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Nature Magic.pngNature Magic is a core specialization for the ranger that focuses on improving boons and spirits.

Tier Trait Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Minor Adept Rejuvenation.png Rejuvenation 10 Gain regeneration when you receive damage while your health is below the threshold.
Major Adept Bountiful Hunter.png Bountiful Hunter You and your pet deal more damage per boon that is on you.
Major Adept Instinctive Reaction.png Instinctive Reaction 20 Gain quickness when your health drops below the threshold. You and your pet gain healing power based on power.
Major Adept Allies' Aid.png Allies' Aid When you begin reviving an ally, you use search and rescue on them. Increase revive speed.
Minor Master Fortifying Bond.png Fortifying Bond When you gain a boon it is shared with your pet.
Major Master Evasive Purity.png Evasive Purity 10 Dodging removes a damaging condition and a non-damaging condition from you.
Major Master Vigorous Training.png Spirited Arrival Grant boons to nearby allies when swapping pets.
Major Master Windborne Notes.png Windborne Notes Warhorn skills gain reduced recharge and grant regeneration around their target. Recover health when you gain regeneration.
Minor Grandmaster Lingering Magic.png Lingering Magic You and your pet gain increased concentration.
Major Grandmaster Nature's Vengeance.png Nature's Vengeance Reduce health loss when spirits apply boons to allies. Spirit-activated skills affect a larger area and apply boons to allies.
Major Grandmaster Protective Ward.png Protective Ward 15 When you receive damage, nearby foes are weakened and you gain protection.
Major Grandmaster Invigorating Bond.png Invigorating Bond 20 Beast abilities heal allies around the caster.
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