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Courtyard map.jpg
Map of Courtyard

Courtyard loading screen.jpg
Loading screen

Courtyard is a structured PvP map. It is the first Team Deathmatch map designed for smaller encounters like 2v2 and 3v3 though also possible with standard-size 5 player groups. It has no capture points but a secondary mechanic to earn more team score.


Spawn areas[edit]

  • Blue Base.png
    Blue (east)
  • Red Base.png
    Red (west)

Secondary mechanics[edit]

Green and Yellow circle.


  • Altar of Ascension.png
    Altar of Doom (center)
  • Orb of Ascension.png
    Orb of Ascension (carried by player)

The Altar of Doom in the center of the map can be communed with to obtain an orb. Only one orb exists at any given time. While a player holds the orb, score will be periodically given to their team and more team score is given if the orb is closer to the center of the map indicated by the yellow and green ring in the center around the alter.

  • Inside the green circle: 10 team score
  • Inside the yellow circle: 5 team score
  • Outside of the yellow circle: 2 team score

The player carrying the orb will be under the effect Impending Doom which grants +20% outgoing damage while also applying 3% stacking damage from his maximum health to the orb carrier every 2 seconds and increase it by another stack.

Players who die while carrying the orb cannot be resurrected. When a player holding the orb dies, the orb is returned to the altar in the center of the map.


  • This map can only be played on custom games. It is not in the ranked or unranked map selection.



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