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Disambig icon.png This article is about the class of weapon. For the defensive mechanic, see Barrier. For other uses, see Shield (disambiguation).


Diamond Aegis Shield concept art.jpg

Shield concept art.

The shield is an off-hand only weapon. Shields typically grant defensive skills to mitigate incoming damage or inflict control effects. Unlike all other weapons, shields also increase defense of the wielder.

Skills by profession[edit]

# Skill Activation.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description

Guardian icon small.png Guardian[edit]

4 Shield of Judgment.png Shield of Judgment 0.5½ 20 Create a shielding wave in front of you that damages foes while giving protection and aegis to you and up to five allies.
5 Shield of Absorption.png Shield of Absorption 4 24 Create a dome around you that pushes foes back and absorbs projectiles.
5 ChainShield of Absorption (sequence).png Shield of Absorption Detonate the dome to heal nearby allies.

Herald icon small.png Herald[edit]

4 Envoy of Exuberance.png Envoy of Exuberance 0.75¾ 15 Send the energy of Glint toward the target area, granting protection to allies before releasing a burst of energy that heals allies and granting protection again when it returns to you.
5 Crystal Hibernation.png Crystal Hibernation 3 25 Channel a shield from the Mists to protect you, blocking attacks and regenerating health.

Warrior icon small.png Warrior[edit]

4 Shield Bash.png Shield Bash 0.75¾ 20 Bash your foe with your shield and stun them.
5 Shield Stance.png Shield Stance 3 25 Block attacks.

Engineer icon small.png Engineer[edit]

4 Magnetic Shield (engineer skill).png Magnetic Shield 3 25 Create a magnetic field that reflects projectiles and can be released to knock back foes.
4 ChainMagnetic Inversion.png Magnetic Inversion Release the magnetic field to knock back nearby foes.
5 Static Shield.png Static Shield 20.5½ 30 Electrify your shield, preparing to throw it at foes. Stun nearby enemies that attack you while blocking.
5 ChainThrow Shield.png Throw Shield 0.75¾ Throw your charged shield. Dazes foes it hits on the way out and back.

Chronomancer icon small.png Chronomancer[edit]

4 Echo of Memory.png Echo of Memory 10.5½ 30 Phantasm. Block incoming attacks for a short duration. If this skill fully channels, summon a phantasm that slows enemies and grants protection to allies. If an attack is blocked, Deja Vu is usable for a short time.
4 ChainDeja Vu.png Deja Vu 10.5½ Phantasm. Block incoming attacks for a short duration. If this skill fully channels, summon a phantasm that slows enemies and grants protection to allies.
5 Tides of Time.png Tides of Time 0.75¾ 35 Grant boons to nearby allies as you launch a wave of temporal energy that damages and stops enemies it passes through, then returns to you. Touching the returning wave reduces the recharge of this skill.

Related traits[edit]



Trait skills that are related to shield skills

Weapon strength[edit]

See also: Weapon strength

Related achievements[edit]

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  • While the shield is being worn on the back, backpack items will be disabled from view until the player enters combat, upon which the backpack will reappear. Upon sheathing the shield, the backpack will disappear again.
When unsheathing the shield while standing still, backpack items might be on top of the shield as it's drawn, but quickly snap onto the back.

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