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You are downed. Fight to survive.

— In-game description

A character enters downed mode when their health drops below zero. Weakened, but not yet defeated, a downed character may continue fighting with a special set of downed skills—and might rally to regain their life.



A downed asura.

Guild Wars 2 has three separate life states: alive, downed, and defeated. When a character is downed, they fall to the ground and lose their movement but gain triple their base health and a chance to fight to survive. The character's weapons and skills are replaced with downed skills for their profession. (A downed ranger gets the ranger profession's downed skills.) Downed characters cannot dodge, nor can they move or evade attacks unless their downed skills enable them to do so. Health while downed steadily drains at a rate of 2.5% per second and suffers enemy damage as normal.

When a character loses all of their downed health, they become defeated and lose all their available actions. A defeated character may wait to be revived or teleport to the waypoint of their choice.

Being downed is accompanied by visual and audio effects like screen fading, blood-tinted vision, and bass dampened sound.


Drowning is the state of being downed while underwater, with some differences:

  • A drowning character can move, but they cannot dodge.
  • Drowning characters have their profession's drowning skills.
  • The downed text prompt changes from "Fight To Survive!" to "Swim to the Surface!".

Downed skills[edit]

Each profession has three specific downed skills and a recovery skill common to all professions called Bandage. The first skill is a damaging skill inflicting either direct damage or conditions. The second skill is a defense skill based on profession, with examples like the warrior's Hammer Toss or elementalist's Vapor Form. The third skill becomes available after a cooldown period and offers special utility—for instance, a warrior can use Vengeance to fight normally for a short time while an elementalist can use Grasping Earth to immobilize and damage a foe.

The fourth skill, Bandage, allows the player to channel a healing effect. Using another skill or suffering direct damage will interrupt the heal and place the ability on a short cooldown.

Downed skills from masteries

In PvE mode, training the Spectral Aid mastery gives access to a fifth downed skill: Channeled Agony. Spectral Aid is not available in raids, World vs World, or PvP.

Recovery, rally, and reviving[edit]

Downed ally icon.
Downed ally overhead icon

You now enter a downed state when your health reaches zero. Press 1 to fight for your life, or press 4 to mend yourself. Afterward, your health is lower for a while, so be careful.

— Rally Unlocked

Defeating an enemy or another player rallies the character, instantly reviving them from downed state. (See:kill effect. Killing an ambient creature will not rally a player.) Healing to full health, such as from the Bandage skill, will also revive the character. Other players can rapidly heal a downed character with the revive skill. To revive a downed character, move next to them and press the interact key (default: 'F'). Any form of control effects interrupt revive attempts unless countered by stability. Note that players can revive both downed and fully defeated characters. Whether from defeated or downed state, characters revive with 25% health.

Leveling up by any means also rallies the player.

Downed penalty[edit]

Successive downed states weaken a character further. Each downed state inflicts one point of downed penalty, reducing downed health by 25% per point. Downed penalty lasts for one minute and stacks by intensity. Holding four points of downed penalty (100% health loss) will instantly defeat a player.

Finishing enemy players[edit]

See also: Finisher
Downed enemy icon.

In World vs World and Structured PvP, downed enemy players can be finished for an immediate kill. When near a downed enemy, the game displays the message, "Finish them! [F]". Pressing the interact key (default: 'F') begins the finishing action which takes about 3 seconds to execute. Moving or being disabled will interrupt this action, but taking damage will not.

The channel time of "Finish them!" does not change with the quickness boon or the slow condition.

Related traits[edit]

Traits that improve downed

Related consumables[edit]

Level Duration Item Effect
0 10m Carrot.png Rabbit Offering +20% Downed Health
0 10m Slice of Watermelon.png Slice of Watermelon +20% Downed Health
5 30m Bowl of Salsa.png Bowl of Salsa +20% Downed Health
15 30m Bowl of Bean Salad.png Bowl of Bean Salad +30% Downed Health
40 30m Bowl of Avocado Salsa.png Bowl of Avocado Salsa +50% Downed Health
+6% Damage while Downed
45 30m Bowl of Chickpea Salad.png Bowl of Chickpea Salad +60% Downed Health
+10% Damage While Downed
69 10m Strand of Lush Kelp.png Variloo's Swift Algae Snack +80% Downed Health
+14% Damage While Downed
70 30m Can of Mango Salsa.png Can of Mango Salsa +80% Downed Health
+14% Damage While Downed
70 30m Bowl of Mango Salsa.png Bowl of Mango Salsa +80% Downed Health
+14% Damage While Downed
80 30m Bowl of Fire Salsa.png Bowl of Fire Salsa +100% Downed Health
+20% Damage While Downed


  • The downed system does not unlock until level 5. Lower level characters that lose all health are defeated instantly. The second slot unlocks at level 7 and third slot at level 9.
  • In WvW it is not possible to start reviving fully defeated players if the player attempting to revive is in combat.
  • When downed, the character will rarely shout out one of the following lines, depending on race and gender.
Race Gender
Male Female
Asura tango icon 20px.png Asura Impossible! You defeated me?! How embarrassing.
I'm still smarter than you.
Charr tango icon 20px.png Charr It all going dark.
Should have train more.
Am I dying?
Seeing... black....
Human tango icon 20px.png Human
Norn tango icon 20px.png Norn
Sylvari tango icon 20px.png Sylvari How could I have fallen? I do not accept defeat!


  • The "FINISH THEM!!" message is a reference to the Mortal Kombat video game series where the announcer says the same line as a player delivers the FATALITY.
  • Prior to the September 2014 Feature Pack, all characters regardless of level had access to the downed state.

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