High Maintenance

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Biography Dynamics.png

High Maintenance

1325 AE
Personal story
Experiments Gone Wrong
Jeztar Falls
(Metrica Province)
Asura tango icon 20px.png Asura
College of Dynamics
Preceded by
Biography Dynamics.png Golem Positioning System
Followed by
Biography Dynamics.png Monkey Wrench

Applied Development Lab loading screen.jpg

Loading screen.

High Maintenance is part of the personal story for asura characters who are from the College of Dynamics and completed Golem Positioning System. Your goal is to defend the M.I.G. while researching a solution to save Doxa.


Determine how and why Doxa fused with the MIG.

  • Talk to Zojja at the Incomp Optics Lab.
  • Activate the testing apparatus.
  • (Destroy the hacked golems.)
  • Stop the Inquest and their hacked golems.
  • (Destroy STA/B-0 the super golem.)
  • Destroy STAB-0 and the Inquest invaders.


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All professions


Defeat the Inquest that attack when you activate the testing apparatus.





Asura (Inquest)



Approaching Kazz:

Kazz: Let's get inside. Zojja is waiting, and Doxa needs her help.

Cinematic with Zojja:

Zojja: We're set to go. I've cleared the lab so we'll have the space and privacy we need, and also so no random observers get killed.
Zojja: I'd love to solve this problem for you. The MIG is so promising, almost up to Snaff's standards...sorry. Back to business: diagnostic examination.
Zojja: This lab is the perfect place to run a full battery of tests. There's good equipment here and more importantly, it's not mine. So I won't care if it gets destroyed.
Kazz: I'm not entirely sure about this. Will the process hurt?
Zojja: Of course not. Golems don't feel—well, they don't usually feel pain. This may be a special case, though. We'll just have to forge ahead.
Zojja: I suppose we could ask the Inquest. They do fusions like this all the time. Usually with people they don't like, which is a pretty long list.
<Character name>: No thanks. We set out to find an alternative to the Inquest method. We don't need more data on sacrificing sentient beings to improve golem control.
Zojja: A wise decision. Now let's sort out this Doxa situation.

Speaking with allies:

Zojja: Stand back and watch a genius work. My instruments here will clarify your Doxa/MIG situation.
Talk end option tango.png Glad to hear it. We start when you're ready.
Hronk: We couldn't be in better hands. Zojja is the premier expert on golemancy and golem-based magi-mechanics.
Talk end option tango.png I hope that's enough to help Doxa.
Kazz: I'm starting to panic here. Can Zojja really figure out how to separate Doxa from the MIG?
Talk end option tango.png Yes, absolutely. If anyone can help, it's Zojja.

After activating testing apparatus:

M.I.G.: Entity—under—consideration. Error: recognition—failure.
Teyo: Greetings, losers. My schedule is absolutely packed or else I'd be there to murder you in person.
Zojja: Well, well. The walking joke is making jokes. Tell me, Teyo, how did you access these systems?
Teyo: We're the Inquest. We can do anything we want to with no-talent pikers like you.
Teyo: But I'm not virtually here to banter. Minions! Bring the MIG back to the Funhouse.
Teyo: And, just to cement the fact that all your golems belong to us...
Teyo: Golems! Initiate Security Override 27. Authorization code: "Zojja is a fink. Get her!"

During the initial fight:

M.I.G.: Warning—loved—one—Kazz—and—krewe—are—in—danger. Defense—protocols—engaged.
Only as ambient dialog, not in the chat:
<Hostile golem>: New—application—installing.
<Hostile golem>: Installation—complete.
Mr. Sparkles: New—command—protocols—accepted? New—application—installing.
Mr. Sparkles: Installation—cancelled. Anti—hacking—protocol—engaged.
Mr. Sparkles: Initiating—Security—Response—2—B; "Smack—the—hackers."

During the fight with STA/B-0:

STA/B-0: Directive—Two: Destroy—the—innocent.
STA/B-0: Directive—Three: Uphold—the—goals—of—the—Inquest.
STA/B-0: Directive—Four: CLASSIFIED.

Cinematic after the fight:

Hronk: I'd like to lodge a formal complaint, Zojja. The examination prospectus you provided never mentioned explosions, fires, or hacked golems.
Zojja: Better get used to it. All that's just a prelude to what's in store if we keep crossing paths with the Inquest.
<Character name>: Which we will, because Teyo clearly wants the MIG. And we want their know-how on fusing sentient souls to golems.
Kazz: Will that help? I mean, Doxa seems calm enough now, so she's adjusting to her new situation. Inquest machinery could just drive her mad again.
Zojja: That's a risk we have to take. If we don't separate her soon, she won't be Doxa anymore. We need to access the Inquest lab known as the Funhouse.
Zojja: The Inquest's data, combined with my expertise gives us a chance. A statistically small chance, but that's better than what she has if we do nothing.
<Character name>: All right, then. Let's head to the Funhouse...though somehow I doubt it'll be much fun for anyone involved.

Speaking to allies:

Zojja: Ready for a fun trip to the Funhouse? Well, more in the "beating the Inquest to pulp" sense of fun.
Talk end option tango.png Ready. See you there.
Hronk: I don't like the idea of you two attacking an Inquest lab, but I like them messing with my work and my krewe even less. Be careful, and bring us back something we can use to show up those creeps!
Talk end option tango.png Thank you, sir. You can count on us.
Kazz: I'm at my wits end without Doxa. Taking action feels good, especially when helping my beloved also means sticking it to the Inquest. See you at the Funhouse.
Talk end option tango.png Perfect. See you there, Kazz.
M.I.G.: Thank you for standing by MIG/Doxa...by me. This is like a bad dream. I remember...beating up the lab. Sorry.
Ferocity We can fix this. And we'll make whoever's responsible pay for crossing our krewe.
Caution! The Inquest is dangerous. They did not attack me personally. I was merely a step in their larger plan. When they're actually out to get you...they get you.
Talk end option tango.png Not if we get them first. And we will.
Charisma I'm more concerned about you than the lab. And Kazz. He's been twisting his ears up in knots worrying over you.
Loved one Kazz...please, keep him safe. He is what keeps me going. If I didn't have him to return to, I'd be just another forgotten subroutine in this golem's primary command matrix.
Talk end option tango.png Stay with us, Doxa. I'll see you and Kazz reunited, I swear it.
Dignity Lab repairs are easy. You're the important thing here, you and Kazz. We're a krewe, remember?
Thank you. I am grateful for your support. Stay safe. I would not like it if either of you were injured on my account.
Talk end option tango.png Thanks, Doxa, but we know what we're doing. See you soon.
Talk end option tango.png Don't give it a second thought. We've got more important things to worry about.

My story[edit]

Applied Development Lab loading screen.jpg

My krewe brought in a golem expert to consult on our MIG problem—Zojja herself. The Inquest interrupted our research by trying to kill us and burn our lab down, but we handled them like fresh produce and bruised their tender flesh. Then we decided that since the Inquest is so interested in our work, we should infiltrate their lab and see if they have anything that might help us extract Doxa from the MIG.

My story


  • The STA/B-0's lines regarding its directives seem to be referencing the RoboCop movies.