A Society Function

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A Society Function

1325 AE
Personal story
Krytan Politics
(Divinity's Reach)
Human tango icon 20px.png Human
Preceded by
Biography Nobility.png The Informant
Followed by
Biography Nobility.png The Trial of Julius Zamon

A Society Function is part of the personal story of human characters who chose the nobility background and decided to investigate the party at the end of The Informant.


Attend the party and seek information about Minister Zamon.


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All professions


Meet Countess Anise outside the Minister's Manor where she tells you to speak to everyone in order to find evidence of Minister Zamon's treason.

Lord Faren is situated to the right as you enter the hall and he ask you to help him win favor with Baroness Jasmina outside in the garden for piece of evidence. Walking up the stairs you can see Lady Madeline talking to Lord Benjamin. After a short conversation between the two you can talk to Lady Madeline for another piece of evidence. After that climb up the stairs till the last floor to see Ministry Guard Reth. When talked to he will ask for a drink. Go downstairs and get a drink from one of the tables or obtain one from one of the servers and give it to him for the final piece of evidence.

Finally speak with Countess Anise near the exit and Captain Thackeray will inform Minister Zamon he is to stand trial for treason.

Order of people to talk to

Lord Faren
Baroness Jasima
Lord Faren again
Lady Madeline (ferocity option)
Ministry Guard Reth (upstairs)
Get a drink for Reth and talk to him again
Baroness Jasima again
Countess Anise again






Upon entering:

Countess Anise: This will be delightful. Having the hero of Shaemoor on my arm will make tongues wag.
<Character name>: Thank you for letting me join you this evening, Countess.
Countess Anise: I'm always willing to do what I can for queen and country. That being said, let me offer you some unsolicited advice.
Countess Anise: First, mingle. Speak to everyone. You never know who will say something they'll regret later.
Countess Anise: Second, don't limit your conversations to nobility. Servants and guards see everything.
<Character name>: Understood. I suppose it goes without saying that I should be discreet?
Countess Anise: You catch on fast. Go on and charm the masses. You know where to find me if you need me, pet.

Handing drink to Ministry Guard Reth:

<Character name>: Here's your drink. To anyone watching, I'm just a kindhearted noble, and you're just a grateful guard. Now speak your mind.
Ministry Guard Reth: Burglaries and kidnappings are increasing, yet here we sit, idle. Lately, the Guard is never where it's needed most.
<Character name>: That drink was meant to loosen your tongue, but you still sound like you know more then you're letting on.
Ministry Guard Reth: I heard what you did in Shaemoor, and I know you've got Thackeray's ear. What I'm telling you could get a man killed, so use it well.
Ministry Guard Reth: Our orders arrive just before the raids. It's as if someone is sending us away so bandits can swoop in unchallanged.
<Character name>: You think there's a deeper connection, someone in the Ministry Guard working with the bandits directly?
Ministry Guard Reth: Higher than that. The orders come from Minister Zamon himself. Look, I'm taking a big risk here, but those bandits are scum. Please do something with this information!
<Character name>: I will. Now, enjoy your drink. I've got someone I must speak with.

Returning to Anise:

Countess Anise: You've been a busy little bee, haven't you? I presume you've gotten the information we need.
<Character name>: More than I had hoped. I've identified witnesses who will testify that Zamon had dealings with bandits.
Logan Thackeray: How lucky. I'd love to throw Zamon in a cell, but politics have my hands tied. At least with this evidence, we'll be able to call him to trial.
Countess Anise: Aha. Speak of the fiend, and he appears. Logan, it seems Minister Zamon has arrived. You're free to do your duty.
Minister Zamon: If it isn't Logan Thackeray. I'm sorry, Captain Thackeray. To what do I owe the honor?
Logan Thackeray: As Captain of the Seraph in the service of Her Royal Majesty, Queen Jennah, I call you to trial.
Minister Zamon: What? This is an outrage! I demand to know the charge!
Logan Thackeray: Treason against the crown and citizens of Kryta. May Kormir judge your words justly, and may Dwayna have mercy on you.

My story[edit]

A Society Function.jpg

I found enough people to testify against Zamon and make it stick. Lord Faren spotted Minister Zamon emerging from a bandit-controlled forest, and Guardsman Reth mentioned that the Ministry Guard was often ordered away from areas where bandit raids were about to take place.

My story