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Current release: “The Realm of Dreams

Today, we’re thrilled for you to experience the second major update for Guild Wars 2®: Secrets of the Obscure™—”The Realm of Dreams”! This update contains three new story chapters that begin when Heitor’s barrier has finally fallen. Peitha’s army prepares to march further into the heart of Nayos, but what dangers await beyond the veil, and how much attrition can her forces survive? Peitha and the wayfinder will need new allies to bolster their ranks if they hope to bring the war to Eparch’s gates. But who will they be able to convince to step out from the shadow of the Midnight King?

This update brings a slew of features and content additions for Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure, including new weapon proficiencies for all nine professions, the tier-one Obsidian legendary armor set, the legendary relic, the Temple of Febe Strike Mission challenge mode, expanded Astral Ward Masteries, two new Convergences bosses, and the sky-chak striker ranger pet.


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▪ Bonus Event: Heart of Thorns - April 9-16, 2024
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