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Valor.pngValor is a core specialization for the guardian that focuses on improving blocking and meditations.

Tier Name Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Minor Adept Valorous Defense.png Valorous Defense 30 Gain aegis when you are struck while below the health threshold.
Major Adept Strength of the Fallen.png Strength of the Fallen Lose conditions at a set time interval. Health degenerates more slowly while downed.
Major Adept Smiter's Boon.png Smiter's Boon 16 Cast Lesser Smite Condition when you use a healing skill.
Major Adept Focus Mastery.png Focus Mastery Gain protection when using a focus ability. Focus abilities have reduced recharge.
Minor Master Courageous Return.png Courageous Return 30 Virtue of Courage is recharged when you revive an ally or rally yourself.
Major Master Stalwart Defender.png Stalwart Defender Gain additional toughness while wielding a shield. Shield ability recharge is reduced.
Major Master Strength in Numbers.png Strength in Numbers Nearby allies gain toughness based on your effective level.
Major Master Communal Defenses.png Communal Defenses 15 Grant aegis to allies when you block an attack.
Minor Grandmaster Might of the Protector.png Might of the Protector 1 Gain might when you block attacks.
Major Grandmaster Altruistic Healing.png Altruistic Healing Heal yourself when you grant a boon to an ally.
Major Grandmaster Monk's Focus.png Monk's Focus Using a meditation skill heals you and grants fury to allies in a radius. Meditation skills have reduced recharge.
Major Grandmaster Retributive Armor.png Tenacious Defense Aegis you grant reduces the recharge time of Virtue of Courage when it blocks an attack.
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Version history[edit]

For a detailed specialization history, see here.