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Personal story[edit]

Chapter 1: Experiments Gone Wrong (Asura)
Explosive Intellect

Biography Statics.png Statics
Snaff Would Be Proud

Piece Negotiations

Readings on the Rise

Unscheduled Delay
Unwelcome Visitors

Gadd's Last Gizmo
Biography Dynamics.png Dynamics
In Snaff's Footsteps

Golem Positioning System

High Maintenance

Monkey Wrench

Defusing the Problem
The Things We Do For Love
Biography Synergetics.png Synergetics
The Snaff Prize

Taking Credit Back

A Sparkling Rescue

Political Homicide
Stand By Your Krewe

Here, There, Everywhere
Chapter 1: Getting the Band Back Together (Charr)
Fury of the Dead

Biography Blood Legion.png Blood Legion
Chain of Command

Time for a Promotion

Magic Users
The End of the Line

Rage Suppression

Operation: Bulwark
Biography Ash Legion.png Ash Legion
The Tribune's Call

A Spy for a Spy

Iron Grip of the Legion
Spilled Blood

The Flame Advances

Quick and Quiet
Biography Iron Legion.png Iron Legion
Best Laid Plans

Scrapyard Dogs

Ghostbore Musket

Test Your Metal

Deadly Force
Ghostbore Artillery
Chapter 1: Krytan Politics (Human)
Defending Shaemoor

Biography Street Rat.png Street Rat
The Perils of Friendship

The Apothecary

Going Undercover

The Greater Good
The Rescue

Breaking the Blade
Biography Commoner.png Commoner
On the Mend

Desperate Medicine


Arson at the Orphanage
The Hospital in Jeopardy

The Commander
Biography Nobility.png Nobility
Welcome Home

Chasing the Culprits

The Informant

A Society Function
Search the Premises

The Trial of Julius Zamon
Chapter 1: Forging a Legend (Norn)
The Great Hunt

Biography Defeat Our Ancient Foes.png Defeat Our Ancient Foes
A Weapon of Legend

Disciples of the Dragon

Echoes of Ages Past

Out of the Skies
Twilight of the Wolf

The Last of the Giant-Kings
Biography Protect the Spirits.png Protect the Spirits
Wild Spirits

Rage of the Minotaurs

A Trap Foiled

One Good Drink Deserves Another
Shape of the Spirit

Minotaur Rampant
Biography Guard the Mists.png Guard the Mists
A Pup's Illness

Through the Veil

Blessed of Bear
Raven's Revered

Into the Mists

The Wolf Havroun
Chapter 1: Following the Dream (Sylvari)
Fighting the Nightmare

Biography White Stag.png White Stag
Called to Service

Hounds and the Hunted

Discovering Darkness

Hidden in Darkness
Saving the Stag

Black Night, White Stag
Biography Green Knight.png Green Knight
Mockery of Death

Loved and Lost

A Good Work Spoiled

Hammer and Steel
Weakness of the Heart

The Knight's Duel
Biography Shield of the Moon.png Shield of the Moon

Holding Back the Darkness

A Sly Trick

Deeply Tangled Roots

Beneath a Cold Moon
The Heart of Nightmare
Chapter 2: Interested Parties (Asura)
Biography VAL-A Golem.png VAL-A Golem
Serving Up Trouble

Short Fuse

Bad Business
I Smell a Rat

Magnum Opus
Biography Transatmospheric Converter.png Transatmospheric Converter
Where Credit Is Due

Salt in the Wound

Bad Forecast
Free Rein

Flash Flood
Biography Infinity Ball.png Infinity Ball
Any Sufficiently Advanced Science

Beta Test

Carry a Big Stick
Industrial Espionage

Split Second
Chapter 2: Sins of the Father (Charr)
Biography Loyal Soldier.png Loyal Soldier
An Unusual Inheritance

Mired Deep

No Negotiations
Salvaging Scrap

In the Ruins
Biography Sorcerous Shaman.png Sorcerous Shaman
Searching for the Truth

Stoking the Flame

A Fork in the Road

Sins of the Father
Tribunes in Effigy
Biography Honorless Gladium.png Honorless Gladium

Follow the Trail

Misplaced Faith

Dishonorable Discharge
Thicker Than Water
Chapter 2: Shadows of the Past (Human)
Biography Unknown Parents.png Unknown Parents
Voices From the Past

Rending the Mantle

Drawing Out the Cult
The Sting

Ashes of the Past
Biography Dead Sister.png Dead Sister
The Fall of Falcon Company

Confronting Captain Tervelan
Seek Logan's Aid


Biography Missed Opportunity.png Missed Opportunity
The Floating Grizwhirl

Clown College

Into the Woods
The Artist's Workshop

The Ringmaster
Chapter 2: Everyone Makes Mistakes (Norn)
Biography Blacked Out.png Blacked Out
Unexpected Visitors

Don't Leave Your Toys Out

Assault on Moledavia

The Machine in Action
Biography Revenge.png Revenge
A New Challenger

First Attack
The Finishing Blow

The Semifinals

The Championship Fight
Biography Lost an Heirloom.png Lost an Heirloom
Rumors of Trouble

Among the Kodan

Darkness at Drakentelt

Means to an End
Preserving the Balance
Chapter 2: The Teachings of Ventari (Sylvari)
Biography Act With Wisdom.png Act With Wisdom
After the Storm

Beneath the Waves

Mirror, Mirror

A Vision of Darkness
Shattered Light
Biography Right to Grow.png Right to Grow
Wild Growth

Seeking the Zalisco

The Direct Approach
Trading Trickery

Eye of the Sun
Biography Where Life Goes.png Where Life Goes
Where Life Goes

An Unknown Soul

A Different Dream
Source of the Issue

Snuffing Out Embers
Chapter 3: Rescue Researcher (Asura)
A Bold New Theory

Forging Permission
Hazardous Environment

Protest Too Much
Pry the Eye Open

Field Test
Test Subject

Durmand Priory Durmand Priory
A Meeting of the Minds
Order of Whispers Order of Whispers
Lines of Communication
Vigil Vigil
Rakt and Ruin
Chapter 3: Crystal Corruption (Charr)
Graveyard Ornaments

Undead Infestation
Whispers in the Dark

Dangerous Research
Digging Up Answers

Defending the Keep
Undead Detection

Durmand Priory Durmand Priory
Research and Destroy
Order of Whispers Order of Whispers
Whispers of Vengeance
Vigil Vigil
Ever Vigilant
Chapter 3: Traitor to the Queen (Human)
The Orders of Tyria

Brute Force
Mortus Virge

Track the Seraph
Triskell Quay

Speaker of the Dead
The Sad Tale of the "Ravenous"

Durmand Priory Durmand Priory
The Queen's Justice
Order of Whispers Order of Whispers
The Trap
Vigil Vigil
Kellach's Attack
Chapter 3: Death from Below (Norn)
Dredge Technology

Underground Scholar

Dredge Assault
The Dredge Hideout

Code Breaker

Durmand Priory Durmand Priory
Silent Warfare
Order of Whispers Order of Whispers
Sever the Head
Vigil Vigil
Assault the Hill
Chapter 3: Justice for Riannoc (Sylvari)
A Splinter in the Flesh

Bramble Walls
Sharpened Thorns

Secrets in the Earth
The Blossom of Youth

The Bad Apple
Trouble at the Roots

Durmand Priory Durmand Priory
Dead of Winter
Order of Whispers Order of Whispers
A Tangle of Weeds
Vigil Vigil
Flower of Death
Chapter 4: Order Neophyte
Setting the Stage

Durmand Priory Durmand Priory
Dredging up the Past

Bad Blood

The Stone Sheath

Mightier than the Sword
Vigil Vigil
A Fragile Peace

Killer Instinct

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Minister's Defense
Quaestor's Siege
Order of Whispers Order of Whispers
Stealing Secrets

Down the Hatch

They Went Thataway
Thrown Off Guard

An Apple a Day
Chapter 5: Helping Hands

Salvation Through Heresy
The False God's Lair

Attempted Deicide
Champion's Sacrifice

Chosen of the Sun
Convincing the Faithful

Unholy Grounds
Untamed Wilds

Pets and Walls Make Stronger Kraals

The Lost Chieftain's Return
Bad Ice

Enraged and Unashamed


The Hatchery
Thieving from Thieves

Set to Blow
Chapter 6: The Battle of Claw Island
Durmand Priory Durmand Priory
On Red Alert
Order of Whispers Order of Whispers
Suspicious Activity
Vigil Vigil
Forearmed Is Forewarned

The Battle of Claw Island

Durmand Priory Durmand Priory
The Ghost Rite

Shards of Orr
The Sound of Psi-Lance
Order of Whispers Order of Whispers

Early Parole
Magic Sucks
Vigil Vigil
Killing Fields

Defense Contract
The Good Fight

A Light in the Darkness

Durmand Priory Durmand Priory
The Priory Assailed
Order of Whispers Order of Whispers
Critical Blowback
Vigil Vigil
Under Siege

Chapter 7: Forming the Pact
Forging the Pact

Dishonor my allies
Shell Shock

Fixing the Blame
Volcanic Extraction

Marshaling the Truth
Let an innocent die
Tower Down

Munition Acquisition
To The Core

Breaking the Bone Ship
Make another suffer
Striking Off the Chains

Wet Work

Intercepting the Orb
Willing Captives

The Battle of Fort Trinity

Dishonor my allies
Delivering Justice
Letting an innocent die
A Sad Duty
Make another suffer
Liberating Apatia
Chapter 8: Victory or Death
Temple of the Forgotten God

Close the Eye
Through the Looking Glass

What the Eye Beholds

Estate of Decay
Starving the Beast

A Grisly Shipment
Ossuary of Unquiet Dead

Further into Orr

Priory's Plan
Hunters and Prey

Air Drop

Blast from the Past
Whispers' Plan
Stealing Light

Conscript the Dead Ships

Ships of the Line
Vigil's Plan
Marching Orders

Armor Guard

The Steel Tide

Against the Corruption

Cathedral of Silence
Romke's Final Voyage

The Source of Orr

Victory or Death

Living World Season 1[edit]

Episode 3: Flame and Frost: The Razing
Braham: Help from the Legions

Braham - Eirsson

Braham - Retake Cragstead

Rox: Critical Mission

Rox - The Hatchery
Episode 4: Flame and Frost: Retribution
Rox: Avenger of the Dispossessed

Braham: Avenger of the Dispossessed
Episode 6: Last Stand at Southsun
Contractually Obligated
Episode 7: Dragon Bash
Ceremony and Acrimony

Hard Boiled

Every Piece Matters

No More Secrets
Episode 8: Sky Pirates of Tyria
A Future in Politics
Special Event: Bazaar of the Four Winds
Strangers from the Sky
Episode 9: Cutthroat Politics
Audience with the Master
Episode 10: Queen's Jubilee
Opening Ceremony
Episode 11: Clockwork Chaos
Closing Ceremony
Episode 12: Super Adventure Box: Back to School
Ketto's Lab
Episode 13: Tower of Nightmares
The Nightmare Unveiled
Episode 14: The Nightmares Within
The Nightmare Incarnate
Episode 15: Fractured
Fractals of the Mists
Special Event: The Nightmare Is Over
The Nightmare Ends

The Dead End
Episode 16: The Origins of Madness
The Origins of Madness: A Moment's Peace
Episode 17: The Edge of the Mists
Edge of the Mists

The Dead End: Advanced Warning

The Dead End: A Study in Scarlet
Episode 18: Escape from Lion's Arch
Escape from Lion's Arch
Episode 19: Battle for Lion's Arch
Battle for Lion's Arch

Scarlet's End
Episode 20: Battle for Lion's Arch: Aftermath
The Dead End
Season 1 History Lesson
Remembering Scarlet's War

Living World Season 2[edit]

Special Event: Festival of the Four Winds
Lion's Arch: Honored Guests
Episode 1: Gates of Maguuma
Disturbance in Brisban Wildlands

Fallen Hopes

Tracking the Master of Peace


Prosperity's Mystery
Episode 2: Entanglement
Scarlet's Secret Room

Discovering Scarlet's Breakthrough

The Concordia Incident

Trouble at Fort Salma

The Machine
Episode 3: The Dragon's Reach: Part 1
Rallying Call

Uprooting the Iron Marches

The Waypoint Conundrum

Summit Invitations

Plan of Attack
Episode 4: The Dragon's Reach: Part 2
Party Politics

Recalibrating the Waypoints

Taimi and the Asura

The World Summit
Episode 5: Echoes of the Past
The Ghosts of Fort Salma

Reunion with the Pact

Caithe's Reconnaissance Squad

Hidden Arcana
Episode 6: Tangled Paths
Return to Camp Resolve

Tracking the Aspect Masters

Into the Labyrinth
Episode 7: Seeds of Truth
The Newly Awakened

Meeting the Asura

No Refuge
Episode 8: Point of No Return
Arcana Obscura

Pact Assaulted

The Mystery Cave

Heart of Thorns[edit]

Act I
Prologue: Rally to Maguuma

Torn from the Sky

Establishing a Foothold

The Jungle Provides

In Their Footsteps

Prisoners of the Dragon
Act II
Prized Possessions

City of Hope

The Predator's Path

Strange Observations
Roots of Terror

The Way In

Buried Insight

Sign Cutting
Act IV
Bitter Harvest

Hearts and Minds
Side Story: Knight of the Thorn
The First Vision

The Second Vision

The Sword Regrown

Living World Season 3[edit]

Episode 1: Out of the Shadows
Eir's Memorial in Hoelbrak

Research in Rata Novus

Blood and Stone

Reaper of Magic

A Shadow's Deeds

Confessor's Stronghold
Episode 2: Rising Flames
Taimi's Game

Destroying Destroyers

Igneous Breach

Trip to the Circus

Machine in the Flame

Old Foes, Old Ghosts

Dragon Vigil
Episode 3: A Crack in the Ice
Precocious Aurene

Journey to Bitterfrost Frontier

Frozen in Ice

Elixir Recipe

Elixir Cookin'

The Bitter Cold

Frozen Out
Episode 4: The Head of the Snake
A Meeting of Ministers

Eyes on Lake Doric

Sabotage Fort Evennia

Breaking the Siege

Regrouping with the Queen

Confessor's End
Episode 5: Flashpoint
Taimi's Pet Project

Arrival and Survival

In Pursuit of a God

Elder Druid Protection

Heart of the Volcano
Episode 6: One Path Ends
"Where's Balthazar?"

Shining Blade Secrets

On Orrian Shores

The Flow of Magic

The Last Chance

Path of Fire[edit]

Act I
Sparking the Flame (Prologue)

Sparking the Flame

Blazing a Trail

Night of Fires

The Sacrifice
Act II
Crystalline Memories

Hallowed Ground

Facing the Truth

The Way Forward
The Departing

Bringing Out the Archon

Enemy of My Enemy

Beast of War

To Kill a God

Small Victory (Epilogue)

Living World Season 4[edit]

Episode 1: Daybreak
Eye of the Brandstorm

Under the Stars

Champion's Dawn

Convincing the Corsair

The Hero of Istan

The First City
Episode 2: A Bug in the System
Tracking the Scientist

The Test Subject

A Kindness Repaid

The Road to Rata Primus

The Charge
Episode 3: Long Live the Lich

Forewarned is Forearmed

Tactical Triage

I'm Brave, You Know

Be My Guest
Episode 4: A Star to Guide Us
A Shattered Nation

Chaos Theory


From the Ashes

Storm Tracking
Episode 5: All or Nothing
Scion & Champion


The Crystal Blooms


The Crystal Dragon
Episode 6: War Eternal
The End


Glory of Dragons



The Icebrood Saga[edit]

Prologue: Bound by Blood
Coming Home

Revels & Rivals

Bad Blood

Deeper and Deeper

A Race to Arms
Episode 1: Whisper in the Dark

What's Left Behind

The Wind and Nothing More

The Invitation
Episode 2: Shadow in the Ice
Chasing Ghosts

Still Waters Speaking

Lost Spirits Found

The Hunt Begins

Voice in the Deep
Visions of the Past: Steel and Fire
Forging Steel

Darkrime Delves
Episode 3: No Quarter
Pointed Parley

Shoulder to Shoulder

Snapping Steel

Distract, Destroy, Distrust

Episode 4: Jormag Rising
Behind Enemy Lines

Wrench in the Works

A Simple Negotiation

Pantheon of the Wild

One Charr, One Dragon, One Champion
Episode 5: Champions
Primordus Rising

Tidings and Misgivings

Defending Tyria

Roaring Flames

Jormag's World

Calm in the Storm