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Disturbance in Brisban Wildlands

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Disturbance in Brisban Wildlands

Disturbance in Brisban Wildlands is the first part of the Living World Season 2 for all characters.


Strange Happenings

  • Check your mail for "Strange Happenings."

Meet your allies near the new Seraph outpost in Brisban Wildlands.

  • Meet your allies in Tangle Root.
  • Gather with your allies near Corporal Jantzen.
  • Optional: Catch up with your allies.
  • Defend the northern pass from the Inquest.
  • Defend the eastern pass from the Inquest.
  • Defend the Seraph workers building barricades in the northern pass.
  • Defend the Seraph workers building barricades in the eastern pass.
  • Defeat the Veteran Experimental Mark I Golem and drive off the Inquest.
  • Experimental Mark I Golem
    Event bar.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
  • Speak with Corporal Jantzen to explore the new region.
  • Optional: Speak with your allies.



This is a fairly straightforward mission, although enemies are more powerful than you may be used to from the personal story. Consider bringing skills that give Stability if you intend to use melee in the later portion, since both the Veteran Golem and its Mark I Golemite adds repeatedly use knockback. Using reflects on Inquest Grenadiers that have bunched up together is very effective as well.

At the start of the instance, walk to Corporal Jantzen to start the dialogue with your allies. At some point, Inquest will first start to attack the northern pass and a bit later the southern pass which you have to defend for a while. After defending for a while, Seraph workers will appear building up barricades at the northern and then the southern pass. You will have to defend them while they do that. As soon as the barricades are up, a Veteran Experimental Mark I Golem is launched into the base. The golem will repeatedly spawn small golemites that follow you around. Ignore the golemites and just kill the experimental golem to end the fight. Afterwards, talk to Jantzen again to complete the instance.


None of the below achievements can be obtained on the first play through of the story on a given character, and may only be obtained on subsequent visits on that character.

This achievement rewards items. No One Left Behind Gates of Maguuma 5Achievement points
Don't let any of the Seraph repair workers perish.Story Instance: Disturbance in Brisban Wildlands
Prerequisite: Gates of Maguuma
Reward:Story Journal chest.png Geode Hoard
Seraph Repair Workers Kept Alive during Inquest Attack 5Achievement points
  • This achievement requires you to not let any of the Seraph repair workers perish. After you've finished defending the eastern pass from the first wave of Inquest, run up to the northern pass (you should be able to get up the slope, but you'll be able to get around the long way in time) and save those workers! The workers don't go down too quickly, and even then it's simple enough to keep the Inquest off them. Area of effect skills are good for getting aggro, and crowd control skills such as knockbacks are useful if things get a little hairy.
This achievement rewards items. No Shocks Here Gates of Maguuma 5Achievement points
Don't get hit by projectiles from Static Discharge.Story Instance: Disturbance in Brisban Wildlands
Prerequisite: Gates of Maguuma
Reward:Story Journal chest.png Ambrite Cache
Avoided Static Discharge Projectiles 5Achievement points
  • This achievement requires you to not get hit by any of the projectiles that come from the Experimental Mark I Golem's Static Discharge skill. This is easy enough to do by equipping the longest ranged weapon that your profession allows and using the terrain to your advantage. It is possible to get to the top of a nearby tower to avoid all projectiles altogether, since they are ground-bound projectiles that will not fly upward. However, the snag comes in trying to obtain this achievement and the one below simultaneously.
This achievement rewards items. A Shocking Development Gates of Maguuma 5Achievement points
Use the Golemites against their master.Story Instance: Disturbance in Brisban Wildlands
Prerequisite: Gates of Maguuma
Reward:Story Journal chest.png Store of Edible Cactus Fruit
Discovered Shocking Advantage 5Achievement points
  • This achievement requires you to use the golemites against their master. When the golem uses its spin attack, make sure that the golemites are close to the golem so they are hit by the attack. The golemites will then receive an electric charge. At that time, you want to lure the golemites even closer to the golem so the electric charge hurts the golem. With each charge that hits the golem, the stack is increased by one. After reaching a certain number of stacks, the electric charge will stun the golem, rewarding the achievement.







Strange Happenings

<Character name>,

I'm well aware of just how busy you are. However, you've heard the theories that Scarlet disturbed one of the dragons. I fear these theories have merit.

My eyes and ears in Brisban Wildlands are reporting mysterious incursions into previously quiet areas. Go see for yourself. I hope your curiosity will spur you to action.


At Tangle Root[edit]

Approaching Kasmeer and Marjory:

Kasmeer Meade: Tonight, I'll take your watch so you can get some extra sleep.
Marjory Delaqua: Listen here, mother hen. You can stop fussing. I'm fine. My ribs barely hurt anymore.
Kasmeer Meade: You ready? Let's join the others, shall we?

Talking to your allies:

Kasmeer Meade: Hello, <character name>. We've been waiting for you. There's a group of Seraph in this old fort, and it looks like they're having some trouble. The others are on their way too.
Talk end option tango.png Let's go see what's happening.
Marjory Delaqua: Do you sense it? There's a hush in the air. As if all but the bravest of birds have fled the area. I don't like it.
Talk end option tango.png Let's go see what we can learn.

Approaching Rox, Taimi and Braham:

Rox: What are Seraph doing all the way out here?
Braham Eirsson: How about we ask? Oh, look. There's the others.
Rox: We'll wait here for them, then go in. How's your leg, Braham?
Braham Eirsson: Barely a peep from it. I got through those vines just fine.
Taimi: You worry about him too much. He's tough.
Rox: I never said he wasn't.
Taimi: You thought it.
Rox: What?
Taimi: Nothing.
Braham Eirsson: I want to talk about that Seraph and find out what's going on around here.

Talking to your allies:

Braham Eirsson: What are we waiting for? Let's go talk to that Seraph. Jory and Kas will catch up.
Talk end option tango.png Follow me.
Taimi: I want to get a sample of those living vines. I wonder if I could create hybrids?
Talk end option tango.png Easy there, mastermind. These things are dangerous.
Rox: There's some crazy stuff going on out here. Makes me really feel the distance between us and the Citadel.
Talk end option tango.png This is a big adventure.

Speaking with Corporal Jantzen:

Corporal Jantzen: Welcome to the edge of nowhere.
Talk end option tango.png Thanks. We've got some questions for you.
Kasmeer Meade: Excuse me, Corporal. Looks like you've got a problem on your hands.
Corporal Jantzen: You might say so. We need to get through those vines, but they're impassible.
Marjory Delaqua: How about we give you a hand?
Corporal Jantzen: That'd be great. We're a small expeditionary squad.
Marjory Delaqua: What are you doing so far from the Reach?
Corporal Jantzen: We're tracking black market traders that came this way. We suspect they have a secret ingress past this mess.
Marjory Delaqua: Well, let's see if we can help you clear a path.
Corporal Jantzen: Your help would be greatly appreciated, ma'am. Delaqua! Come over here.
Seraph Belinda Delaqua: Yes, sir! Well, I'll be damned. Hey, sis.
Marjory Delaqua: I thought maybe this was your squad.
Corporal Jantzen: You're related?
Seraph Belinda Delaqua: Yes, sir. What are you doing here, Marjie?
Marjory Delaqua: We heard a rumor there were strange goings-on in this area. We came to investigate.
Seraph Belinda Delaqua: As if taking on Scarlet wasn't enough excitement to last a lifetime.
Seraph Belinda Delaqua: Let's talk. We've got some information about what's happening around here.
Braham Eirsson: Inquest! Taimi, get in your golem!
Kasmeer Meade: Stay close, Jory.
Marjory Delaqua: Kas. That's my line.
Kasmeer Meade: What are Inquest doing here?
Braham Eirsson: They're like rats. They show up everywhere there's death.
Marjory Delaqua: You guys go left. Kas and I will go right!
Corporal Jantzen: We need to hold them back here! Our outpost can't withstand an all-out attack.

When the eastern pass needs to be defended:

Corporal Jantzen: They're beginning to funnel through the eastern pass. We need to divide and conquer.
Corporal Jantzen: Delaqua, you take the eastern pass.
Marjory Delaqua: I'm on it!
Corporal Jantzen: The other Delaqua!
Seraph Belinda Delaqua: Yes, sir!

When the Seraphs start building barricades:

Corporal Jantzen: There's more of them all the time. Let's get some barricades up!

When Experimental Mark I appears:

Corporal Jantzen: They're dropping golems behind us.

After the golem was defeated:

Seraph Belinda Delaqua: That was exciting. It's been a while since I've seen you in action. You've improved.
Marjory Delaqua: I've been getting lots of practice. (deep breath)
Seraph Belinda Delaqua: Looks like we've almost got those vines out of the way. You coming through with us?
Marjory Delaqua: Yeah. We want to see what's on the on the other side. You don't mind, do you?
Seraph Belinda Delaqua: If you come with us? Great gods, no. I don't get to spend enough time with you.
Marjory Delaqua: Let's see if you still feel that way after a few days of being around us.
Corporal Jantzen: Delaqua. I have a mission for you. I need you to run back to Fort Salma and give them an update.
Corporal Jantzen: Oversee getting soldiers posted here to keep these vines back. I don't want our retreat cut off, just in case.
Seraph Belinda Delaqua: Yes, Corporal. I'll grab my gear and go.
Corporal Jantzen: I knew I could rely on you. Double-time, Seraph.
Seraph Belinda Delaqua: Yes, Corporal.
Marjory Delaqua: It's okay. Some other time.
Seraph Belinda Delaqua: I'm sorry I can't go with you. Promise you'll stop by Fort Salma on your way home and let know how things went.
Marjory Delaqua: I will. Send Momma word that you saw me, will you? So she worries a little less.
Seraph Belinda Delaqua: Okay. I'd better get going. Take care of yourself, okay? Love you, sis.
Marjory Delaqua: Always. You too.
Kasmeer Meade: Belinda, it was good seeing you again.
Seraph Belinda Delaqua: Oh. Same here. Good-bye.

Talking to your allies:

Seraph Belinda Delaqua: I know I have to do my duty, but I'd much rather be here with you and the others.
Talk more option tango.png You're a good soldier.
I just wish I could see what's on the other side of that wall. I've never been this far west. My family isn't known for adventuring beyond Shaemoor.
Talk more option tango.png We'll tell you about it over drinks and fine food.
You better not forget a single detail. And watch out for Marjie, okay? Don't tell my other sisters, but she's always been my favorite.
Talk more option tango.png One day, I hope to meet the rest of your family.
(If human noble)
Maybe. My family isn't the friendliest towards nobles. It's nothing personal, I assure you. But.. my mother... she's still holding onto a very old grudge.
Talk more option tango.png That's a shame. We're not all bad, you know?
Maybe. My mother doesn't much like strangers. She's had a hard life. She doesn't trust easily. It's nothing personal, I assure you.
Talk more option tango.png Well, perhaps she'll make an exception for me.
(Personal Story completed)
She might. Marjie has told us all about how you killed Zhaitan and all the other great things you've done, Commander.
Talk more option tango.png No need to be so formal. Besides, I haven't been actively commanding the Pact for some time.
I imagine you've been busy since the Pact brought down Zhaitan. I'm sure they'll call on you when they're ready to move on another dragon. I can't imagine them doing it without you.
Talk end option tango.png I look forward to that day.
(Personal Story incomplete)
You don't need to convince me. Marjie has told me how you were made a commander in the Pact. It's quite impressive, Commander.
Talk more option tango.png No need to be so formal. Besides, I haven't been actively commanding the Pact for some time.
All the same, I understand you're an integral part of Marshal Trahearne's effort. I can't imagine the Pact fulfilling its purpose without you.
Talk end option tango.png Thank you.
(Personal Story not at Pact stage)
She might. Marjie has told us all about your adventures. You've done some amazing things.
Talk more option tango.png You flatter me. (blush)
Aw. I didn't mean to make you blush. I'd better go, but it's been a real honor to fight beside you. Be well.
Talk end option tango.png You too. I'll see you again soon.
(some other stages)
Talk more option tango.png I couldn't have done any of it without the help of friends.
And you're modest too. I hope you and I can become fast friends. But, for now, I'd better go. It's been a real honor to fight beside you. Be well.
Talk end option tango.png You too. I'll see you again soon.
Talk more option tango.png Yes. Yes, I have.
Yes. You did. And on that note, I'd better go. It's been a real honor to fight beside you. Be well.
Talk end option tango.png You too. I'll see you again soon.
Talk end option tango.png Thank you.
Talk end option tango.png We'll remember every moment.
Talk end option tango.png They don't know what they're missing.
Kasmeer Meade: Just imagine how much nicer a world it would be if the Inquest turned their energies toward improving things. So sad.
Talk more option tango.png Have you been hitting it off with Belinda?
I've tried, but there's something distant about her. It's almost as if she didn't want to know me.
Talk more option tango.png Because you're of noble upbringing?
Maybe. I'm not sure. It's as if she doesn't know how to talk to me. She's not the first commoner to be shy around me.
(human commoner)
Talk more option tango.png Perhaps she was uncomfortable.
Maybe. It's hard to tell. I don't know Belinda that well, so I'm not sure if my noble upbringing bothers her.
Talk more option tango.png Give it time.
You're right. The more time we spend around each other, the more she'll see that I'm just like everyone else.
Talk more option tango.png Well, not exactly. But I get your point.
I sometimes forget how life was easier for me than it was for a lot of people. This whole business with my brother has really made me think about that.
Talk end option tango.png I know what you mean.
Talk end option tango.png Yeah. Just keep at it.
(human noble)
Talk more option tango.png Social castes sometimes make it hard to communicate.
Yes, but out here, in the world, facing danger-I'd have thought they'd break down. If I had my way, we'd all be nobles.
Talk more option tango.png That would upset the current system.
I suppose we do play an important role in society. Our gold puts food on our servants' tables. Well, noble gold. I have none any more.
Talk more option tango.png If you had the chance, would you go back?
If the queen returned my title? It's complicated. I'd be slapping the queen in the face if I said no. It doesn't matter, though. That'll never happen.
Talk end option tango.png It can't hurt to dream.
(other race)
Talk more option tango.png I just don't understand your social system.
It's pretty simple, really. You can receive a title directly from the queen or inherit it from your parents or another relative. A title comes with a manor in Divinity's Reach usually.
Talk more option tango.png And you're rich.
Not necessarily, though most noble families are. And, if you're an invited member of her court, the queen may give you an allowance from the royal treasury.
Talk more option tango.png What does it mean to be a member of her court?
It basically means you have a skill she wants you to use on her behalf. She has advisors on many subjects in her court, and then there are those who are just there to be charming.
Talk more option tango.png She lost an opportunity when she took your title away.
She had no choice. When the Ministry arrested my father, it forced her hand by making his situation public. The queen—and thus the nobility—have an image to uphold.
Talk end option tango.png I think I understand. It's politics.
Talk more option tango.png That Seraph and your friend are sisters, huh?
Yes. It's so nice to see them fighting side by side. I know it has lifted Marjory's spirits. Her sister means so much to her.
Talk end option tango.png That's nice.
Talk end option tango.png That could be said about a lot of things.
Marjory Delaqua: I'm glad you suggested we come out here. I'm over the moon at a chance to fight beside Belinda.
Talk more option tango.png Actually, it was E who suggested it.
E hasn't steered us wrong yet. Any idea who it is?
Talk end option tango.png Not yet. But I'm collecting clues. I'll figure it out.

Talking to Corporal Jantzen:

Corporal Jantzen: The Inquest are brutal enemies. They have absolutely no conscience whatsoever. We're here to look into thieves working for the black market, but the Inquest won't leave us alone.
Talk more option tango.png They must have a lab nearby somewhere.
Unless this is a forward-scouting group. Maybe they're looking for a new location to build a new one. Eh, they're fools, if so. These vines don't make this area exactly hospitable.
Talk more option tango.png Where did the vines come from?
As far as I know, the land west of here has been cut off—more or less—for a long time. Criminals seem to have a few secret routes to get in and out, but who knows what goes on over there?
Talk more option tango.png You think the vines are spreading inward from beyond the ridge?
It's as good a guess as any, don't you think?
Talk more option tango.png What's out there?
The Maguuma Wastes. Other than that, who knows? The Orrian flooding could have changed the entire landscape.
Talk quest option tango.png I guess we'll find out. I'm ready to explore beyond the ridge.
Talk end option tango.png Sounds interesting. I'll be back.
Talk quest option tango.png It is. I'm ready to find out firsthand.
Talk end option tango.png Just a moment.
Talk quest option tango.png I'm ready to explore beyond the ridge.
Talk end option tango.png Just a moment.
Talk quest option tango.png I'm ready to explore beyond the ridge.
Talk end option tango.png Just a moment.
Talk quest option tango.png I'm ready to explore beyond the ridge.
Talk end option tango.png Just a moment.

My Story[edit]

Disturbance in Brisban Wildlands loading screen.jpg

I received another note from the cryptic "E" asking me to investigate mysterious incursions at the edge of Brisban Wildlands, while suggesting that these incursions may be an early sign that a new threat to Tyria was in fact roused during Scarlet Briar's attack on Lion's Arch.

I joined Marjory, Kasmeer, Braham, Rox, and Taimi at the Seraph outpost in Tangle Root, and worked with the Seraph to defeat the hostile Inquest krewe that was harassing them. We fought in areas that are being choked with gigantic, thorny vines. This merited further investigation.

Taimi seemed to be clashing with Rox over little things. She's a smart kid who means well; we just have to remember she's a child. She's[sic] talks about Braham like he's her big brother, which is probably good considering her situation. Braham's leg seems to have healed since the Scarlet fight.

My story


The line "How about we ask..." is assigned to Braham, but it Taimi's voice the one speaking.