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A celebration of ten years of Queen Jennah’s rule is about to kick off in Divinity’s Reach! The queen has commissioned a new gladiatorial arena for the occasion—the Crown Pavilion—as a shining symbol of her people’s endurance.

Take a hot air balloon ride with dignitaries from across Tyria to the capital of the Krytan nation, and be there for the opening ceremony. Join in the festivities and compete in ceremonial combat in Her Majesty’s honor!

— Official website

Queen's Jubilee is a release launched on August 6, 2013. The release deals with the events surrounding the tenth anniversary of Queen Jennah's coronation and features The Crown Pavilion, a new zone where players can embrace the human spirit and participate in the Queen's Gauntlet.


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Temporary features[edit]

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Her Majesty Queen Jennah

You Are Formally Invited to the Jubilee Opening Ceremony

By Royal Proclamation,

Her Majesty Queen Jennah of Kryta is pleased to open her city to you in celebration of ten years of her gracious rule.

By the will and command of the Queen, hot air balloons stand at the ready across Tyria to convey celebrants and well-wishers to Divinity's Reach, the capital of the Krytan nation.

Festivities will commence with Her Majesty's dedication of the Crown Pavilion, built on the former site of the Great Collapse in Divinity's Reach. Within this new edifice, ceremonial contests will be staged for her subjects to commemorate humanity's triumph over adversity.

May the Six Gods watch over you, and may they continue to bless the benevolent Queen of Kryta.[Show Me]
Divinity's Reach is putting on a grand celebration for the tenth anniversary of Queen Jennah's reign. Ceremonial beacons wait to be lit, the queen's balloons and dignitary guests need protection, and Her Majesty has a surprise for citizens on the site of the Great Collapse.
Crown Pavilion Waypoint.

5 Queen's Gauntlet Tickets


Her Majesty Queen Jennah

You Are Invited to the Jubilee Closing Ceremony

By Royal Proclamation,

Queen Jennah's Jubilee will conclude with a closing ceremony in Divinity's Reach. Her Majesty will be in attendance, along with her esteemed guests and emissaries from across Tyria.

Her Majesty will close the festivities with remarks at the new coliseum, built on the former site of the Great Collapse in Divinity's Reach.

May the Six Gods watch over you, and may they continue to bless the benevolent Queen of Kryta.


Hot Air Balloons[edit]

Primary article: Hot Air Balloon

There will be hot air balloons in all zones (except Southsun Cove and zones in Orr), that will offer free transport to Divinity's Reach after the completion of a related event.

Opening Ceremony[edit]

Primary article: Opening Ceremony

In honor of her Jubilee, Queen Jennah has opened a new gladiatorial arena. Attend the dedication of the Crown Pavilion arena and watch its inaugural contest!

The Queen's Gauntlet[edit]

Primary article: Queen's Gauntlet

In the special Queen’s Gauntlet, you will face increasingly difficult challenges of single-combat against unique bosses. Cheer on your friends or show off your skills to the world. Take a risk with special gambit conditions to earn even more prestigious rewards! Players who are able to best every opponent in the Queen's Gauntlet will receive a Mini Liadri the Concealing Dark.

Beacons of Kryta[edit]

Primary article: Beacons of Kryta

Special Beacons of Kryta, symbols of humanity’s hope, have been set up in Divinity’s Reach. Take a torch from a torchbearer, then race around a course to light all of the Beacons of Kryta!


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