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Arrival and Survival

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Arrival and Survival

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Arrival and Survival is the second part of Flashpoint.


Journey to the Ring of Fire
  • Go to the Rata Sum Port Authority and meet your transportation.
  • Board the submarine to the Fire Islands.
Lay of the Land
  • Check in with Vigil First Mate Bilgefire.
  • Examine the tracking machine.
  • Head up the hill.
Team Support
  • Speak with the person in charge here.
  • Locate the scientist who has the tracking device.
  • See if the tracker is still working.



Head to Waypoint (map icon).png Port Waypoint and speak with Warmaster Ironlung before boarding the submarine. After the cut-scene, speak with First Mate Bilgefire, then approach the Tracking Cannon. Proceed east up the hill to Scout's Clearing and speak with Lieutenant Mayday. Continue climbing east to Viraddi's Salvation. Interact with Taimi's Tracker when instructed to by Scientist Viraddi, and then listen to Nettleblaze.


Arrival and Survival Flashpoint 0Achievement points
Travel to Draconis Mons and investigate the cavern's interior.Story Journal: Arrival and Survival Completed Arrival and Survival 0Achievement points
  • Complete the mission.



Charr (Vigil)
Ghosts (Druids)



At the Rata Sum docks:

Warmaster Ironlung: Your vessel awaits, Commander; course set for the Ring of Fire others needed to keep evil at bay! Come one, come all!
Warmaster Ironlung: Taimi's scientist and his equipment arrived before you. You're cleared to board.

Upon arrival at Draconis Mons:

<Character name> Where are we?
Scientist Viraddi: We appear to be inside a cavern created by gases during a volcanic eruption. Remarkable! It has a fascinating biome.
First Mate Bilgefire: Yes, exactly. We dove down to the entrance and have surfaced inside.
First Mate Bilgefire: I sent a few scouts ahead to get the lay of the land and establish a perimeter.
<Character name> Perfect. This mist makes it tough to get your bearings. Good thing we have Taimi's tracker on that device.
Scientist Viraddi: We're in the right place. Balthazar definitely came this way with Taimi's machine and headed up the hill.

When trying to examine the tracking device:

Scientist Viraddi: What? What's happening? Help! It's got me!
Scientist Viraddi: Aiiieemmmmfff!
First Mate Bilgefire: Heads up! Weapons out!
First Mate Bilgefire: This is bad. Commander... I don't know what to say. He's gone. What the crud?
Mysterious Voice: Your friend is not gone, only lost. Follow the rising wind.
<Character name> What? Did you hear that?
First Mate Bilgefire: No! Absolutely not...unless you did.
<Character name> I'm heading up the hill! Keep this beach secure.
First Mate Bilgefire: Aye aye.

Upon reaching the first plateau:

Mysterious Voice: You are on the right path.
<Character name> Who's there?
Mysterious Voice: The wind... The sky... The land... You must hurry.

Talking to the scouting party:

Lieutenant Mayday: Commander, this place is a disaster that's already happened. We've lost several crewmates.
<Character name> I'm looking for Taimi's scientist. He has the tracker, and a vine captured him. You seen anything like that?
Lieutenant Mayday: Try further up the hill. There was a commotion there not long ago.
Lieutenant Mayday: And watch your back. This cavern has hazards aplenty. In the meantime, we'll maintain the perimeter.

Upon getting closer to Viraddi:

Mysterious Voice: You are getting nearer.
Mysterious Voice: Your friend is here. You are near.

Upon finding Viraddi:

Scientist Viraddi: Commander! Over here! Thank the Alchemy.
<Character name> Are you okay?
Scientist Viraddi: I'm shaken to the bone. I barely managed to get away with my life. That vine dragged me through dirt and rock.
<Character name> All right. You stay here. When you're ready, a Vigil soldier will escort you back to the sub.
If asura:
<Character name> Let me see that tracker. I want to double-check its settings.
<Character name> Can you show me how the tracker works?
Scientist Viraddi: I'm afraid the tracker may have been irreparably damaged. It's displaying anomalies.
Scientist Viraddi: I haven't been able to correct it, though I will make the endeavor one more time. Look to see if the light turns green.

After interacting with the tracker:

Scientist Viraddi: Oh, dear me. I don't know how you're going to find Taimi's device now.
<Character name> I'll manage. It's Balthazar—I'll just follow the fire.
Scientist Viraddi: That's the spirit. You'll have NO trouble stopping this godlike being from another realm with just your wits and fists.
Nettleblaze: Now that you've found him, take your friend and go. Leave this place. You do not belong here.
If asura:
<Character name> So, it's you who's been guiding me? Thanks, I suppose. We're here in pursuit of a rogue god.
<Character name> So, it's you who's been guiding me? Thank you. We're here in pursuit of a rogue god.
Nettleblaze: The god being, yes. We saw it arrive. We are watching. It's tribe is doing great damage. We will help you all to leave.
Nettleblaze: You are intruding upon one of nature's purest gardens.
<Character name> I have to find "the god being." We mean no harm, but Balthazar must be stopped.
Nettleblaze: The god being, yes... You can make him leave? Then, do not tarry. Your god has gone above the cloud layer to the apex.

My story[edit]

Draconis Mons loading screen.jpg

Taimi, with her ever-growing influence, arranged for a Vigil submarine to take me to the Fire Islands in pursuit of Balthazar. Of course, she sent some of her own team along as well.

We disembarked in an underground cavern that was less than hospitable and began initial explorations. The Vigil sent scouts out to form a perimeter, but we've already lost crew members to hostile vegetation and creatures—including Taimi's scientist Viraddi, who had the tracker on him! I have to find him. This is not going to be easy.

Even the bushes are suspicious in this strange landscape. Thank goodness I was able to rescue most of the endangered scouts and Viraddi. Unfortunately, Taimi's tracking device was damaged beyond repair. Looks like I'll be relying on my own abilities from now on. I met a barely friendly nature spirit who informed me that Balthazar is at the top of this cavern. I must hurry.

My story