Spirit Watch

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Spirit Watch

Spirit Watch map.jpg
Map of Spirit Watch

The Mists

Spirit Watch loading screen.jpg
Loading screen

Spirit watch.jpg
Teaser image

Spirit Watch is a structured PvP map. It is located between cliffside shrines to the Spirits of the Wild.


Capture points[edit]

Event star (tango icon).png
Capture the point (0)
  • Wolf (map icon).png
    Wolf (west)
  • Raven (map icon).png
    Raven (north)
  • Bear (map icon).png
    Bear (east)

Respawn areas[edit]

  • Blue Base.png
    Blue (south-east)
  • Red Base.png
    Red (south-west)

Secondary mechanics[edit]

The Orb of Ascension being communed with
  • Altar of Ascension.png
    Altar of Ascension (center)
  • Orb of Ascension.png
    Orb of Ascension (carried by player)

Capture the Orb of Ascension and bring it to any of the three shrines for bonus points. The Orb of Ascension spawns at an altar in the center of the map. It can be picked up through a short commune and will cause an effect while carrying it.

The Orb must be taken to one of the three capture points; the altars of the Wolf, Raven, and Bear, which are located on the surrounding cliffs. If the capture point is owned by the Orb carrier's team, they score 30 points; if not, they score 15 points. Bringing an orb to an enemy point instantly neutralizes the point. The orb resets to the altar 10 seconds later. Players that have been downed or teleport immediately drop the orb.


  • Players carrying the Orb can increase their movement speed through traits or passive signet effects.
  • Players can use transformation abilities without dropping the Orb.
  • Players can use leap and retreat skills without dropping the Orb.
  • Although the Orb is dropped if players attempt to traverse with it through a Mesmer's Portal Entre, it is dropped only when the player exits the portal (i.e. at the destination side). If this happens on a capture point the Orb will not count as captured until it is picked up and carried first outside the capture point area then back into it again.


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