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The Last Chance

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The Last Chance

The Last Chance.jpg

Loading screen

The Last Chance map.jpg

Map of the reliquary ruins.

The Last Chance is the last part of One Path Ends.


Go the the entrance to Abaddon's reliquary.

  • Enter Abaddon's reliquary.
  • Investigate the ruins.
  • Overcome the reliquary's defenses.
  • Follow Exemplar Kerida.

Find a way through the fire maze.

  • Power the crystals.
  • Follow Exemplar Kerida.

Overcome the wards and go deeper into the reliquary.

  • Search for clues on how to advance.
  • Investigate all the rooms.
  • (Defeat the Herald of Flame.)
  • Herald of Flame
    Event bar.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png
  • (Defeat the giant guardian.)
  • Guardian Abomination
    Event bar.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png
  • Go back to Kerida.
  • Follow Kerida to the antechamber.

You found the Eye of Janthir! Now confront it.

  • Approach the Eye of Janthir.
  • Survive the Eye's attacks.
  • Pursue the Eye of Janthir.

No Balthazar, but you have the last aspect. Help Kerida put her plan into action.

  • Listen to Kerida's plan.
  • Place the aspects.
  • (Kill Lazarus.)
  • Lazarus
    Event bar.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png
  • Find a way to hurt Lazarus.
  • Guard Livia while she casts.
  • Defeat Lazarus's remaining aspects.
  • Find a way to permanently kill Lazarus.
  • Finish Lazarus.
  • Seek answers from the Eye of Janthir.



This entire instance will feature creatures that have Defiance bars. It is very important to bring crowd control (CC) skills and abilities. (2-3 low cool down skills, preferably.)

The antechamber

After you drop down into the Reliquary, look at the nearby rubble. This will activate "Guardian of Secrets" security golems. They have a lot of health. During the fight, Exemplar Kerida will arrive with Shining Blade fighters. She'll open the gate to the next room for you.

The floor of fire

The next room is a wide open area with 4 orbs and 4 pedestals. The orbs are on the other side of the puzzle. Move the orbs to the pedestals while avoiding the fire on the ground. You will move slower and have decreased endurance regeneration while you are on the heated floor. Activating all 4 pedestals will open the next door and swap the fire pattern to a cleared central pathway.

The two guardians

Examine the next gate and the mechanisms to either side, each marked with a green star. You will have to disable similar mechanisms in the side rooms. The enemies in each room must be defeated before moving on, but can be attacked in either order

The right (northern) side room contains a Herald of Flame and heated floors similar to the previous room. The elemental can hit hard, and in combination with the fire floor limiting your movement, not bringing a cc skill can make this fight much more difficult.

In the opposite room is a Guardian Abomination, similar to the Guardians you faced in the antechamber, but much larger. CC it whenever possible. It focuses mostly on frontal attacks and slams. It also summons lines of earth that will have rectangular indicators much like the fire room had.

The Eye of Janthir

Here you've finally caught up with the Eye of Janthir. It is invulnerable to damage and summons two Guardians of Secrets. These Guardians are under the Dangerous Secrets.png Dangerous Secrets effect. It makes them invulnerable to damage it is dispelled by breaking the Eye's break bar while it is standing near a Guardian. Once both Guardians are dead, the Eye will open the next door. Follow it into the Overgrown Gazebo.


Here you will place Lazarus's aspects on pedestals, summoning the real Lazarus.

Lazarus shields himself using his five Aspects of Lazarus. The Eye of Janthir is floating around nearby. Using CC abilities on the Eye will cause a small explosion ("True Sight"), removing the invulnerability from Aspects caught in the explosion. The Aspects will become more humanoid and damageable.

Periodically, Lazarus will unleash a large attack, affecting you with Spectral Agony. Once three Aspects have been summoned, the Eye will retreat. Lazarus shields the remaining two Aspects.

Kerida will reveal her true identity (Don't read the NPC list if you don't want spoilers) and she has a plan to take down each shield, but she will need to be guarded from Sparks as she does so. Lazarus summons lightning bolts (Small, red-orange AoEs) and throws out necromatic projectiles (Red circle AoEs). If Kerida goes down, clear out the Sparks and revive her or else you will not progress.

Once both aspects have been defeated, Lazarus begins moving. He launches around seven lines of constant AoEs. These interrupt and deal damage. Avoid them by dodging to the other side of him or by backing up so that the lines can't hit you as easily. He will also summon lightning and teleport around periodically. Melee when you can. If you have strong CC skills, use them when he launches his necro lines. This will give you breathing space and a nice damage buff.

When he is about to be defeated, your character will be affected by Daze.png Ancient Rage, losing your weapons while Lazarus and Kerida will talk. He will then attempt to force choke her. Grab the sword nearby, walk near him and press 1 ( Finish Lazarus.png Finish Lazarus) while targeting him. He will continue casting lightning attacks while choking Kerida, so it's best not to wait it out. Talk to the Eye for a look at what is to come.


A Quick Death One Path Ends 1Achievement points
Achieve victory within nine minutes of starting the final battle.Story Instance: The Last Chance

"The only mercy left for you is a quick death."
Victory in Nine Minutes or Less 1Achievement points
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png A Quick Death effect. Hovering over the effect shows a timer.
Dodger Danger One Path Ends 1Achievement points
Succeed without taking damage from lightning.Story Instance: The Last Chance

"Bob and weave."
Succeeded and Avoided the Lightning 1Achievement points
  • Avoid Lazarus's lightning attacks, which will telegraph as orange circles on the ground before they hit. He will use them sparingly while you are killing his aspects, then start using them heavily while you are fighting him. Try to remain behind him so as to avoid his waves of necromantic energy; they will make it difficult to see the lightning telegraphs. Note that lightning will not strike the partially buried stone circles.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Dodger Danger effect.
Lightfoot One Path Ends 1Achievement points
Traverse Abaddon's reliquary without any member of your party taking damage from fire traps.Story Instance: The Last Chance

"One foot in front of the other..."
Avoided the Traps in the Temple of Abaddon 1Achievement points
  • In the second room there are 4 orbs and 4 pedestals. The orbs are on the far side of the room. Most of the room is taken up by a firey grid with a rotating pattern. Once you have stepped onto the gridded fire floor, you will gain the Heat Level.png Sweltering Heat effect. You lose this effect once you step off the platform. Your movement will be slower, and your dodge regeneration will be reduced significantly. You will still have access to your weapon and utility skills while solving the puzzle.
  • Teleports and leaps/dashes with evade frames may be used to speed up the back and forth process, however, every puzzle may be solved by simply walking forward until you hit the edge of a safe square. When the pattern switches, move forwards quickly to the next square.
  • It is possible to traverse the room safely by using a Jade Bot Gliding Boost from the top of the 4 Pedestals, and from the alcove at the opposite side of the room.
  • The pattern of fire patches becomes increasingly complex with each orb placed on the pedestals. To make things easy, transport all of the orbs to the near side before placing them on the pedestals.
  • If you fail, you can skip the first fight. Go back to the character select screen to leave the instance, then re-enter. You will be placed at the start of the second room.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Lightfoot effect. This buff is removed if any member of your party touches the fire traps.
This achievement rewards items. Return to The Last Chance Return to One Path Ends 0Achievement points
Complete the mission The Last Chance in Living World Season 3 Episode 6.
Reward: Unbound Magic.pngUnbound Magic (5)
Completed The Last Chance 0Achievement points








Before entering Abaddon's Reliquary:

<Character name>: All the reliquaries are powered. The magic network is unblocked. I should be able to get into Abaddon's now.

On entering Abaddon's reliquary:

Exemplar Kerida: Hello? How do I initiate contact? Commander? Can you hear me?
<Character name>: I hear you. I'm at Abaddon's Reliquary. It's creepy.
Exemplar Kerida: We're on our way. Don't start without me!
<Character name>: Too late. I'm inside.
<Character name>: Time has taken its toll on this place.
Exemplar Kerida: Don't touch anything!

After awakening the Guardians of Secrets:

<Character name>: Uh-oh!
Exemplar Kerida: You touched something, didn't you.
Exemplar Kerida: Casting the portal now! Where—
<Character name>: Signing off!
Exemplar Kerida: You cut me off! I didn't know if you were still in one piece. Good thing we arrived when we did.
<Character name>: I had it under control. No need to worry.
Exemplar Kerida: I don't worry. I plot. I plan, and I execute. Don't mess this up, my dear.
Exemplar Kerida: You call that fighting? Don't make me laugh.

After the Guardians have been defeated:

Exemplar Kerida: It's been warded. Recently. Fire magic, not mursaat magic. God magic.
Exemplar Kerida: If the last aspect is here, then Balthazar came this way.
Exemplar Kerida: Captain, stay here and guard the portal. If anyone else tries to use it, shut it down immediately. You understand?
Shining Blade Captain: Yes, Exemplar.
Exemplar Kerida: Let's see if I can get us through this door.
Exemplar Kerida: We're in! Follow me, my dear. Woe to any who get in our way.

Entering the fire trap room:

Exemplar Kerida: Ah. Fire. And no shortage of it. Any doubt of Balthazar's passage here is rapidly burning away. Pun intended.
<Character name>: Can you shut it down?
Exemplar Kerida: I can try, but it's god magic. Why don't you see if you can find a way across?

After placing the first power source:

<Character name>: What do you have on Anise?
Exemplar Kerida: I'm sure I have no idea what you mean.
<Character name>: Hold that thought...

After placing the second power source:

<Character name>: I meant... I've never seen Anise defer to anyone the way she does to you. I'm assuming it's blackmail.
Exemplar Kerida: No, nothing so sordid. We're old friends. That's all. Sorry to disappoint.

After placing the third power source:

<Character name>: So... You and Anise grew up together? Met as recruits? What?
Exemplar Kerida: If you must know, I've been with the Blade longer than Anise. She respects that, I suppose. There's nothing more to it.

After placing the last power source:

Exemplar Kerida: Looks like you did it. You still have your eyebrows?
If asura:
<Character name>: Eh. Superfluous. Who needs them? Keep moving.
If charr, human or norn:
<Character name>: Eh. They needed a trim anyway. Keep moving.
If sylvari:
<Character name>: Eh. I'll grow them back. Keep moving.

Approaching the locked door:

Exemplar Kerida: Secrets nested in secrets. That is so like Abaddon.
Exemplar Kerida: I can handle Balthazar's ward, but that's not all that's keeping this door locked. Look around.

Investigating the door:

<Character name>: Giant orbs here. No idea what they do.

Investigating the wall panel:

<Character name>: Hm, this looks ancient, like some kind of mechanism.

Investigating the ancient mechanism:

<Character name>: The workings connect it to these side rooms.
<Character name>: Maybe the key to opening that door is in these side rooms. I'll check them out.
Exemplar Kerida: I'll work on the ward and make sure these dormant guardians don't cause any trouble. Kill two birds with one stone.

Entering the room with the Herald of Fire:

<Character name>: Hey! The door! shuts.
Exemplar Kerida: Did you say something? I can't hear you through that door!
Exemplar Kerida: Aw, god spittle! More guardians! Hey, don't worry about me! I can handle this. You get some rest!

Entering the room with the Guardian Abomination:

<Character name>: This looks like the rubble at the entrance, only... Bigger!

Clearing the first room:

Exemplar Kerida: An orb lit up!
<Character name>: Good sign. Let's see what's in this other room.
Exemplar Kerida: I'll stay here. This ward is sticky. Besides, last thing you need is a horde of guardians at your back.
<Character name>: Okay... These actually came to life right? You weren't just hacking up dormant guardians for my benefit?
Exemplar Kerida: I'm offended. But I guess you'll never know for sure, will you? Good hunting!

Clearing the second room:

Exemplar Kerida: Whatever you did, it had an effect!
Exemplar Kerida: That's both orbs lit! And the ward is down. Trying the door...
Exemplar Kerida: And you thought all your hard work was for naught.
<Character name>: I never thought that.
Exemplar Kerida: Oh, never mind. I guess that was me.

On entering the penultimate room:

Exemplar Kerida: The Eye of Janthir! There!
<Character name>: Move!
Exemplar Kerida: I don't think it likes us being here.
<Character name>: Maybe I can slow it down without killing it.
Exemplar Kerida: Just don't kill it. Whatever you do!
<Character name>: That's what I just said. Do you ever listen to me?
Exemplar Kerida: I'm sorry, did you say something?

After defeating the guardians:

<Character name>: It's giving up on us. Moving on.
Exemplar Kerida: Excellent. It didn't kill us. It must have seen the True Sight dormant in us. Now, it will lead us to the last aspect.
Exemplar Kerida: We are Chosen, you and I. In its presence, we'll be able to see Lazarus when he re-forms.
<Character name>: Otherwise, Lazarus would be invisible?
Exemplar Kerida: That's what you take away from that? Yes, it's a mursaat thing like floating and immortality. Used to be impressive.
<Character name>: We can't lose the eye! Where is it?
Exemplar Kerida: Patience. It'll be nearby. Look... There's the last aspect.
<Character name>: But no Balthazar. Damn. I was hoping.
Exemplar Kerida: No, no Bal...thazar...
<Character name>: Are you all right?
Exemplar Kerida: Yes. It's just that I've been waiting for this a very long time.

Kerida's plan:

<Character name>: So, what's the plan?
Exemplar Kerida: Let's spread the aspects out so we can watch them. Would you mind?
<Character name>: Do we have to do some kind of spell?
Exemplar Kerida: Not according to legend. The fact that the aspects are all in proximity should trigger them to merge... any time now.
<Character name>: What?
Exemplar Kerida: Relax. I brought the true Shining Blade with me. It'll weaken his defenses so we can kill him.
<Character name>: Oh, that eases my mind. You brought a big knife to a mursaat fight.
Exemplar Kerida: It's a relic. Centuries of history and magic in this old thing. A heap of bloodcurdling White Mantle screams in it.
<Character name>: Ever tried using your fancy sword on the aspects? Indestructible or not, maybe it will at least damage one.
Exemplar Kerida: I've been waiting for the perfect moment, my dear.
Exemplar Kerida: The time has come. You ready to fulfill a prophecy?
<Character name>: As ready as I'll ever be. Wait— what?
Exemplar Kerida: Never mind. Just be ready. This isn't going to be a walk in the park.
<Character name>: What exactly are you saying?
Exemplar Kerida: I'm saying that you and I are the only two who can end this tragic saga. Lazarus won't go down easily.

After all aspects are placed:

Exemplar Kerida: No time to think about it now. It's happening!
Exemplar Kerida: Come on, Lazarus, you putrid infection. Rise!
Exemplar Kerida: At long last!
Lazarus: AAAARRGGGGH! My dark slumber is at an... (groan) What is... (groan) More human treachery?
Exemplar Kerida: Hello, my nemesis.
Lazarus: Livia! Looking good...for a human of your age. I see you haven't changed a bit. Oh, that hair.
<Character name>: Livia?
Exemplar Kerida: I've been waiting for you.
Lazarus: Pining for me? All this time?
Exemplar Kerida: You better believe it.
If asura:
<Character name>: The Livia? Eureka!
If charr:
<Character name>: How does he know you?
If human:
<Character name>: The Livia?
If norn:
<Character name: He must have you confused with somebody else.
If sylvari:
<Character name>: He thinks he knows you. Does he know you?
Livia: I'll explain later. (gasp) He's trying to split himself again! We can't let that happen.
Livia: This is for Kryta, for all who fell before you, sorcerer!
Livia: Destroy the aspects before they break free! We can't lose them now!

After 3 aspects have been killed and 2 are shielded:

Livia: Those shields... I have an idea. Cover me!
Lazarus: So ungrateful. I saved Kryta from the charr. Do you not remember?
Livia: I remember everything. You didn't save us. You enslaved us.
<Character name>: Kerida! Livia! Focus!
Lazarus: Tell me, Livia. Do you have children? Grandchildren? Great-grandchildren?
Livia: I do not.
Lazarus: How disappointing. Your line dies with you. You've wasted lifetimes on me.
Livia: Your dying is worth it.
Lazarus: You've staged your last revolt.

When Lazarus' health reaches 0:

Livia: I watched the titans tear your brethren apart—one by one! I will rejoice at your death rattle!
Lazarus: Witch! You could not slay me then, and you will not slay me now!
Lazarus: I made a promise to your ancestors! I will have my day!
Lazarus: You...are not immortal.
Livia: (choking)
Lazarus: It was never going to end any other way.
Livia: (choking)
Lazarus: Accursed human!
Livia: (choking)
Lazarus: I have not forgotten the insults of the past! I will not forget this!
Livia: (choking)
Lazarus: Your people bring on their own suffering, generation after generation.
Livia: (choking)

On using the Shining Blade:

Lazarus: I am...mursaat... I am... Aargh!
Livia: Finished. Soon to be forgotten.
Livia: Look at my face. I, Livia, defender of Kryta... I witness your last and final death.
Lazarus: Arrrrggghhhh!
Livia: The mursaat are now extinct.
Livia: (panting)
<Character name>: You okay?
Livia: I will be. It's a bit overwhelming.
If asura:
<Character name>: I know who you are, Livia. Human history was one of my best subjects.
If charr:
<Character name>: You're not what you appear to be. Livia.
If human:
<Character name>: I imagine it is. Livia.
If norn:
<Character name>: He knew you from before, didn't he. Livia.
If sylvari:
<Character name>: He's known you for a long time, hasn't he. Livia.
Livia: (deep breath) You believe the ravings of a lunatic?
<Character name>: I do, actually. It explains why Anise defers to you—like a grown child to a parent.
Livia: The Shining Blade is my family. I hope this secret is safe with you—for their sake.
<Character name>: I took an oath. My lips are sealed. But, I'm curious. Just how...
Livia: Wouldn't you rather ask the Eye of Janthir about Balthazar?
<Character name>: What? I can do that?
Livia: Better hurry. I don't know what will happen to it now that its masters are gone.
<Character name>: What should I do?
Livia: Ask your question and touch it. I'll stand ready—just in know.
<Character name>: Well, here goes nothing.
<Character name>: Where is Balthazar? Show me the god of war and fire.
<Character name>: Nothing's happening— Ahhh!

After the cutscene:

Livia: And it fades into nothingness. The last gasp of a murderous race. Praise the Six.
<Character name>: The flames... Balthazar... OK. Looks like I'm going to the Crystal Desert.

Talking to Livia before leaving the instance:

<Character name>: I have to go, but I can't deny I'm curious.
Livia: How have I managed to keep my youthful figure all this time?
<Character name>: Who are you, really? Where have you been? What have you been doing?
Livia: Magic. And yes, I am Livia. I've extended my life using an artifact known as the Scepter of Orr.
Livia: I've been with my Shining Blade, blending in, hiding in plain sight, when I wasn't searching for the aspects.
Livia: Waiting to finish Lazarus once and for all—for my queen and for my kingdom.
<Character name>: Well, you did it. We did it. It's over. So what are you going to do now?
Livia: I promised Anise I'd slow down after this. I want to travel, grow a little older. But I'll never forget you.
<Character name>: Nor I you. And I have to go. I have somewhere I need to be.
Livia: I'm sorry. Are you still here? I thought you left ages ago. Go! Save the world, my dear! Save Tyria.

My story[edit]

The Last Chance.jpg

The kingdom of Kryta heaves a collective sigh of relief as justice is served upon the last mursaat. Lazarus is dead, gone for good. Never again will the floating tyrants rise and subjugate Kryta. It's a happy day for Livia and generations of Krytans. However, I didn't catch up to Balthazar. The Eye revealed he has gone to the Crystal Desert, and so, it's time to book passage across the sea.

My story


The Eye of Janthir may get stuck in it's CC invulnerable state, rendering the mission impossible to complete.


  • Livia's line "You call that fighting? Don't make me laugh." is reminiscent of one of her battle quotes in the original Guild Wars: "You call that fighting? It is to laugh."
  • The two door mechanisms in the section following the fire maze are based on mechanical watch movements, and bear particular resemblance to older Omega watch movements.