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Physical is a type of utility skills that involve controlling foes and causing direct physical damage.

List of physical skills[edit]

Skill Underwater skills Activation.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description

Willbender icon small.png Willbender

Reversal of Fortune.png Reversal of Fortune Not available underwater 10.5½ 2 Physical. Guard yourself with light, negating the next incoming strike and healing you instead, even if the strike would have been lethal. If an effect causes damage that would be lethal, that damage will be negated and you will be healed instead. If no attacks or lethal damage are negated, you will be healed for the lowest set amount.
Flash Combo.png Flash Combo Not available underwater 0.75¾ 20 Physical. Shadowstep to your target and strike at them multiple times. If the skill completes without being interrupted, gain access to Repose.
ChainRepose.png Repose Not available underwater Physical. Shadowstep to Flash Combo's starting point.
Heel Crack.png Heel Crack Not available underwater 0.5½ 15 Physical. Perform a quick heel strike that stuns your target.
Roiling Light.png Roiling Light Not available underwater 0.75¾ 15 Physical. Break stun and dodge backward, blinding foes and gaining resistance. Then, gain access to Quick Retribution.
ChainQuick Retribution.png Quick Retribution Not available underwater 0.5½ Physical. Lunge forward and unleash a disorienting strike at your foe, dazing them.
Whirling Light.png Whirling Light Not available underwater 10.25¼ 15 Physical. Lunge forward and perform a whirlwind kick, weakening and burning any foes left in your wake.
Heaven's Palm.png Heaven's Palm Not available underwater 10.25¼ 20 Physical. Evade attacks, then shadowstep and slam the ground, knocking down your targeted foe, finishing them if there are no other enemy players nearby. Foes that aren't targeted are knocked back instead.

Warrior icon small.png Warrior

Mending.png Mending 1 12 Physical. Remove conditions and heal yourself.
Bull's Charge.png Bull's Charge 1 24 Physical. Charge and knock down your foe.
Kick (warrior utility skill).png Kick 0.5½ 3 Physical. Push your foe back with a kick.
Stomp.png Stomp Not available underwater 0.75¾ 32 Physical. Gain stability and launch nearby foes into the air with a powerful stomp. Gain stability for each enemy struck.
Throw Bolas.png Throw Bolas 0.5½ 1 Physical. Throw bolas to immobilize your foe.
Rampage.png Rampage Not available underwater 1 90 Physical. Take the form of a massive juggernaut, reducing the damage you take and the duration of incoming movement-impeding conditions.

Daredevil icon small.png Daredevil

Channeled Vigor.png Channeled Vigor Not available underwater 0.75¾ 20 Physical. Channel your energy to gain endurance and health per pulse. Heal for more if your endurance is full.
Bandit's Defense.png Bandit's Defense Not available underwater 10.5½ 16 Physical. Briefly block incoming attacks. Blocking an attack grants access to a retaliatory attack.
ChainReflexive Strike.png Reflexive Strike Not available underwater 0.5½ Physical. Deliver a massive kick that knocks enemies down.
Distracting Daggers.png Distracting Daggers 1 Physical. Fire a dazing dagger at your enemy. If this ability interrupts a skill, that skill's recharge is increased.
Fist Flurry.png Fist Flurry Not available underwater 1 16 Physical. Strike your enemy multiple times. If all attacks hit, gain access to Palm Strike.
ChainPalm Strike.png Palm Strike 0.5½ Physical. Strike your foe once to deal massive damage and stun them, marking your target with a Pulmonary Impact.
Impairing Daggers.png Impairing Daggers 0.5½ 15 Physical. Fling multiple daggers at a single enemy, inflicting conditions.
Impact Strike.png Impact Strike Not available underwater 0.5½ 25 Physical. Strike your enemy and stun[sic] them.
ChainUppercut (Daredevil skill).png Uppercut Not available underwater 0.75¾ Deal a heavy blow with your fist, sending enemies flying.
ChainFinishing Blow.png Finishing Blow Not available underwater 10.5½ Deal a downward strike on your foe. Downed enemies struck with this ability are finished.

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