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You are downed. Fight to survive.

— In-game description

Downed is the mode a character enters when their health drops below zero. In this state, a character is unable to move and fight regularly and loses 2.5% of their maximum health every second. However they get triple health and an access to four downed skills for a chance to rally by killing an enemy and continue fighting.

Significance and mechanics[edit]

Becoming downed[edit]

A downed asura.

Being in downed mode means that your character can not use skills, their profession mechanics, dodge or even move. These effects of being downed are accompanied by visual effects like fading, blood-tinted vision and your character falling to the ground. If you were being attacked by a nearby enemy when you were downed, they will probably continue to do so since you can no longer move or dodge. However, you are not completely defenseless yet, and so may get your chance to rally and continue the fight. Each time you are downed will incur one point downed penalty which will reduce your downed mode health by 25% and each point will last for one minute. When you have been downed four times within one minute you will be automatically defeated without the chance to fight back.


Being downed while underwater is called drowning and has some differences to being downed.

  • When downed, the game displays "Fight To Survive!" while it displays "Swim to the Surface!" during drowning.
  • You cannot move a downed character, but you can move a drowning one.

Downed skills[edit]

Downed characters have access to three profession-determined downed skills and one skill common to all professions called Bandage. The skills in downed mode are considerably weaker, so it is necessary to act quickly to avoid being defeated, which occurs when character's downed health reaches zero.

For all professions, the first skill is a damaging skill, which will either inflict direct damage or damaging conditions. The second skill is used for defending yourself, such as warrior's Hammer Toss or elementalist's Vapor Form. The third skill is usually a skill with defensive utility use - for instance, a warrior can use Vengeance to fight normally for a short time while an elementalist can use Grasping Earth to immobilize and damage a foe.

The fourth skill, Bandage, can be channeled to stop the base health loss and to restore health, and doing so long enough will allow a downed player to rally. However, Bandage is interrupted by taking damage and thus is not effective if the downed character is still under attack.

The third and fourth slot skills start on a cooldown specific to each skill. Bandage has a recharge time of three seconds, but as different professions have different downed skills, all third slot skills don't necessarily have the same recharge times. The differences between each profession's downed skills mean that it is imperative to know what kind of downed skills each profession has, especially in PvP.

Downed skills from masteries

Players who have trained the Spectral Aid mastery will gain access to a fifth skill: Signet of Agony. Like other signets, it has a passive and active effect. Its passive effect grants lifesteal to other attacks, while its active is a channeled attack that gains increased range the longer it is held down. This skill is not available while inside of a raid, World vs World, or PvP.


Downed ally icon.

Recovering from downed state can be achieved in a couple of ways. In most cases rallying will occur by inflicting enough damage to an enemy to achieve a kill. Lone players can try and use their downed skills to finish the enemy off while fighting in a group will allow other players and NPC allies to help achieving a shared kill. Killing an ambient creature will not rally a player.

Other than rallying, recovery from being downed can also be achieved by reviving via Bandage skill or by other allies reviving the downed player. Players will revive a downed player significantly faster than the player can heal themselves with Bandage.

Levelling up by any means also rallies the player.

Failing to recover from downed mode will force the downed character into defeated state and allow them to travel to a nearby waypoint or wait for allies for revival.

Finishing enemy players[edit]

See also: Finish
Downed enemy icon.

In World vs World and Structured PvP, downed enemy players can be finished for an immediate kill. When near a downed enemy, the message "FINISH THEM!! [F]" is displayed. Pressing F begins an action similar to a channeled skill which takes about 3 seconds to execute. Moving or being disabled will interrupt this action, but taking damage will not.

Related traits[edit]

Related consumables[edit]

Level Duration Item Effect
0 10m Carrot.png Rabbit Offering +20% Downed health
0 30m Bowl of Salsa.png Bowl of Salsa +20% Downed health
15 30m Bowl of Bean Salad.png Bowl of Bean Salad +30% Downed health
40 30m Bowl of Avocado Salsa.png Bowl of Avocado Salsa +50% Downed health
+6% Damage while downed
45 30m Bowl of Chickpea Salad.png Bowl of Chickpea Salad +60% Downed health
+10% Damage while downed
70 30m Bowl of Mango Salsa.png Bowl of Mango Salsa +80% Downed health
+14% Damage while downed
80 30m Bowl of Fire Salsa.png Bowl of Fire Salsa +100% Downed health
+20% Damage while downed

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  • The downed system does not unlock until level 5. Lower level characters that lose all health are defeated instantly. The second slot unlocks at level 7 and third slot at level 9.


  • The "FINISH THEM!!" message is a reference to the Mortal Kombat video game series where the announcer says the same line as a player delivers the FATALITY.
  • Prior to the September 2014 Feature Pack, all characters regardless of level had access to the downed state.
  • The "downed state" is conceptually similar to a state in the Left4Dead series of games, and may have been based upon that functionality.