The Dredge Hideout

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The Dredge Hideout

1325 AE
Personal story
Death from Below
Lornar's Gate
(Snowden Drifts)
Norn tango icon 20px.png Norn
Preceded by
Underground Scholar
Followed by
Code Breaker

Dredge Assault loading screen 1.jpg

Loading screen

The Dredge Hideout is part of the personal storyline of norn characters who chose to side with the Order of Whispers in the previous mission.


Steal the dredge weapon prototype.

  • Meet Ifwyn at Molenheide.
  • Put on a dredge mining suit.
  • Smash rocks to lure out the dredge.
  • Wait for the door to the dredge mine to open.
  • Search for the dredge weapon.
  • Escape the dredge mine.
  • Defeat the dredge mining suits.

Confer with Eir and the order reps in Hoelbrak.

  • Speak to the order reps.
  • Choose a course of action.


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All professions


Talk to Ifwyn to watch a cinematic, and then go retrieve a Dredge Walker mining suit as a disguise. Head over to the three nearby rocks, and smash them with your skills. Follow the dredge afterwards to the tunnel and into the (now open) mine.

Interact with the weapon crates to search for the experimental weapon you came for. Searching the third crate will start another cinematic. Following the cinematic, your suit malfunctions and you lose the disguise, causing the nearby dredge to become aggressive. Fight your way back to the mine entrance (the adjacent exit to the third crate also works, but means you have to fight the suit and dredge popups without Agent Ifwyn - defeating the group outside will still trigger progress without her).

Travel back to the instance in Hoelbrak. You can now choose how to proceed: either break the code with the Durmand Priory (leads to Code Breaker), or track down the missing spy with the Order of Whispers (which leads to Sabotage)









At Agent Ifwyn (cinematic):

Agent Ifwyn: Okay, Slayer. You're good at what you do, but now we see if you're good at what I do.
Agent Ifwyn: The Order of Whispers doesn't shrink from violence, but we try to keep it to the necessary minimum. And in our line of work, it's often necessary.
Agent Ifwyn: The dredge have sealed themselves inside that mine. We need to get in, take what we need, and get out.
Agent Ifwyn: I propose we borrow a pair of their mining suits. They'll assume we're one of them and let us in. After that, we need to improvise.
<Character name>: Sneak in and keep a low profile until violence is necessary. I can handle that. Should we mine some ore first to sell the disguise?
Agent Ifwyn: Now you're thinking like one of us. I predict a bright future for you in our order. If you can mine as well as a dredge, that is.
Agent Ifwyn: We'll have you fighting dragons in no time. That's in our charter, you know. But until then, let's put on a show and dig our way into that mine.

Talking to Ifwyn after the cinematic:

Agent Ifwyn: I did some advance scouting. There's a pair of unattended mining suits near the entrance that will make perfect disguises.
Talk more option tango.png Anything I should know about mining suits?
Just stick close. if you can walk and dig, you can pilot a mining suit.
Talk end option tango.png Sounds good.

After donning the suit:

Agent Ifwyn: An Order of Whispers agent never panics, even when surrounded by fanatical dredge miners on a violent criminal rampage.
Talk end option tango.png I don't want to think about that.

Entering the mine:

Agent Ifwyn: Drill the rocks, and the dredge will come pick up the ore.
Dredge Excavator: Be proud. You've collected for the collective.
Dredge Excavator: All problems can be solved through unity.
Dredge Excavator: Nice work. That'll do fine.
Agent Ifwyn: There we go! One open door. Now to get what we came for.

While searching for weapon:

Agent Ifwyn: Hm. Nothing of interest. Let's keep looking.
Agent Ifwyn: Check the other crates. Maybe we'll get lucky.

After finding the weapon:

Agent Ifwyn: Remember when I said we would improvise? Now's the time. We don't need a whole prototype. The components in this box will tell us all we need to know.
<Character name>: And look around. Some of these parts are far too big for the weapon I saw. The dredge must be planning to build an even larger version.
Agent Ifwyn: With a weapon that size, they could shoot through a small mountain...or a large building.
<Character name>: A building makes more sense. The dredge stole a book about ancient architecture from the Priory. They must be preparing to take out a large structure.
Agent Ifwyn: Well spotted. This weaponsmith "Vyacheslav" sounds madder all the time, even for a dredge.
Agent Ifwyn: Let's take what we'e learned back to the others and figure out where the dredge will strike.

When the suit explodes:

Agent Ifwyn: Bail out, Slayer! There's something wrong with your suit. It's smoking!
Agent Ifwyn: Good agents know when they've overstayed their welcome. We need to go, now!

After defeating the suit:

<Character name>: What happened back there? The mining suit was working perfectly and then it completely broke down.
Agent Ifwyn: Hard to say. Between your size and unfamiliarity with the controls, I expect you taxed its systems past the breaking point.
Agent Ifwyn: Hardly your fault, of course. Dredge machinery is powerful, but it's not as reliable as the charr's or as flexible as the asura's.
<Character name>: Vyacheslav's machinery seems reliable enough, especially since he keeps upgrading it. We need to identify his target before he perfects his weapon.
Agent Ifwyn: Agreed. I'll meet you back in Hoelbrak and we'll confer with the others. Meybe they can help us determine which huge building is in danger.
Agent Ifwyn: Nice work, by the way. I renew my offer: when you're ready to join the fight against the dragons, the Order of Whispers would be glad to have you.

Speaking with Ifwyn after the cinematic:

Agent Ifwyn: That went well, apart form the minor suit malfunction. Now to confer with the others and figure out what these dredge are planning.
Talk end option tango.png Agreed. I'll see you back in Hoelbrak.


Meeting the Order representatives:

<Character name>: The dredge are definitely building another weapon, one big enough to shatter a mountain. I've seen the proof with my own eyes.
<Character name>: Given the architectural tome they stole, I think Vyacheslav's target is a large building. But which one? Where is he going to strike?
Scholar Prott: True. But a little research might get us this information. My contacts have intercepted a coded dredge message.
Scholar Prott: I suspect it was being sent to Molengrad. If we break the code, we can figure out what the dredge are planning.
Agent Ifwyn: We haven't got time for the Priory to crack that code. I have a spy inside a dredge settlement. Let's ask him for the information.
Crusader Thurkill: I'll leave the intelligence gathering to you lot. The Vigil is ready to move on whatever you discover. In the meantime, we'll keep hunting Vyacheslav.
Agent Ifwyn: We'll share what we learn with the Vigil, but first the slayer must decide how we're going to learn it: By breaking the code or debriefing the spy?

When talking to Thurkill:

Crusader Thurkill: Since I've got soldiers to muster, I'll leave you to the scholars and spies for now.
Talk end option tango.png Thanks, Thurkill.

When talking to Ifwyn before choosing:

Agent Ifwyn: An Order of Whispers spy near Underburg has recently gone dark. Come with me and we'll find out what's happening.
Talk quest option tango.png I'm ready. Let's go talk to your spy. (Leads to Sabotage.)
Talk end option tango.png I'm still undecided.

When talking to Prott before choosing:

Scholar Prott: It's a complex code, and rather old. I wouldn't have thought the dredge capable of understanding it, much less creating it.
Talk quest option tango.png I'm with you, Prott. Anything they can code, we can crack. (Leads to Code Breaker.)
Talk end option tango.png This is a real quandary. I need more time to decide.

If choosing the Priory path:

Scholar Prott: This will be glorius. Between our code-cracker and you, I'd say the Priory is well on its way to solving this mystery.
Talk end option tango.png I certainly hope so.
Agent Ifwyn: Don't get me wrong, the Priory often has excellent information. But your talents are wasted doing things their way.
Talk end option tango.png Maybe, but I have to try.

If choosing the Order of Whispers path:

Agent Ifwyn: I knew you were smarter than the average hunter. Wait until our missing spy sees the Slayer of Issormir coming to his rescue.
Talk end option tango.png Hopefully he's still alive to tell us what we need to know.
Scholar Prott: Hmph. I hate to sound bitter, but a mind like yours is wasted on all that Order of Whispers intrigue.
Talk end option tango.png Maybe, but I'm determined to do this their way.

Talking to Eir:

Eir: Things are starting to spiral out of control, Slayer. I'd hate to think what would happen if you weren't involved.
Talk end option tango.png The orders need help, and I'm happy to oblige.

My story[edit]

Dredge Assault loading screen 1.jpg

Agent Ifwyn and I infiltrated the Molenheide dredge mine and brought back key parts of the prototype sonic cannon for study. We took this information back to the other order reps in Hoelbrak to decide on our next move.

I reported what Ifwyn and I found at Molenheide to Eir and the order reps. We agreed that Vyacheslav's new sonic cannon is too dangerous, so we set out to deprive him of it.

My story