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Glamour is a skill type that create shining fields on the ground, which have helpful effects on allies or harmful effects on enemies.

List of glamour skills[edit]

Glamour training.
Skill Underwater skills Activation.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description

Mesmer icon small.png Mesmer

Feedback.png Feedback 32 Glamour. Create a dome around your foes that reflects projectiles.
Null Field.png Null Field 0.25¼ 25 Glamour. Create a field of energy that rips boons from foes and cures conditions on allies.
Portal Entre.png Portal Entre 72 Glamour. Create an entry portal at your location that teleports allies to your exit portal.
(Creating a new entrance portal while you have an active portal will destroy the active portal.)
ChainPortal Exeunt.png Portal Exeunt Glamour. Create an exit portal.
Veil.png Veil Not available underwater 0.25¼ 72 Glamour. Create a wall that grants stealth to you and your allies.
Time Warp.png Time Warp 0.25¼ 120 Glamour. Create an area that warps time, granting you and your allies quickness while slowing enemies.

Related traits[edit]

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