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Disambig icon.png This article is about the story chapter. For the Elder Dragon, see Kralkatorrik. For the dragon prophet, see Glint.

The Crystal Dragon

1332 AE
Living World Season 4
All or Nothing
The Auditorium
(Thunderhead Peaks)
Preceded by
Followed by
The End

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The Crystal Dragon is the final part of All or Nothing.


Ready your forces for the battle with Kralkatorrik.
  • Enter the auditorium.
  • Find your companions.
  • Optional: Eat a nourishing meal.
  • Go over the plan with your allies.
  • Address your forces about the battle to come.
  • Optional: Reinforce your armor against the Branded
  • Optional: Prepare your weapons for the fight.
  • Join Aurene and Caithe on the overlook.
Begin the assault on Kralkatorrik.
  • Send Aurene when you're ready.
  • Channel a resonating blast into the resonance crystal.
  • Attack Kralkatorrik's weak point.
  • Use Aurene's gift to cross the cavern.
  • Make your way to the second resonance crystal.
  • Defeat Branded near the charging crystals to power the resonance crystal.
    • Energy - Charging-Crystal One
    • Energy - Charging-Crystal Two
    • Energy - Charging-Crystal Three
  • Activate the resonance crystal.
Finish the assault on Kralkatorrik
  • Use Aurene's gift to cross the cavern.
  • Make your way to the final resonance crystal.
  • Find a path to the balcony.
  • Defeat Branded near the charging crystals to power the resonance crystal.
    • Energy - Charging-Crystal One
    • Energy - Charging-Crystal Two
    • Energy - Charging-Crystal Three
    • Energy - Charging-Crystal Four
  • Activate the final resonance crystal.
  • Finish Kralkatorrik




Follow the twisting passages through to the green star on the mission map. You should collect some Dragonsblood Spears on your way past the barrels, interacting will grant you the Dragonsblood Spear special action skill. You can optionally pick up some food from the marked table, though this will prevent you from obtaining the "Stubborn" achievement. Interact with the Command Table once you reach your allies. When the dialogue finishes, follow your allies down the curved sloping tunnel to emerge on the edge of an enormous cavern.

Throughout the rest of the mission there will be curving purple branded marks on the floor - touching these will lose the Electrophobia achievement elegibility, as will touching the lightning bolts or pools of branded electric lightning.

If you get defeated, it is possible to respawn in a previous area with no means of reaching the next objective, forcing you to restart the mission.

A note about checkpoints: The checkpoints in this mission are notorious for placing characters in a previous area, preventing characters from returning to the fight. Avoid dying! Likewise avoid being crushed by rubble as this may cause you to become stuck, and using /stuck will return you to an equally poorly placed checkpoint.

First fight

Talk to Aurene and Caithe when you're ready. A timer will appear in the user interface - move up to the platform at the top with the crystal whilst waiting for Kralkatorrik to arrive. From here onwards the Crystal Circuit Racer achievement is active. Stand in the marked circle, face towards the Resonating Crystal, and use the Resonating Blast special action skill when it appears - this will bring the dragon down to your level. Hammer it with everything you have, activating your Dragonsblood Spear special key when possible; this is a strong breakbar breaker and inflicts high damage. When the wound is brought down to 0%, step back from Kralkatorrik, clamber back to another marked area with white swirling light, and again use the special action key. You'll float up over the dragon to the other side of the cavern - you have virtually no control over this movement so don't worry about steering.

Second fight

Ignore your allies fighting random spawns in the corridor, and make your way on a mount to the next fighting area. Grab some more Dragonblood Spears on the way into the room.

In the second room you need to charge 3 Energy-Crystals before you can blast Kralkatorrik. Do this by either killing branded within the area of the crystal or by throwing branded shards dropped by the branded. Kill sappers as a priority since these prevent the crystals being charged by killing branded, although throwing shards are still effective - use the Dragonsblood Spear special action skill on them. Charge the highest crystal last to minimize the distance from the final crystal back to the focal point to use the Resonating Blast special action skill. Grab more spears and hurt Kralkatorrik again. Beware his hitbox when he spawns as it will instantly kill the player. Use the special action skill to float over the cavern again once he's retreated.

On rare occasion, progress can be stopped due to the action skill not interacting properly.[verification requested]
Third fight

This corridor is longer than the previous one and has a couple of branded spikes that stick out of the wall as you approach - try to avoid being dismounted. When you come to a dead end, the ground moves and a bunch of dredge appear with a tank. They're here to blast through the wall - do not stand anywhere near the wall as it is very easy to become trapped within the wall or die due to the rubble. When the rubble has settled, use a Springer to clamber up then down into the hallway beyond.

This time there are four Energy-Crystals that need to be charged. Kill the branded, again charging the top platform last to minimise travel distance. Use Resonating Blast when it is ready. Kralkatorrik will now charge up a massive attack - if you can see him, hide behind Braham to avoid being downed.

Last fight

When Kralkatorrik begins fleeing, chase on your mount round the corner to poke him in the eye. Orange warning triangles appear on the ground radiating out from his eye - avoid these as they deal significant damage. Use any remaining spears you have, combo-ing with Aurene when your special action skill changes. Kralkatorrik will move downhill during this fight - go down to where Aurene is to finish him off. Any achievements you're still eligible for will now be received (i.e. Stubborn, Electrophobia or Crystal Circuit Racer).

After the cutscene your user interface will be largely hidden due to   Addled - walk up the slope to discuss the aftermath with your allies.


Overview of locations for the three bonus effects

IMPORTANT: Be aware that you will lose eligibility for Stubborn, Electrophobia, and Crystal Circuit Racer if you leave the instance after beginning the fight, as you will reenter at a checkpoint with the tracking effects removed.

The Crystal Dragon All or Nothing 0 
Forestall the world's ending.Journal: The Crystal Dragon Completed: The Crystal Dragon 0 
  • Complete the mission.
Stubborn All or Nothing   10 
Complete the Crystal Dragon without accepting aid from the weaponsmith, armorsmith, or chef.Story Instance: The Crystal Dragon Finished the Final Fight without Help 10 
  • Complete the mission without asking Mellitus (the Chef, before the meeting table), Amira (the armorer, after the meeting table) nor Solvi (the weaponsmith, after the meeting table) for help.
  • If you already have this achievement, these effects are worth picking up to help with the other achievements. The effects granted are:
    •   Hearty Meal: You feel well-fed and healthy. On successful kills, gain barrier. This scales with toughness.
    •   Reinforced Armor: Your armor has been reinforced for the battle to come, and your movement speed has been increased. On successful evasion, you pulse a slowing effect to nearby enemies.
    •   Runestone of Power: Your weapons are primed for battle against the Brand. Landing hits stores energy. At ten stacks, your skills trigger chain lightning for a short time.
  • Eligibility can be tracked via   Eligibility: Stubborn Achievement.
  • These effects are applied to your whole party, so if one accepts it nullifies for all.
Electrophobia All or Nothing 10 
Complete the Crystal Dragon without taking damage from environmental hazards.Story Instance: The Crystal Dragon Completed the Story Instance without Taking Damage from Environmental Hazards 10 
  • Don't get struck by the purple branded marks on the ground, the lightning strikes, nor the lightning fields that appear when you are attacking the wound.
  • The final fight has a few more effects to avoid, e.g. triangles/circles of orange, and slam attacks.
  • Eligibility can be tracked via   Eligibility: Electrophobia Achievement and is not removed upon death.
Crystal Circuit Racer All or Nothing 10 
Finish the attack on Kralkatorrik in under 15 minutes.Story Instance: The Crystal Dragon
Title:   Crystal Circuit Racer
Finished the Attack on Kralkatorrik in under 15 Minutes 10 
  • 15 minutes is not a long time for this mission — this will be significantly easier with other allies. You'll need about 8 minutes from the end of the second crystal to have enough time to finish the mission.
  • Eligibility can be tracked via   Eligibility: Crystal Circuit Racer Achievement which is only granted to the instance owner.
  Appropriately Hyped All or Nothing 1 
Hype up a Pact soldier, but don't push it too far.Story Instance: The Crystal Dragon Successfully Hyped a Pact Soldier 1 
  • An asura named Pact Soldier Varren can be found near to Mellitus the chef. Speak with her prior to consulting your dragons watch companions.
  • Pick the top options until you get a response beginning with "YEAH". From this point onwards, choosing "YEAH" will add the Hyped effect to Varren.
  • Respond to Varren with "YEAH!" between 5-7 times (8-10 stacks of Hyped), at which point you should choose "That's enough" to receive the achievement.
  • Causing the NPC to gain Overhyped will void the achievement.
  • This is only awarded to the player that spoke to her, which does not need to be the instance owner.
  • You only get one chance to speak to her per instance.





Elder Dragons



Entering the staging area
<Character name:> Canach, your team have those explosives set and ready to go?
Canach: (whistling) Just the finishing touches now.
<Character name:> Love the positivity. But wrap it up, please.
Vigil Warmaster: Ah, Commander. Welcome. Captain Thackeray and the others are waiting for you just beyond the mess hall.
Vigil Warmaster: All right, medics—we need you on the northeastern ramparts. Remember to grab a meal in the mess hall before you move out.
Vigil Warmaster: Frontline fighters: When the gates fall—and they will—your job is to secure the Forge. Keep the Brand out.
Vigil Warmaster: Now then, Awakened... I've got a job for you too, supporting the Olmakhan detachment to the southwest. Don't cause any trouble.
Sunspear: Hear me, Kormir. I call upon you with sincere heart and clear intention.
Sunspear: Guide my aim to strike deep and true. Guide my shield to protect every ally at my side.
Sunspear: Oh, Kormir! Fortify my spirit. Let me meet my end shining with your glorious light.
Mellitus: Commander! I whipped up something special to feed the troops. Want a taste?
Talking to allies
Mia Kindleshot: You hungry, Commander? Because we're hungry. Iron Legion's got the itch. Let's wrestle that crystal bastard to the ground and tear victory from it's throat!
  I like the sound of that. Good hunting, Tribune.
Olmakhan Lifebinder: ...
  Excuse me...
If you don't mind, Commander, I'd like to keep meditating. We don't have much time before the battle.
  Of course.
  I'll leave you be.
General Almorra Soulkeeper: It's time, Commander. After all this time...after all these warband will finally be avenged. Let's just hope what we learned from our fights against the Shatterers will pay off.
  Our odds are better with you here, Almorra.
Shadows Agent Kito: You never fail to impress, Commander. To see so many come together for this fight... Not even the Order of Shadows could have pulled this off. Even with all of our...infuence.
  You helped resolve differences in Jahai. That helped immensely.
Awakened Sylvari: Commander.
  (if sylvari) Sister, how are... I don't understand.
  (otherwise) How did this happen?
We had a small presence in Gandara, where...we learned our protection against dragon corruption doesn't extend to lich kings. But what's done is done. Now, perhaps, we can help.
  (if sylvari) What was it like, under the lich king's control?
It was...strange. As if my obedience to Joko had wholly subsumed my Wild Hunt. He was killed before we were deployed, but... we were changed, and belonged nowhere. So we hid. Are you find us—
  It's good to have you back among us, sister.
  I'm glad you're here. We all are.
  Please excuse me.
Spearmarshal Zaeim: Commander. My Sunspears aren't used to cold, but the fires in our bellies are burning bright indeed. We'll fight to the last to bring that dragon down. Let's make Tahlkora proud.
  You already have, Spearmarshal.

[verification requested]

Pact Soldier Varren: Commander! I, uh... I—
  Something the mater, soldier?
Me? Certainly. I mean, there's—oh, I don't know, Commander. To see everyone come together like they have... It's inspiring. Truly inspiring. But despite it all...I must admit I'm kind of scared.
  I hear you. But don't forget all the challenges we've overcome to get here.
Yeah, I suppose you're right. No easy task getting this far. Heh... You really are confident, aren't you, Commander?
  With allies like we've got—like you—how can we fail?
Yeah. You're right. We're going to do this. We're really going to do this! We're going to slay the hell out of that monster!
  That's the spirit!
Whoa, moment, got myself a bit too worked up there. Feeling a bit dizzy. Maybe I should sit down.
  Take a moment to steady yourself.
  Okay, that's enough. (same as "Yeah! This is it! ...")
  Okay, that's enough. (same as "Yeah! This is it! ...")
  Okay, that's enough.
Yeah! This is it! Today, Kralkatorrik—tomorrow Jormag, Primordus, and...and...whatever's under the sea! We're gonna do this! We're gonna save the world!
  Your confidence means a lot.
  Okay, that's enough. (same as "Thanks, Commander. That really helped...")
  Okay, that's enough. (same as "Thanks, Commander. That really helped...")
  Okay, that's enough. (same as "Thanks, Commander. That really helped...")
  Okay, that's enough. (same as "Thanks, Commander. That really helped...")
  Okay, that's enough. (same as "Thanks, Commander. That really helped...")
  We have as good a shot as we're going to get. (same as "Thanks, Commander. That really helped...")
  We're going to do our best.
Thanks, Commander. That really helped. Let's do this!
  To victory!
  Hang in there.
Mellitus: Been a wild day, Commander. Hope you're ready.
(if character does not have   Hearty Meal)
  What's on the menu for today?
End of the world special: chicken and rice with fresh carrots and broccoli. Plus a bit of dwarven spice and something the Sunspears call "fire sauce." Interested?
  Yes, please. (Warning: This removes eligibility for certain achievements.) (gain   Hearty Meal)
  Not right now. Stay sharp.
(if character has   Hearty Meal)
  I don't think this food is settling well with me.
Is that so? A touch too spicy, then? I've got some herbs that'll clear it right up and settle that stomach of yours.
  Thanks! (May again become eligible for certain achievements.) (lose   Hearty Meal)
  On second thought, I think I'm gonna keep my head down and power through.
  Not right now. Stay sharp.
Thora Griffonbane: The moment is fast approaching, Commander. The greatest hunt of a generation is about to begin. Shall we add another chapter to your already storied legends?
  Let's make it one to remember.
Codename: R3D-RCR: Can I help you?
  Pretty sure that golem is Inquest tech. Are you...
Inquest? I was, but no longer. Rata Primus was a wake-up call. I'm here to do my part.
  You were at Rata Primus?
Yes. No hard feelings. Just a shame my work couldn't be salvaged. Other than MN-4C3, of course. Speaking of which, I'd like to calibrate hydraulics one last time before the battle.
  Glad to have you here.
  Glad to have you here.
  You're already helping just by being here. Thank you.
Ambassador Sianna: The Free Awakened have your back, Commander. We'll all be better off when we're free from the threat of Kralkatorrik.
  I see you've met the latest generation of Corsairs.
"Corsairs." Pah. In my generation, no crew worth their salt would sumbit to the command of a Sly. I may have to have a word when this is all over.
  Now's not the time for grudges, Sianna.
  Appreciated, Ambassador.
First Mate Kiango: Our airships are in position for battle, Commander. Just remember: we got first dibs on loot once the dragon is dead.
  Wouldn't expect any less.
Radiance: Until now, our choir and our resonance crystals have been used to create objects of wonder. But today we lend them to doing battle against Kralkatorrik himself. Our voices are with you, Commander.
  Thank you—we couldn't do this without you.
Olmakhan Nightwalker: Look here—some good news at last! My dearest friend, returned to me! I was heartbroken to hear he had been turned in Gandara...but he's the same as he ever was!
  Praise Joko, I suppose.
Awakened Sandshifter: It's good to be among my people again. It's been... a very long time.
  You just returned?
Yes, at Gandara. Figured we Awakened were condemned to wander, but hearing of this force amassing to defear kralkatorrik gave me hope that there a place for us here, too.
  Glad you're with us.
  I'd imagine.
Wurmmarshal Osa Ekolo: Commander. Grace and I are ready. Let's put Kralkatorrik to rest, and free Elona—and all of Tyria—from that wretched blight.
  And you, Troopmarshal?
Troopmarshal Pelu Egan: My troops are as capable as always. You command a great deal of respect among them—and the wurmmarshal and Sianna, too. We're all behind you, Commander.
  Thanks. We'll need everyone if we're going to get through this.
  Yes. Let's.
Elder Yowen: Commander. The Olmakhan stand by you. I'm moved by the loyalty and courage you've inspired in all these people. Let's show this dragon what happens when it threatens our home.
  Thank you, Elder.
Solvi: Commander! How can I help you?
(if character does not have   Runestone of Power)
  Do you have anything special to aid in the fight against Kralkatorrik?
In fact, I do. Been working on a runestone that will infuse your weapons with some powerful magic, but only for a short time.
  Hit me. (Warning: This removes eligibility for certain achievements.) (gain   Runestone of Power)
  Not right now. Stay sharp, soldier.
(if character has   Runestone of Power)
  This runestone's magic has a distracting vibration to it. Can we remove it?
Of course! A warrior of your stature should be just fine without it, anyway. Now hold still just a moment...
  Thank you. (May again become eligible for certain achievements.) (lose   Runestone of Power)
  On second thought, don't bother. I'll keep it.
  Not right now. Stay sharp, soldier.
Amira: Hello, friend. Something I can do for you?
(if character does not have   Reinforced Armor)
  Can you reinforce my armor?
I can at that. Forging the Dragonsblood weaponry inspired me to do a little research. Found a technique that reinforces your armor against Kralk's magic, but only temporarily. Want to give it a shot?
  Let's do it. (Warning: This removes eligibility for certain achievements.) (gain   Reinforced Armor)
  Not right now. Take care, Amira.[sic]
(if character has   Reinforced Armor)
  This reinforced armor is too uncomfortable. I'd rather fight without it.
Ah, I see. The technique could use further refinement. I'm sure that with accolades like yours, you'll be just fine without it, though. Let's remove it.
  Sounds good. (May again become eligible for certain achievements.) (lose   Reinforced Armor)
  On second thought, let's leave it. I can work with this.
  Not right now. Take care, Amira.[sic]
Arriving at the battle council table
Logan Thackeray: Just like old times, eh, Rytlock?
Rytlock Brimstone: Let's hope not.
Discussing the battle plan
<Character name>: Okay...between the fleet's cannons and Canach dropping a mountain on him, Kralk should already be hurting when he shows.
<Character name>: Aurene will keep him busy while I trigger the resonance crystals, starting here.
<Character name>: That should stun him and buy me time to get to the second crystal, where we hit him again.
<Character name>: Braham's team holds the third until I can get there, and we trigger the final blast. Okay, I think we're actually ready.
The Commander's speech
<Character name>: Everyone, listen up! We'd all love to have more time to prepare for this. We don't have that luxury.
<Character name>: But the truth is, we don't need it. Kralkatorrik seems invincible, but he himself had a vision—a prophecy—of a world without him.
<Character name>: We have everything we need. He's hurting—half out of his mind. We're going to lure him right where we want him—
<Character name>: —and then we're going to make his vision a reality.
<Character name>: Glint believed in us. I believe in you. Together, we're going to save the world—and kill the Crystal Dragon. To your posts.
Forge Master Hilina: Commander. I have modified the resonance crystals with dredge technology. They are ready.
<Character name>: None of this would be possible without your work. We won't forget.
Forge Master Hilina: It has been my honor. Caithe and Aurene await you in the auditorium.
After the Commander's speech
Sunspear: I've got icicles in places that shouldn't have icicles. Doesn't the cold bother you?
Elder Yowen: Thinking about home keeps me warm. Honey on toast. Hot soup. Mmm. What's your home like?
Sunspear: Golden sand dunes. So warm, you could fall asleep standing up.
Elder Yowen: Can you remember what it smells like?
Sunspear: Hay. Dolyaks. Dry palm fronds.
Elder Yowen: Doing better?
Sunspear: Yeah. Yeah, I am.
In stairwell, when heading to Caithe and Aurene
Vigil Crusader: All I can think about is dying before dawn. I can't do this.
Awakened Soldier: A dolyak could fall on you tomorrow, but that wouldn't help your family. Dying in battle might.
Awakened Soldier: You could live to be an old man, but if the cost was your little sisters' lives—would you pay it?
Vigil Crusader: No... You're right. I can do this.
Meeting up with Caithe and Aurene
<Character name>: How's she doing?
Caithe: She's afraid, but... She's ready to enter the Mists and draw Kralkatorrik here.
Aurene: (chirp)
Caithe: I know. But you trust us, don't you?
Aurene: (chirp)
<Character name>: A lot's hanging on this. It's a heavy weight to carry. But you and I are carrying it together. Scion and champion, right?
Aurene: (burble)
Initiating the battle
<Character name>: Okay, Aurene. It's time.
Rytlock Brimstone: This feels familiar...
Sayida the Sly: Uh, we've just got a massive storm out here. Just blew in out of nowhere!
<Character name>: Sayida? Do you re—?
Taimi: Commander! Oh my gosh, he's here. He's here NOW!
Sayida the Sly: All ships, fire! Fire!
Sayida the Sly: Commander, brace yourself! He's—
Taimi: Has he always been this...this...
Gorrik: ALCHEMY, he's HUGE!
<Character name>: Canach! Blow the charges, NOW!
Canach: With pleasure!
<Character name>: Okay. Just like before. I channel her power...
Taimi: He's focused on Aurene, Commander. Time for you to do your thing.
<Character name>: There, on this neck! Focus your assault on that wound!
Rytlock Brimstone: Huh. That actually worked.
Taimi: It sure did. According to this data, he's weakening. Disoriented. Wow, he's REALLY hurting...
Gorrik: Good. Keep it coming.
Caithe: Aurene says it's working! We're breaking him! She says hit him again—HARDER!
<Character name>: Okay, I'm heading for the second crystal.
Caithe: Commander, come here! Aurene says she can use the ley lines to help you get across.
Taimi: Commander! Are you...flying OVER the dragon?
Gorrik: Look out! He's trying to push in further!
Taimi: Whoa—Aurene just Branded Kralk to the wall! Better get to that second crystal quick.
Captain Glennon: It's a wyvern! Take it down!
Logan Thackeray: They're draining the crystals!
<Character name>: We've got to kill them closer to the crystals! That'll recharge them!
Vigil Marksman: Look, up there! Something's coming!
Zafirah: We're not late, are we?
<Character name>: Zafirah! Right on time.
Zafirah: Zaishen, to arms! Prophecies don't fulfill themselves!
Rox: Commander! Incoming, north side!
Logan Thackeray: Looks like we have a bigger problem.
<Character name>: There—crystal's charged again.
<Character name>: On my way to the last crystal. Keep the Branded off this one.
Zafirah: Take all the time you need.
Rox: Seriously?
<Character name>: Blocked! Gotta find another way around.
<Character name>: Damn. This way's blocked too.
Caithe: We're running out of alternative routes.
Logan Thackeray: When Zafirah said "take your time," she didn't mean TAKE YOUR TIME.
Gorrik: Look at the data—it's really working! Kralkatorrik is finally going to die!
Taimi: Keep going, Commander! That last crystal should really clobber him!
Caithe: No good. We're trapped!
Varya: Stop our Branded comrades from hurting anyone else!
<Character name>: Varya—thought you were fresh out of tanks.
Varya: What can I say? You inspired us to liberate one.
Varya: If you fail, we all die—and the spirit of revolution dies with us. Go!
Braham Eirsson: 'Bout time, Commander. Let's ring this dragon's bell one last time.
<Character name>: You're on.
Taimi: Uh, we just saw a surge of ZHAITAN'S energy from Kralkatorrik...
<Character name>: Here we go again.
Braham Eirsson: Remember when enemies stayed dead after you killed them? Good times.
Braham Eirsson: Hit the crystal, NOW!
Caithe: We, um, have his attention.
Braham Eirsson: Behind me—I can shield us!
Braham Eirsson: ...Told you I could...
Caithe: I'll help Braham. It's up to you, Commander—go finish this.
<Character name>: I'll break him apart piece by piece if I have to!
<Character name>: You are NOT getting away from me!
<Character name>: (battle cry)
Taimi: You're doing it! He's gonna drop!
After Kralkatorrik withdraws
Rytlock Brimstone: No. NO.
Sayida the Sly: Kralkatorrik is...he's just...leaving...
Rytlock Brimstone: What. Happened.
Canach: Is...everyone in one piece over there?
Canach: Hello?
Zafirah: I don't understand.
Zafirah: There was a vision.
Zafirah: A promise.
Zafirah: That we'd win.
Braham Eirsson: Commander... Oh, Spirits, we thought...
<Character name>: Where is she?
Taimi: No, no.
Taimi: No, Aurene!
Taimi: Noooo!
Taimi: (quiet crying)
<Character name>: Caithe... your flowers...
Caithe: She's gone.
Braham Eirsson: What do we do now?
<Character name>: I don't know.

My storyEdit


I went over the plan of attack and did what I could to reassure our gathered forces that we had Kralkatorrik's own prophecy—his vision of a world without him—on our side. The forge master, meanwhile, informed me that the modifications to the resonance crystals were complete. With everything ready and everyone in place, I joined Aurene and Caithe near the first resonance crystal.

I told Aurene it was time to put our plan in motion. She took off and entered the Mists. Moments later, she came charging back with the Kralkatorrik right behind her. As he pushed his massive head and neck into the forge, Sayida's fleet blasted him with cannon fire, and Canach hammered him with a crushing landslide. These attacks had already stunned Kralkatorrik when Aurene and I struck the next massive blow by activating the first resonance crystal. The blow revealed a weak point where we focused our attack. Taimi's tracker readings confirmed that our plan was working—we were really hurting him.

We fought our way through Kralkatorrik's minions toward the second resonance crystal. Zafirah made a timely entrance with a fierce group of Zaishen she had evidently rounded up to support our efforts. With their help we fought our way to the second resonance crystal and struck another massive blow against Kralkatorrik.

We ran into trouble on our way to the third resonance crystal, only to have unexpected allies appear and lend a hand: Varya and her dredge burst in on a tank they'd liberated from the Branded. With their help, we made our way to the third resonance crystal and activated it.

The blow from the final resonance crystal sent Kralkatorrik crashing to the ground. But he wasn't finished yet. As Aurene and I approached, he reared up and fired a deadly blast directly at me. Aurene darted in front of it and fired a blast of her own, causing a massive explosion that knocked me unconscious. Flashes of a wounded Kralkatorrik slinking away filled me with dread. But it wasn't until I regained consciousness and found my way back to the others that I saw the tragic results in full. Aurene was dead, impaled on Kralkatorrik's Brand crystals. As we struggled with shock and grief, Braham wondered out loud what we could possibly do now. I had to tell him the truth—I didn't know.

My story


  • When Kralkatorrik charges up for his breath attack after the third crystal, the images and colors of Zhaitan, Mordremoth, and Balthazar surround him and mix in with his own purple colored energy, indicating the incorporation of those respective magical energies in the attack.
  • Amira was erroneously named Jaynes in the release of the episode, but the name was changed in the 22 January 2019 patch.
  • During this fight there are two types of usable "Resonating Blast" skills sharing the same name and icon, one is the actual Resonating Blast wherein the Commander channels Aurene's Power in an explosive blast, while the other is actually Coordinated Attack (unlocked) wherein the commander and Aurene preform a Weapon/Fiery Breath Attack Combo.