Piece Negotiations

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Piece Negotiations

1325 AE
Personal story
Experiments Gone Wrong
Applied Development Lab
(Rata Sum)
Asura tango icon 20px.png Asura
College of Statics
Preceded by
Biography Statics.png Snaff Would Be Proud
Followed by
Biography Statics.png Readings on the Rise

Piece Negotiations is part of the personal story for asura characters who have chosen the College of Statics.


Study the artifact detected by the VOED.

  • Speak with Krewe Chief Pokka back at your lab.
  • Complete the VOED calibration sequence.
  • Subdue the Inquest infiltrator.
  • Interrogate the Inquest infiltrator.
  • Set up defenses to stop the Inquest attack.
  • Defeat the Inquest attackers.
  • Shore up the lab's defenses.
  • Defeat the Inquest attackers.
  • Shore up the lab's defenses.
  • Defeat the Inquest attackers.
  • Parley with Teyo.


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All professions


Speak with Pokka, who updates you on the krewe's analysis, and then an Inquest agent enters the lab. Defeat the agent and then talk to them to trigger a cutscene - this signals the start of a defense/offense phase in the mission where you can use turrets or mines (from the two carts by the entrance to the mission) to defend against the waves of Inquest coming out of the asura gate. You can place up to eight turrets, which makes the mission very easy as the Inquest will likely be entirely subdued by the turrets. You can use mines too, but they will need to be set up for each wave since they only trigger once. After all three waves of Inquest are defeated, talk to Teyo to end the mission.





Asura (Inquest)




Approaching Kozzak:

Kozzak: There you are. That artifact we found is amazing! Wait until you see it. Follow me.

Cinematic with Pokka:

Kozzak: You need to come see the progress we've made. That thing the VOED found for us is amazing!
Kozzak: Also you were right: it's part of a larger whole or a...matched set. Or something. Anyway, there have to be more like this one out there.
Pokka: We've synchronized the detection wave with our larger global positioning system to achieve long and short ranged scanning capability.
<Character name>: So the global system gets us in range, then the VOED pinpoints the exact location. Perfect! When can we go after the other pieces?
Pokka: That right there is why you're my krewe chief. We're almost done calibrating the global system. Once we have coordinates, we can head out and start picking up the pieces.
Kozzak: Hear that, Shrieksy? We're going on a relic hunt!

Speaking with your allies:

Kozzak: The VOED could win us the next Snaff Prize, too. As long as it keeps leading us to powerful artifacts, it's an endless source of research.
Talk end option tango.png Let's verify this find before we make any plans.
Pokka: Between the lab's resources and our top-notch brainpower, this should be a snap. Let's begin the analysis.
Talk end option tango.png I'm ready.

At Pokka after the cinematic:

Kozzak: It'll be fun to get cranking again! I wonder if—
Statics Security Golem: Alert. Unauthorized—intruder—detected. Engaging.
Pokka: One of the security golems has entered alert mode. Check it out!

After defeating the Inquest intruder:

Statics Security Golem: Unauthorized—intruder—has—been—neutralized. Please—restrain—and—interrogate.

Speaking with your allies:

Kozzak: I was taught to work hard, achieve things, secure proper credit and finances, then share. Simple. But the Inquest just steals and hoards. Why are they such jerks?
Talk end option tango.png They don't like hard work, but they love credit and benefits.
Pokka: Can't talk right now, <Character name>. Got my hands full.
Talk end option tango.png Okay, it can wait.

Cinematic with the Inquest Infiltrator:

Inquest Infiltrator: Idiots. You think you've beaten us? Ha! I was the Easy Way. Now we'll just have to do things the Hard Way.
Inquest Infiltrator: Nothing can prepare you for the unfettered fury that is the Inquest Attack Squad. Go on, beg and plead, void your bowels in terror. It'll do you no good.
Kozzak: This guy's a few anodizing terminals short of a coating array. I say we feed him to Shrieksy.
<Character name>: The Inquest has never had any interest in our krewe's research until now. They must want whatever the VOED is detecting.
Pokka: Or the VOED itself. I, for one, am not inclined to give them either.
<Character name>: Agreed. Ma'am, if you can gather everyone else at the front entrance, Kozzak and I will handle the rest.
<Character name>: And by that I mean we'll mine the entrance to give the Inquest a nice, warm welcome. We'd better hurry—if this maniac is right, they're already on their way.

Speaking with the Inquest Infiltrator again:

Inquest Infiltrator: You'll pay, punk. The Inquest never forgets a slight!
Talk end option tango.png The only thing slight around here is your intellect.

Before the first wave of the Inquest:

Pokka: If I know the Inquest, they'll send golem shock troops in first to soften us up.
Pokka: We'll only see the Inquest if we manage to survive their golem attack.
Statics Security Golem: Alert. Enemy—has—arrived. Engaging.

Interacting with the nearby objects and golems:

Defense Turret Cart: The asuran turret production and delivery system is online.
Talk more option tango.png Take a turret. (gain the Asuran Turret bundle)
Talk end option tango.png Leave.
Aether Mine Cart: The aether mine production and delivery system is online.
Talk more option tango.png Take a mine. (gain the Aether Mine bundle)
Talk end option tango.png Leave.
Aether Mine Cart: The aether mine production and delivery system is off-line. Production will resume once placed mines have been detonated.
Talk end option tango.png Leave.
BAT 9929: This—unit—is—now—active. Ready—for—input.
Talk more option tango.png Follow me.
Talk end option tango.png Defend this position.

After defeating golems:

Overloaded Mark I Golem: Danger! Danger!

After defeating waves of Inquest:

Pokka: Watch it! They're sending in another team.
Pokka: We're in for it now. Here come their attack squad!
Pokka: Looks like they still have some fight in them. Hold steady!
Pokka: Stay alert. More of those Inquest jackanapes are headed our way.

Cinematic with Teyo:

Teyo: Well played, Pokka. Time for the hardest way: we've planted explosives all along the cliffs overhead. Give me the artifact or we'll bury this place.
Kozzak: You skritt-shaving devils. You'd threaten this entire community, all these innocent people, just to steal our discovery?
<Character name>: It's all right, Kozzak. Let them have it. It's not worth the risk.
Teyo: Spoken like a true also-ran. "Snaff Prize winner." Ha! I'd pity your weakness, if it wasn't so amusing. Thanks for the treasure, losers!
Pokka: That was very slick, Savant. Let them have that piece. We know there are more, and we still have the VOED. We can collect them before the Inquest does.
<Character name>: And then we force Teyo to give us back the first one. Pokka, I'd like Zojja to join us. We're going to need all the help we can get.
Pokka: Capital idea! You and Zojja handle the search. I'll send word to Zojja and have her standing by. Kozzak and I will start cleaning up here.

Speaking with your allies prior to leaving:

Pokka: Feculent Inquest monkeys! Storming in here, threatening the innocent, demanding the fruits of our labor—get out there and teach them not to mess with Snaff Prize winners.
Talk end option tango.png Consider it done.
Kozzak: I'm not the sharpest krewe member, but it sure felt good outsmarting the Inquest. With the VOED on our side, we'll be so far ahead they'll never catch up.
Talk end option tango.png That's the plan.

My story[edit]

Monkey Wrench.jpg

My krewe was preparing to study the artifact detected by the VOED when the Inquest stormed our lab and threatened everyone in the area if we didn't hand it over. We did, but they didn't realize the VOED gives us an edge: namely, it can lead us to the other pieces of the artifact before they ever get close. We decided to secure the other pieces and then steal the one they extorted from us back.

My story