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Blazing a Trail

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Blazing a Trail

1330 AE
Path of Fire
Blazing a Trail
Free City of Amnoon
(Crystal Oasis)
Amnoon Farms
(Crystal Oasis)
Preceded by
Sparking the Flame
Followed by
Night of Fires

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Blazing a Trail is the second chapter of the Path of Fire story.


Gather information about the situation in the Crystal Desert.
  • Catch up with Captain Rahim at the Amnoon Cavalier Station.
  • Question Deputy Qais outside the Grand Sahil Casino.
    • Meet with Zalambur in his office.
    • Defeat Archon Iberu's force.
  • Check on Chief Councilor Imann at the Civic Center.
    • Confer with the chief councilor on the current crisis.
    • Speak with Kasmeer.
  • Speak with Deputy Ayoub in the Marifa Refugee Camp.
    • Renown Heart empty (map icon).png Help Priestess Karima aid the refugees housed in the camp. (If heart is not complete)
    • Interview a few refugees around the camp.
      Event bar empty green.jpg
  • Find a clear signal to communicate with Taimi.
  • Read the mail from Zalambur.
Return to the casino to hear Zalambur's information.
  • Return to the Grand Sahil Casino to meet with Zalambur.
  • Check in with your guildmates.

Renown hearts[edit]



The mission largely takes place in the open world. Talk to Captain Rahim and then to the three people he indicates (in any order):

  • Deputy Ayoub: Complete Priestess Karima's renown heart tasks: Bring food, water and medicine to the people who need it, and open shaking tents to discover and kill random monsters. Then talk to refugees until you have the information you need.
  • Deputy Qais: Go meet with casino owner Zalambur in his office, entering an instance. As you discuss your business, Palawa Joko's envoy Archon Iberu arrives with an offer Zalambur isn't meant to refuse. Kill the intruding Awakened, but you can ignore Iberu who is invulnerable and does not attack.

Move to one of the indicated high points on the map (marked with a radio signal icon) to contact Taimi, read your mail, and return to Zalambur. Talk to him and then to your guildmates to end the mission.


Always Time for Taimi Crystal Desert 5Achievement points
Call Taimi and update her on your desert adventures after each step.You found time in your busy schedule to update Taimi on every event. Called Taimi 1 1Achievement points
Called Taimi 6 2Achievement points
Called Taimi 12 2Achievement points
  • Talk to Taimi as a part of the story step.
This achievement rewards items. Blazing a Trail Path of Fire: Act 1 Path of Fire mastery point 1Achievement points
Complete the Blazing a Trail mission.Journal: Blazing a Trail Completed
Reward: Kournan Coin.pngStash of Kournan Coins
Completed Blazing a Trail 1Achievement points
  • Complete the story mission.
Undead Bouncer Path of Fire: Act 1 2Achievement points
Save all of Zalambur's guests from being harmed by Awakened attackers.Story Mission: Blazing a Trail Saved the Casino's Customers 2Achievement points
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Undead Bouncer effect. This effect is removed if any of the guests are killed by the Awakened attackers. Difficult to solo because really high damage output is needed, but relatively easy in a group.







Amnoon Cavalier Station
Captain Rahim: Sorry for the gate earlier—I get all kinds of people in here. And the stories they tell to get inside...
Captain Rahim: Not that I blame them. But the city can only take in so many before bursting.
Captain Rahim: So...I take it you're here for Balthazar.
<Character name>: I am. I'm looking for a place to start. Any information you have would be helpful.
Captain Rahim: Hm. Well, your guildmates are being hosted by the Chief Councilor at the Civic Center.
Captain Rahim: She can fill you in about the state of the city and the surrounding area. And she might know something about Balthazar, too.
<Character name>: Sounds good. Anything from the ground level? Someone who's dealt with him or his army firsthand?
Captain Rahim: My deputy Ayoub is at the camp run by Kormir's priesthood. The refugees there may be of help.
Captain Rahim: And then there'
Captain Rahim: How do you feel about getting a little lower than ground level to find what you want?
Captain Rahim: I have a deputy assigned to the local smugglers, the Hamaseen. Name of Qais.
Captain Rahim: Not so sure he's mine anymore, but you might seek him out. If you don't mind walking on that side of the line, of course.
<Character name>: I think I can stomach it.
Captain Rahim: You'll find them at the casino. Tread lightly.
Before entering Office of the Chief Councilor
Villager: Maybe with all these outlanders arriving, the council won't need to beg Joko to defend us.
Noble: What are you talking about? Our council's kept this city free all these years–why would they betray us now?
Noble: You've been listening to too much of Zalambur's nonsense.
Noble: Any good he manages to do is just for public relations. We have to trust in Imann and our council.
Villager: Your family and friends lost your homes to the sandstorm, and she's yet to do anything for any of you.
Noble: Our situation can wait. There are others in greater needs right now.

Office of the Chief Councilor[edit]

Chief Councilor Imann: Ahai, Commander. Your guildmates were just regaling us with tales of your adventures.
Chief Councilor Imann: You honor us. It's not every day a dragon slayer walks through our door.
Rytlock Brimstone: The councilor must've misunderstood my part of the story, or she wouldn't be bending over backward to inflate your ego.
<Character name>: Well, thank you for the compliment. But this time I'm not after a dragon–I'm after Balthazar.
<Character name>: Do you have any information on his whereabouts?
Chief Councilor Imann: The god himself? We only know he's constantly on the move, chasing who knows what.
Chief Councilor Imann: And that Amnoon is essentially surrounded by his troops, which...maybe you have some insight into. We're at a bit of an impasse.
Chief Councilor Imann: Joko's government sent representatives of the Mordant Crescent to Amnoon to offer military support against the Forged.
If visited Zalambur's office already:
<Character name>: I think I ran into those "representatives" at the casino... There may be fewer of them now.
Chief Councilor Imann: The Mordant Crescent may no longer be the honorable Sunspears they once were, but they would make powerful allies.
Chief Councilor Imann: And in a time like this...we need all the help we can get.
Rytlock Brimstone: You people have history books? Open any one of 'em and it'll tell you: short-term gains bring long-term trouble.
Councilor Ayman: The Chief Councilor has the right idea. We should be grateful the Mordant Crescent are even considering helping us!
Councilor Ayman: We should fly Joko's standard and make it clear we welcome his kingdom's support.
If visited Zalambur's office already:
<Character name>: Ah. The lapdog.
Councilor Mayameen: We've resisted Joko for years! I'm not about to let him waltz in. And without a fight? Never. It's nonsense.
Councilor Mayameen: Our only option is to align ourselves with Kormir's priesthood and the remaining Sunspears.
Councilor Jamhuri: Allying with either side will only lead to future conflict. Amnoon has been independent, and should remain independent.
Chief Councilor Imann: (sigh) And round and round it goes. I'd welcome any counsel you might have, Commander.
Speaking with the councilors
If charr:
Councilor Ayman: It must be easy for you charr to dismiss the threat we face.
Councilor Ayman: It's easy for your charr friend to dismiss the threat we face.
Councilor Ayman: Joko is nobody's first choice, but we can't afford to turn down the archon's offer.
Councilor Ayman: The Mordant Crescent are the only ones with the strength to ensure our survival.
If visited Zalambur's office already:
<Character name>: Your survival? Do you want to survive as a member of Joko's Awakened army?
Councilor Mayameen: The Sunspears' numbers are weakened, but their involvement could still be a beacon of hope!
Councilor Mayameen: Their order has sacrificed everything to defy Joko and the Mordant Crescent. They'll protect us from the Forged.
Councilor Jamhuri: Amnoon must remain independent. Our doors have always been open–it's how we've survived this long!
Councilor Jamhuri: The moment we pick a side, we're asking for trouble from the others.
<Character name>: And you, Councilor? You're awfully quiet over there.
Councilor Sahl: There are no good options here. All of these plans are suicidal. I can't endorse any of them.
Speaking with your guildmates
Rytlock Brimstone: These people should just look out for themselves.
Rytlock Brimstone: The minute these yapping windbags let a creature like Joko into this city, they give up any hope of freedom.
Rytlock Brimstone: He might be the biggest gun around here, but what happens after the Forged are defeated? Every decision you make has a cost.
Rytlock Brimstone: In this case, all the people have to do is serve Joko forever after they die. What a deal!
Lady Kasmeer Meade: Spearmarshal Kormir was a local hero even before she fought a fallen god and took his power.
Lady Kasmeer Meade: Her Sunspears have always encouraged these people to keep fighting, even when darkness is closing in.
Lady Kasmeer Meade: They may be a small group now, but an alliance with the Sunspears would be the light in the dark this city needs.
Talking to the chief councilor
Chief Councilor Imann: What do you think we should do, Commander?
(If no choice has been made on this character the first three options will appear)
Talk quest choice tango.png Keep Amnoon independent and neutral.
Chief Councilor Imann: Thank you for your input, Commander. I tend to agree.
Chief Councilor Imann: We'll continue to fly our own flag. Amnoon will face the Forged as a free city with gates open to all!
Rytlock Brimstone: A council actually making a practical and timely decision? Call the town crier–this has to be a first.
Lady Kasmeer Meade: At least the Sunspears are still welcome...
Councilor Ayman: King Joko will make sure we regret this decision! You— You just killed us all!
Councilor Mayameen: May Kormir forgive us.
Councilor Jamhuri: Thank you, Chief Councilor. Commander.
Talk quest choice tango.png Resist Joko with the symbol of Kormir and the Sunspears.
Chief Councilor Imann: Thank you for your input, Commander.
Chief Councilor Imann: We'll fly the symbol of Kormir and the Sunspear resistance.
Chief Councilor Imann: Amnoon will be a wellspring of hope! A light for the rest of the desert to follow.
Councilor Mayameen: Kormir be praised.
Rytlock Brimstone: Good thinking. There's no way history'll repeat itself when this is all over...
Lady Kasmeer Meade: I'm inspired already.
Councilor Ayman: King Joko will make sure we regret this decision! You– You just killed us all!
Councilor Jamhuri: The Sunspears are a liability. They need our help more than we need theirs!
Talk quest choice tango.png Accept Joko's offer and use his Awakened to fight the Forged.
Chief Councilor Imann: An...unconventional decision, and not what I expected. But thank you for your input, Commander.
Chief Councilor Imann: We'll accept the help of the Mordant Crescent; it's our best chance of survival.
Chief Councilor Imann: We do what we must for now...and we'll deal with Joko after the Forged have fallen.
Rytlock Brimstone: Enjoy your afterlife of servitude!
Lady Kasmeer Meade: Oh, no...
Councilor Ayman: So wise, Chief Councilor! Joko will be pleased–and you've ensured Amnoon's future.
Councilor Jamhuri: The people will not see this as salvation!
Councilor Mayameen: May Kormir forgive us.
Talk more option tango.png I could use some more background information.
Ask away. I'll tell you whatever I can.
Talk more option tango.png Tell me about Amnoon's troubles.
Amnoon is called the Free City for a reason. We've always done things on our own, and all are welcome here. But with the Forged and the storm...the city is on the edge of disaster.
Talk more option tango.png So do you think it's finally time for Amnoon to seek aid?
I'm not sure. Our independence is a point of pride. We've been recruiting cavaliers, and maybe we simply need to recruit more. But it may not be enough, and our people are suffering.
Talk more option tango.png Now, tell me about the Sunspears.
Talk more option tango.png What about Joko and the Awakened?
Talk back option tango.png Let's review the options again.
Talk end option tango.png I need to go think for a while.
Talk back option tango.png Let's review the options again.
Talk end option tango.png I need to go think for a while.
Talk more option tango.png Tell me about the Sunspears.
The Sunspears were Elona's defenders. The goddess Kormir herself was once a Sunspear. But Joko has done everything in his power to weaken their name and number.
Talk more option tango.png So what can the Sunspears offer, then?
They may be few, but they're dedicated, and they are a symbol of resistance. The alliance might help them rally. If we got help from Kormir's priesthood as well, we could have a chance.
Talk more option tango.png So what about Joko and the Awakened?
Talk more option tango.png What can you tell me about Amnoon?
Talk back option tango.png I'd like to review the choices again.
Talk end option tango.png I need to to think for a while.
Talk back option tango.png I'd like to review the choices again.
Talk end option tango.png I need to go think for a while.
Talk more option tango.png What can you tell me about Joko and the Awakened? of the most powerful necromancers in the land. He seized control of much of the desert through trickery and the force of his "Awakened" army.
Talk more option tango.png There are those within his domain who love him and swear by his leadership. And his army is larger than anything we could muster. It would be a desperate act, but these are desperate times.
Talk more option tango.png Tell me about Amnoon, now.
Talk more option tango.png What about the Sunspears??
Talk back option tango.png Let's review our choices.
Talk end option tango.png I need to go think for a while.
Talk back option tango.png I'd like to review the choices again.
Talk end option tango.png I need to go think for a while.
Talk back option tango.png Okay, let's review the options again.
Talk end option tango.png Actually, I just need a moment to consider my options.
(If choice made in previous playthrough)
Talk more option tango.png I already decided. [Choice already made for this character.] (Same as previous choice.)
Talk end option tango.png I need more time to consider your options.
Speaking to Kasmeer after the decision
Lady Kasmeer Meade: A moment, Commander?
Lady Kasmeer Meade: These people are desperate, caught up in a war they don't understand.
Lady Kasmeer Meade: Balthazar came to the desert for Kralkatorrik, not for them. But why? Why is he doing it?
Lady Kasmeer Meade: This is why I wanted you to pick the Sunspears—to represent Kormir.
Lady Kasmeer Meade: She might guide us to answers or intervene in Balthazar's actions, especially if his goal is noble but his path is not.
<Character name>: Your hope is...inspiring.
Lady Kasmeer Meade: Thanks... Have you heard from Taimi?
<Character name>: I couldn't get a clear signal. Guess I should try again. I have some big news to share.
If interviewed refugees first:
Lady Kasmeer Meade: Go on...
<Character name>: The Exalted said Aurene was Glint's second scion, but we didn't know what'd happened to the first.
Lady Kasmeer Meade: And now?
<Character name>: His name is Vlast. He's been carrying on Glint's work by protecting people from Kralkatorrik and the Branded.
Lady Kasmeer Meade: That's wonderful news! Another dragon ally. I feel like Kormir is already leading us to a resolution!
Lady Kasmeer Meade: Taimi will be over the moon when she hears.
If it was the last step completed:
<Character name>: There must be some place that's clear of interference...
<Character name>: There must be some place that's clear of interference... I'll look once I've finished gathering information.
After choosing independence and leaving the instance
Noble: The council is really stepping up recruitment for the city watch. Sounds like they intend to reject Joko's alliance.
Villager: That, or they intend to crack down on Zalambur. Everything those politicians do is two-faced.
Noble: What, and Zalambur isn't? We all know what his real business is.
Noble: Admit it–the Council stood their ground. They're stronger than you thought they were.
Villager: We'll see.
After choosing Sunspears and leaving the instance
Noble: Did you hear the news? Amnoon is to become a sanctuary for all Sunspear survivors.
Villager: Sounds to me like our council is just taking on even more responsibility.
Noble: Just a while ago you were worried they were going to invite Joko in. Now that will clearly never happen.
Villager: I was worried the council would fail to put its own citizens first, as Zalambur does. And they did.
Noble: (sigh) There is really no pleasing you, is there?
After choosing Joko and leaving the instance
Noble: I...I can hardly believe it. This can't be true.
Villager: You're not seeing things. Our city is plastered with the banners of the Awakened.
Villager: I told you this would happen. Only Zalambur stands against Joko now. Imann's council was too weak.
Noble: Well, it's not all bad. With Awakened help, we'll finally be able to deal with all our crises.
Noble: Yes, yes. Imann is making the hard choices, but she's still looking out for our best interests.
Villager: You're hopeless.

Investigating the Hamaseen[edit]

Deputy Qais
Deputy Qais: What do you want?
<Character name>: You Qais?
Deputy Qais: Maybe. Who's asking?
<Character name>: Captain Rahim sent me. He's under the impression that you have access to Hamaseen's network.
Deputy Qais: Yeah? He's wrong, so beat it.
<Character name>: Listen carefully, friend. I'm here to kill the god of war. Don't think I won't swat any flies that get in my way.
Deputy Qais: Well...if that's your angle, then you need Zalambur. He runs things. He is the Hamaseen's network.
Deputy Qais: He's usually in his office in the casino–but he's a very busy man!
<Character name>: I'm sure he'll spare a few moments for me.
Zalambur's Office
Zalambur: Bring me things I can't find locally, and I'll get you access to a vast kingdom of new customers.
<Character name>: You must be Zalambur.
Zalambur: I am.
Zalambur: My friends, let's adjourn for now.
Zalambur: In the meantime, my casino is yours. Enjoy the Grand Sahil's many luxuries!
Zalambur: You spared me from a few more minutes of dealing with those smugglers. For this, I owe you...
Zalambur: But next time, make an appointment.
<Character name>: Maybe I should explain why I'm here...
Zalambur: Oh, I know why you're here, Commander. What I don't know is what it's got to do with me. Elonian wine?
<Character name>: I'll pass.
Zalambur: You sure? It's not poisoned or anything.
Archon Iberu: I'm offended, Zalambur. You've never once offered me wine.
Zalambur: Ah! I present to you Archon Iberu of the Mordant Crescent. Archon, the commander's come to us all the way from Lion's Arch.
If did not visit Imann's office yet:
Zalambur: Our friend here was once a Sunspear who opposed Joko. But it amuses His Majesty to break and domesticate his enemies.
Archon Iberu: Careful, Zalambur.
Archon Iberu: As I'm sure you're aware, Chief Councilor Imann invited me here to discuss military aid for Amnoon.
Archon Iberu: It's vital to King Joko's interests that this alliance goes through.
Archon Iberu: Amnoon is among the last of the holdouts. And now I hear you've been voicing your dissent.
Zalambur: Archon, for the sake of our guest, might we drop the innuendo and get to the point?
Archon Iberu: You're right.
If visited Imann's office already:
<Character name>: Mordant Crescent... One of Palawa Joko's undead?
Archon Iberu: I'll be honored with Awakening soon enough, but today I still have a pulse, outlander.
Archon Iberu: As I'm sure you're aware, Chief Councilor Imann invited me here to discuss military aid for Amnoon.
If chose Joko:
Archon Iberu: And I hear the alliance has gone through, thanks to this outlander, although I know you, Zalambur, worked against it.
Zalambur: I don't know what you heard, but you do have the result you want.
Archon Iberu: And just as I arrive, I hear the council has decided against the alliance.
Archon Iberu: It's not too late, Zalambur. Reverse this situation before it gets any more out of hand.
Zalambur: Me? I wasn't even there when they made this decision.
Archon Iberu: That's beside the point.
Archon Iberu: Here's the point.
Security Officer (1): (short anguished cry)
<Character name>: What are you–
Zalambur: Don't.
Security Officer (2): (choking)
If interrupted at any point from here, skips the rest and instead:
Archon Iberu: Rrrgh, enough of this!
Archon Iberu: Awakened! Reduce this eyesore to rubble!
If chose Joko:
Archon Iberu: You will never betray the interests of King Joko again.
Security Officer: Please... Please help me–
Archon Iberu: From now on, you and your bought-and-paid-for Council will serve only us.
Archon Iberu: Upon the next meeting of the council, your lapdog councilor will have a sudden change of heart.
Security Officer: Please... Please help me–
Archon Iberu: He will argue for this alliance and compel his colleagues to do the same. He will further King Joko's ambitions for the area.
Archon Iberu: Do you understand?
Zalambur: I... I...
Archon Iberu: You've built a marvelous casino, Zalambur. My troops have been enjoying it.
Archon Iberu: And now they will enjoy razing it to the ground.
Archon Iberu: Awakened!
Upon attacking Awakened
Archon Iberu: It's unwise to intervene in our affairs, outlander.
<Character name>: I'm full of unwise ideas. But protecting the living from an undead army isn't one of them.
Archon Iberu: Beat your chest all you like.
Archon Iberu: Zalambur. Don't make me come back here.
After defeating the Awakened
Zalambur: My apologies for the unpleasantness, Commander. This is why I insist on appointments.
<Character name>: Happy to help. Mainly because now you owe me.
Zalambur: The fact that I'm still able to walk is a point in your favor, for sure.
Zalambur: And this time of war does make for strange bedfellows. Kormir knows I've had worse.
<Character name>: I'm only after Balthazar, you understand? I can't be dragged down by...whatever else you've got going on.
Zalambur: My organization makes it possible for me to do many things.
Zalambur: Fund public works, donate to our refugee guests, keep candle after candle burning at Kormir's temples.
Zalambur: (sigh) I never wanted to cross the Mordant Crescent, but I suppose it was inevitable.
Zalambur: I'm grateful you were here for the archon's overture, so I'll keep an ear to the ground on your behalf.
If it was the last step completed:
<Character name>: Looks like I'm done here! Now to see if I can reach Taimi. Hm, she said higher ground...

Speaking with Deputy Ayoub in the Marifa Refugee Camp[edit]

<Character name>: Deputy, Captain Rahim pointed me in your direction. Would you mind if I talk to a few of the refugees about Balthazar?
Deputy Ayoub: You're welcome to try. Not a lot of folks are in a talking mood.
Deputy Ayoub: This camp's going to be no better than the places they fled if we can't get more aid out here soon.
<Character name>: I'll see what I can do. Maybe people will be more inclined to talk when they feel safer.
Deputy Ayoub: We certainly wouldn't say no to some help. Priestess Karima can tell you what we need most. Good fortune to you.
Interviewing the refugees
<Character name>: Excuse me... Can you tell me what happened to you?
Refugee: I...we left a group hiding from Forged attacks in Destiny's Gorge, after walking out of the Elon Riverlands to the south.
Refugee: We thought we were in the clear, but–but we were followed. I had a chance to run, and I...I took it.
Refugee: I still hear the screams— I ran when it started, and... Oh, Dwayna forgive me. I'm a coward. I should've died with them.
<Character name>: No. You shouldn't have. And take heart– Balthazar will pay for this.
<Character name>: What happened to you out in the desert?
Refugee: We very nearly didn't make it out alive. We escaped the Salt Flats right before a Forged invasion.
Refugee: Balthazar has turned the whole desert upside down, and... I'm sorry. I don't want to talk about it anymore.
<Character name>: Excuse me... Can you tell me what happened to you?
Refugee: We fled north to escape Balthazar's Forged, but they've been marching the same way lately, up into the highlands.
Refugee: (sigh) At this rate, we'll run out of places to retreat to in no time flat.
<Character name>: What happened to you out in the desert?
Refugee: We were coming down from the highlands when we ran into a Branded ambush.
Refugee: No one would have survived if Vlast hadn't flown in and saved us.
<Character name>: Vlast?
Refugee: You know...the dragon. Glint's offspring.
<Character name>: Don't you mean Gleam?
Refugee: Gleam was the name the bards gave him, but his true name is Vlast. He's a savior with wings. We owe him our lives.
<Character name>: That's...! That's the first scion–Aurene's brother. He's a good dragon?
Refugee: He carries on his mother's work. Kormir praise him.
<Character name>: Where can I find him?
Refugee: No one knows where he roosts. He just...shows up to contest the Branded.
<Character name>: So Aurene has a brother. That's great news... I hope.
<Character name>: Wait until Taimi hears about this.
If there are no more steps to complete:
<Character name>: Looks like I'm done here! Now to see if I can reach Taimi. Hm, she said higher ground...
If there are still more steps to complete: (one of the below)
<Character name>: It's time to move on.
<Character name>: That went smoothly enough.

Contacting Taimi[edit]

<Character name>: Taimi? Do you read? Come in.
<Character name>: Ugh, I must not be getting a signal—
Taimi: I'm here, Commander! I read you! Glad you made it to the Crystal Desert in one piece. You are in one piece, right?
<Character name>: So far...
Taimi: Did you duke it out with the fire guy yet? What's happening? Update! Update now!
<Character name>: Balthazar's got the desert in chaos. I'm trying to find the shortest route to him to...well, you know.
<Character name>: But I think the biggest news I've heard is a story about a dragon: Vlast.
<Character name>: Supposedly he's another scion of Glint—Aurene's brother.
Taimi: Whaaa? Tell me all about him! What's his height? Wingspan? Powers? Did he eat anybody in front of you?
<Character name>: I haven't met him yet, but I'll let you know. How are things in Rata Novus?
Taimi: It's hard to change people's minds with conjecture, so I'm trying to prove that killing dragons isn't ideal.
Taimi: I'm also trying to get all the dragon lab info into Scruffy so I can become more mobile.
Taimi: It's a madhouse in the lab now. They're giving tours. Tours! Ugh.
Taimi: Speaking of which, here comes one now. Check back in when you get a chance!
Mail received after contacting Taimi



This for That


You've earned my gratitude by helping thwart a hostile takeover. In return, I've come by some information I know will be valuable to you. I've summoned your guildmates to meet you in my casino so that all of you can hear what I've learned.


Grand Sahil Casino[edit]

Entering the instance
Lady Kasmeer Meade: You should have seen Imann's face when we said were were leaving because we were invited to the casino by its owner.
Rytlock Brimstone: (chuckle) Anyone who gets that reaction out of a stuffed shirt... Almost made me thing I might like this Zalambur guy.
Lady Kasmeer Meade: I heard he donates generously to Kormir's priesthood. They fell over themselves to bless his name.
Rytlock Brimstone: Maybe Amnoon should put him in charge. I'm surprised that council's not debating the merits of pyramids versus cubes.
<Character name>: You might want to meet him before endorsing him for political office.
<Character name>: Canach! What are you here? Enjoying your time off?
Canach: Freedom is a sweet drink, Commander. I've been busy quenching my thirst.
Lady Kasmeer Meade: You should join us. We were just about to meet with—
Canach: Zalambur. I already know a thing or two about this place.
Canach: A sylvari gambler who's up 500 gold is just my cover, I promise you.
Rytlock Brimstone: Now that he's free, it's okay if I kill him, right?
Lady Kasmeer Meade: Gentlemen, lets keep it civil. How about it, Canach?
Canach: While my freedom's been gratifying, it's also a little boring. This is much more interesting.
Canach: Besides, I may have made a wager that the slayer of Elder Dragons can take down a god—and I intend to collect.
<Character name>: What are the odds?
Canach: (chuckles) Lets not jinx it, Commander.
Talking to Zalambur
Zalambur: Welcome back, Commander. It's an honor to have the members of Dragon's Watch in my humble establishment. Please, follow me.
Zalambur: The Grand Sahil is already back to running at full capacity, in no small part due to your earlier intervention.
Zalambur: We have all the finest games and entertainment the Crystal Desert has to offer. Do you enjoy games of chance?
Canach: When the odds are in our favor.
Zalambur: I reached out across my network for information about Balthazar, and I think I know what he's after.
<Character name>: Kralkatorrik.
Zalambur: You're half right. He's currently hunting down a crystal dragon, but that dragon is Vlast.
<Character name>: I wonder why he'd suddenly change targets.
Zalambur: Who among us can understand the will of a god? I do know his Forged army has encampments all over the Crystal Desert.
Zalambur: He stops at these camps to rally his troops while he's on the dragon's trail.
<Character name>: So we might be able to intercept him at one of the Forged camps.
<Character name>: You've come through, Zalambur. I actually don't regret keeping you alive.
Zalambur: The feeling is mutual, Commander. I'll take my leave now.
Zalambur: Enjoy your time here, please. But stay away from the high-stakes roulette—it's rigged.
Canach: I knew it!
Talking to your guildmates
<Character name>: So, who's up for a trip to one of these camps?
Rytlock Brimstone: Sounds good to me. Let's shut him down before he's responsible for anyone else's death.
Canach: We don't want to rush in blindly—and if I'm going to be joining you again, I may as well make myself useful.
Canach: I'll scout the main camp, see what I see, and report back.
<Character name>: The main camp...on your own? Seems risky.
Rytlock Brimstone: Nah, not alone. I'll go with him.
Canach: ...Huh. Not the response I expected.
Rytlock Brimstone: Hey, vacations have a way of...dulling a blade, so to speak. Can't let you fumble around unsupervised.
Canach: That's more like it.
<Character name>: All right. Kas and I will check out the smaller outposts.
Lady Kasmeer Meade: Actually... I'll leave it to you if you don't mind. I have some matters to attend to.
Lady Kasmeer Meade: There's a temple of Kormir near one of the Forged camps. You can find me there when you're done.

My story[edit]

Crystal Oasis loading screen.jpg

I canvassed Amnoon and gained valuable information from various sources: refugees displaced by Balthazar's Forged army, the head of a local smuggling syndicate named Zalambur, and Amnoon's Chief Councilor Imann.
I defended Zalambur from Archon Iberu, a high-ranking officer in the tyrant Palawa Joko's Awakened army, and collectively we helped Amnoon's City Council decide on plans for their own defense.
I further learned that Glint's first hatchling, Vlast, has been protecting innocents from the Branded.
Finally, I found Canach in Zalambur's casino. The sylvari mercenary says he placed a large bet on my surviving this endeavor, and he's agreed to rejoin our team temporarily in order to protect his investment.

Zalambur called me back to his casino office to let me know Balthazar and his Forged army are currently focused on Vlast, not Kralkatorrik. He wasn't sure why, but he did steer me toward the Forged encampments near the Temple of Kormir to the northeast.
The answers we need are out there in the desert, so I ordered my team to split up and search. Kasmeer headed to Kormir's temple to gather information, while Rytlock and Canach went to reconnoiter the main Forged camp. That leaves the two smaller Forged encampments to me.

My story