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Physical is a type of utility skills that involve controlling foes and causing direct physical damage.

List of physical skills[edit]

Skill Underwater skills Hero point.png Activation.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description

Warrior tango icon 20px.png Warrior[edit]

1 15 Physical. Remove conditions and heal yourself.
Bull's Charge.png
 Bull's Charge
4 1 30 Physical. Charge and knock down your foe.
Kick (warrior utility skill).png
2 0.5½ 3 Physical. Push your foe back with a kick.
Not available underwater 4 0.75¾ 40 Physical. Gain stability and launch nearby foes into the air with a powerful stomp. Gain stability for each enemy struck.
Throw Bolas.png
 Throw Bolas
3 0.5½ 1 Physical. Throw bolas to immobilize your foe.
Not available underwater 9 1 120 Physical. Take the form of a massive juggernaut, reducing the damage you take and the duration of incoming movement-impeding conditions.

Daredevil tango icon 20px.png Daredevil[edit]

Channeled Vigor.png
 Channeled Vigor
Not available underwater 15 0.75¾ 20 Physical. Channel your energy to gain endurance and health per pulse. Heal for more if your endurance is full.
Bandit's Defense.png
 Bandit's Defense
Not available underwater 15 10.5½ 20 Physical. Briefly block incoming attacks. Blocking an attack grants access to a retaliatory attack.
Reflexive Strike.png
 Reflexive Strike
Not available underwater 0.5½ Physical. Deliver a massive kick that knocks enemies down.
Distracting Daggers.png
 Distracting Daggers
15 1 Physical. Fire a dazing dagger at your enemy. If this ability interrupts a skill, that skill's recharge is increased.
Fist Flurry.png
 Fist Flurry
Not available underwater 15 1 20 Physical. Strike your enemy multiple times. If all attacks hit, gain access to Palm Strike.
Palm Strike.png
 Palm Strike
0.5½ Physical. Strike your foe once to deal massive damage and stun them, marking your target with a Pulmonary Impact.
Impairing Daggers.png
 Impairing Daggers
15 0.5½ 25 Physical. Fling multiple daggers at a single enemy, inflicting conditions.
Impact Strike.png
 Impact Strike
Not available underwater 25 0.5½ 40 Physical. Strike your enemy and stun
Uppercut (Daredevil skill).png
Not available underwater 0.75¾ Deal a heavy blow with your fist, sending enemies flying.
Finishing Blow.png
 Finishing Blow
Not available underwater 10.5½ Deal a downward strike on your foe. Downed enemies struck with this ability are finished.

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Traits that improve physical skills[edit]

Traits that activate physical skills[edit]