: “The Midnight King

After Peitha's failed gamble at the coliseum, turmoil grips Inner Nayos. Eparch hunkers in the spires of Zakiros, amassing unfathomable power. Isgarren has yet to commit the full might of the Astral Ward, but the time for Peitha's forces to strike runs short. Shoulder to shoulder with an unlikely alliance of soldiers, wizards, and demons, the wayfinder spearheads a desperate attempt to overthrow the Midnight King and take the throne of the Realm of Dreams.

As for today, “The Midnight King” update contains oodles of new things to do, places to explore, and rewards to collect, contains three new story chapters that begin after the events of “The Realm of Dreams”, the Suffused Obsidian legendary armor the Lonely Tower fractal dungeon and among other things.

As a refresher, this update—and the two major updates before it—are part of the Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure content cycle and therefore included for anyone who owns the expansion!


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