Munition Acquisition

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Munition Acquisition

1325 AE
Personal story
Forming the Pact
Ashen Waste
(Mount Maelstrom)
Let an innocent die
Preceded by
Tower Down
Followed by
Breaking the Bone Ship

Munition Acquisition is part of the personal story for players that have completed the mission Tower Down and have chosen to steal explosives from the Inquest.


Steal high-powered explosives from the Inquest.

  • Meet Tonn at the Inquest lab near Mount Maelstrom.
  • Head to the Inquest lab.
  • Clear out the Inquest.
  • Secure the explosives.
  • Defeat the Inquest counterattack.


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All professions


At the beginning of the quest, the player will trigger a mine while approaching Tonn, this first mine does not do damage. Tonn will inform you that the valley you are entering has proximity mines planted; he will advise the player to avoid mounds of dirt. The mines cause significant damage and applies a short burning condition (hits from two mines in quick succession will likely down you). Tonn possesses invulnerability and so cannot be harmed by the mines. At the end of the valley, the player will encounter two Inquest guards; dodge should be used carefully as to avoid triggering the mines in this area. Once cleared, there will be no more mines throughout the mission. The mines can be damaged and destroyed with area of effect and cleave attacks, but that takes a considerable amount of time.

The player will make their way through the rest of the lab defeating Inquest guards and turrets until they come across some Suspicious Crates that Tonn will ask the player to examine. Finding the right crate will trigger three waves of Inquest counter attacks, the defeat of whom will conclude the mission.








Meeting Tonn (cinematic):

Demolitionist Tonn: Whoa! Are you all right? You just met your first bounding mine, but it won't be the last. They've ringed the whole base with 'em.
Demolitionist Tonn: They launch into the air and explode when triggered, intended to maximize the number of victims. I hardly need to tell you this, but they hurt.
Demolitionist Tonn: We'll have to watch our step. Luckily, I know what to look for. The Inquest is tricky, but you cannot plant mines without digging a few holes.
Demolitionist Tonn: Dirt mounds are usually a dead giveaway. Give them a wide berth.
Demolitionist Tonn: Fortunately, there aren't many guards. They must figure no one's crazy enough to cross the minefield. They don't know how wrong they are.

At the suspicious crates:

Demolitionist Tonn: The prototype is in one of those crates. Take it slow, they're probably booby-trapped.

Examining a trapped box:

Demolitionist Tonn: Stand clear! This one's rigged to blow.
Demolitionist Tonn: Bomb! And not the kind we wanted. Get back!

Examining the right box:

Demolitionist Tonn: Now this is what I call an explosive. That bone ship won't know what hit it. And not just because it lacks the requisite sentience.
Demolitionist Tonn: I'll keep it with me and—uh-oh. I hear trouble coming our way.

During the fight with the Inquest:

Inquest Technician: Attaaack!
Inquest Extinguisher: Pursue them!
Inquest Golemancer: Halt!

After defeating the inquest counterattack (cinematic):

Demolitionist Tonn: Ha ha! Wait until I tell Ceera that we beat mines, guards, and volcano-like heat to make the Inquest work for us for a change.
Demolitionist Tonn: Best not to linger, though. The longer we stay, the more time they'll have to throw something really dangerous at us.
<Character name>: I'm not doubting you, but it's hard to believe that tiny trinket will be enough to sink a bone ship.
Demolitionist Tonn: Fret not, my friend. Trust me, this is exactly what we need. Before we're done, it'll be raining bone chunks all over the Mire Sea.
Demolitionist Tonn: I'll meet you there as soon as I'm finished prepping the device. Uh... watch your step on the way out—still plenty of live mines about.

After the cinematic:

Demolitionist Tonn: I'll have to introduce you to Ceera. You'd like her. She's a Pact soldier, too. Yeah, a medic.
Demolitionist Tonn: That's why we make such a great pair: I blow up our enemies, she patches up our allies.

My story[edit]

Munition Acquisition.jpg

Tonn and I raided an Inquest lab for the potent explosives we need to sink the bone ship, and then we left to meet our support squad on the shores of the Mire Sea.

My story


  • The mines may be destroyed by ground-targeted skills. However, simply avoiding them is far more advisable due to their high amounts of health.
The story step can stall if you pick up the munitions before you clear the last bunch of Inquest in the tunnel, causing the 3 waves of Inquest counterattacks to never trigger.