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Training in the path of the Daredevil does not come easily, but those who dare are rewarded with the reserves that will help them endure as they enter the jungle. Specializing as a daredevil will allow you to wield a staff as a melee weapon and utilize hand-to-hand combat styles with the physical skill category. Additionally, you’ll gain access to a third endurance bar and be able to greatly modify the effects of your dodge ability.

— Daredevil release notes

Daredevil.png Daredevil tango icon 20px.png Daredevil is an elite specialization for the thief that focuses on physical skills and dodging. It also allows the thief to use a staff.

List of daredevil skills[edit]

See also: List of thief skills

Profession mechanic[edit]

Daredevil's mechanic is the increased endurance and dodging that can have a different effect depending on the active grandmaster trait as well as reduced range on the skill Swipe replacing Steal.

Required trait Skill Activation.png Description
Lotus Training Lotus Training Impaling Lotus Evade attacks and hurl damaging daggers, dealing multiple conditions to enemies.
Unhindered Combatant Unhindered Combatant Dash 0.75¾ Remove conditions and gain swiftness, then rush forward and evade attacks.
Bounding Dodger Bounding Dodger Bound 0.75¾ Leap into an area, and deliver a massive blow to enemies.
# Skill Activation.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
25 Shadowstep to your foe and steal from them.

Weapon skills[edit]

# Skill Activation.png Initiative.png Description


Staff Strike.png
 Staff Strike
0.5½ Strike your enemies with your staff.
1 Chain
Staff Bash.png
 Staff Bash
0.5½ Swing your staff a second time, striking multiple enemies.
1 Chain
Punishing Strikes.png
 Punishing Strikes
1 Whirl your staff around, striking nearby enemies.
1 Chain
Hook Strike.png
 Hook Strike
0.75¾ 1 Stealth Attack. Attack your foes with stealth, knocking enemies down.
Weakening Charge.png
 Weakening Charge
0.5½ 3 Deliver multiple strikes, weakening foes.
Debilitating Arc.png
 Debilitating Arc
4 Strike enemies in front of you and roll backward, breaking immobilizing effects.
Dust Strike.png
 Dust Strike
0.75¾ 4 Sweep the ground, blinding enemies in front of you.
0.75¾ 5 Leap toward your destination, damaging foes upon impact.

Slot skills[edit]


Skill Underwater skills Hero point.png Activation.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Channeled Vigor.png
 Channeled Vigor
Not available underwater 15 0.75¾ 20 Physical. Channel your energy to gain endurance and health per pulse. Heal for more if your endurance is full.


Skill Underwater skills Hero point.png Activation.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Bandit's Defense.png
 Bandit's Defense
Not available underwater 15 10.5½ 20 Physical. Briefly block incoming attacks. Blocking an attack grants access to a retaliatory attack.
Reflexive Strike.png
 Reflexive Strike
Not available underwater 0.5½ Physical. Deliver a massive kick that knocks enemies down.
Distracting Daggers.png
 Distracting Daggers
15 1 Physical. Fire a dazing dagger at your enemy. If this ability interrupts a skill, that skill's recharge is increased.
Fist Flurry.png
 Fist Flurry
Not available underwater 15 1 20 Physical. Strike your enemy multiple times. If all attacks hit, gain access to Palm Strike.
Palm Strike.png
 Palm Strike
0.5½ Physical. Strike your foe once to deal massive damage and stun them, marking your target with a Pulmonary Impact.
Impairing Daggers.png
 Impairing Daggers
15 0.5½ 25 Physical. Fling multiple daggers at a single enemy, inflicting conditions.


Skill Underwater skills Hero point.png Activation.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Impact Strike.png
 Impact Strike
Not available underwater 25 0.5½ 40 Physical. Strike your enemy and stun
Uppercut (Daredevil skill).png
Not available underwater 0.75¾ Deal a heavy blow with your fist, sending enemies flying.
Finishing Blow.png
 Finishing Blow
Not available underwater 10.5½ Deal a downward strike on your foe. Downed enemies struck with this ability are finished.

List of daredevil traits[edit]

See also: List of thief traits
Tier Trait Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Minor Proficiency Staff Proficiency.png Staff Proficiency You can wield a staff.
Minor Adept Physical Supremacy.png Physical Supremacy Gain access to physical skills. Your maximum endurance threshold is increased, while Steal is replaced with Swipe.
Major Adept Marauder's Resilience.png Marauder's Resilience Gain vitality based on a portion of your power. Damage is decreased from foes within the range threshold.
Major Adept Escapist's Fortitude.png Escapist's Fortitude 1 Gain health when you successfully evade an attack. Remove a condition whenever you evade an attack.
Major Adept Brawler's Tenacity.png Brawler's Tenacity Physical skills grant endurance when activated and gain reduced recharge.
Minor Master Weakening Strikes.png Weakening Strikes Your next attack after dodging causes weakness to foes struck. Weakened enemies deal less damage to you, and you deal more damage to them.
Major Master Staff Master.png Staff Master While wielding a staff, gain endurance for each initiative point spent. Gain bonus power, which is increased when wielding a staff.
Major Master Havoc Specialist.png Havoc Specialist Damage is increased based on endurance that is missing.
Major Master Impacting Disruption.png Impacting Disruption Enemies that you interrupt suffer a pulmonary impact.
This trait can only affect enemies with defiance bars once per interval.
Minor Grandmaster Endurance Thief.png Endurance Thief Gain endurance when you successfully steal from an enemy.
Major Grandmaster Lotus Training.png Lotus Training Your dodge ability now uses Impaling Lotus, firing daggers at nearby enemies. Gain increased condition damage for a period of time after dodging.
Major Grandmaster Unhindered Combatant.png Unhindered Combatant Your dodge ability is replaced by a long-range dash that removes inhibiting conditions and grants swiftness and damage reduction. Removing conditions in this way temporarily reduces endurance gain.
Major Grandmaster Bounding Dodger.png Bounding Dodger Your dodge ability is replaced by Bound, dealing damage to the area after you evade. Physical damage is increased for a period of time after you dodge.


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