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The Flow of Magic

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The Flow of Magic

1330 AE
Living World Season 3
One Path Ends
Siren's Landing
(Ruins of Orr)
Preceded by
On Orrian Shores
Followed by
The Last Chance

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The Flow of Magic is the fourth part of One Path Ends.


Do what you can to reactivate Grenth's reliquary.

  • Find Grenth's reliquary.
  • Talk to Queen Mahtab.
  • Kill a ley-line scavenger and use its magic to charge a nearby grounding crystal.
  • Return to Queen Mahtab.

Power the reliquaries.

  • Complete the Grenth task region.
  • Find Dwayna's reliquary.
  • Complete the Dwayna task region.
  • Find Balthazar's reliquary.
  • Complete the Balthazar task region.
  • Find Lyssa's reliquary.
  • Complete the Lyssa task region.



Head to Grenth's Reliquary and speak to Queen Mahtab, the heart vendor. She will ask you to power a Grounding Crystal; pick up a Ley Organ and use skill 4 near a crystal to power it. Return to Mahtab when you are done, then complete the remaining hearts: Reclaim Grenth's reliquary, Reclaim Dwayna's reliquary, Reclaim Balthazar's reliquary, and Reclaim Lyssa's reliquary. These can be done in any order.





Talking to Queen Mahtab:

If asura:
Queen Mahtab: I remember Orr when it was the greatest kingdom in the land. And now, look at it.
Queen Mahtab: Orr was drowned in the ocean by one of our own viziers, to save us from the charr.
<Character name>: You're not alone. My people were driven from our homes. By Primordus.
If charr:
Queen Mahtab: I remember Orr when it was the greatest kingdom in the land. And now, look at it.
Queen Mahtab: Orr was buried in the ocean to save it from the claws of your armies.
<Character name>: I've got more important things to do than argue with a cranky dead person.
If human:
Queen Mahtab: All the woes of my world started in Kryta.
Queen Mahtab: Reza involved us in the war between Kryta and Ascalon, leaving our home vulnerable to the charr. Orr sank as a result.
<Character name>: If my actions here today can ease your pain, then I'll consider it a success.
If norn:
Queen Mahtab: I remember Orr when it was the greatest kingdom in the land. And now, look at it.
Queen Mahtab: Orr was drowned in the ocean by one of our own viziers, to save us from the charr.
<Character name>: I understand. My people lost our homeland as well. Because of Jormag.
If sylvari:
Queen Mahtab: I remember Orr when it was the greatest kingdom in the land. And now, look at it.
Queen Mahtab: Orr was drowned in the ocean by one of our own viziers, to save us from the charr.
<Character name>: If my actions here today can ease your pain, then I'll consider it a success.
Queen Mahtab: My attempts to illuminate the reliquary have proven fruitless. Zhaitan's plague magic lingers.
Queen Mahtab: I can't awaken the grounding crystals! How long will that wretched dragon's influence be felt?
<Character name>: I may be able to help.
If charr:
Queen Mahtab: You are a crude creature, aren't you? Nevertheless, godspeed.
If human:
Queen Mahtab: I will accept any assistance, even from you. Godspeed.
Queen Mahtab: You are a strange creature, aren't you? Godspeed.

Returning to Queen Mahtab after charging a grounding crystal and cleansed Grenth's reliquary

If the power of the shrines has fallen as part of the map meta event Orrian Shrine Power Grid:[verification requested]
Queen Mahtab: You've illuminated this reliquary, but there's more. The dragon magic is still interfering with the flow.
Queen Mahtab: Until it's removed, the main reliquary will never be fully functional.
If human(?) or charr:
Queen Mahtab: You have not yet redeemed yourself. You must do what you can to free the magic current connecting the reliquaries.
Queen Mahtab: Your honor shines about you. Please, do what you can to free up the magical current connecting the reliquaries.
If all reliquaries are powered up as part of the map meta event Orrian Shrine Power Grid:
Queen Mahtab: You've done it. You unblocked the magical current and illuminated the reliquary. I was never this happy in life.
If human or charr:
Queen Mahtab: You did so well, you redeemed your people a tiny bit. Now, begone from my sight before I change my mind.
Queen Mahtab: Go with my best wishes for continued success.

After completing the Grenth task region:

<Character name>: Come in, Exemplar. It's me. You doing all right?
Exemplar Kerida: You know what they say. Distance makes the heart grow tastier.
<Character name>: I believe that's "fonder." Makes the heart grow "fonder."
Exemplar Kerida: Hm. No, that's definitely not it.
<Character name>: That's exactly... Never mind. I found the trail of the Eye. It's here. I have two sources who saw it not long ago.
Exemplar Kerida: This wasn't a competition. You don't have to sound so pleased with yourself.
<Character name>: You're just saying that because I found it first. You going to join me?
Exemplar Kerida: Soon. I plan to stop in Divinity's Reach and commandeer us some backup. Wait for me. Promise?
<Character name>: Making no promises. Over. And. Out.

Talking to King Zoran:

King Zoran: Well, hello! Welcome to Dwayna's reliquary, where love is the answer to your question.
If asura:
<Character name>: Are you being ironic?
If charr:
<Character name>: Don't be ridiculous.
If human:
<Character name>: How do you know what my question is?
If norn:
<Character name>: No, I don't think that's right.
If sylvari:
<Character name>: I can say with some confidence that it is not.
King Zoran: We all yearn for something, whether we are adventurers like you, or a king, like me. If not love, for what do you yearn?
<Character name>: Right now? I'm yearning to find Balthazar or the Eye of Janthir. Have you seen them?
King Zoran: I love...that you would ask me that question. But, I have not.
King Zoran: I have been too busy directing the efforts to clear the air here.
King Zoran: Harmony cannot be restored if these great clouds of poison hang in the air.
<Character name>: Let me guess. What you're doing is an act of love?
King Zoran: Why, yes! You understand. Perhaps you will also assist? I see you have a bit of ley line on your nose.
King Zoran: Do turn it toward the poison, won't you? It counters the effects.

After completing the Dwayna task region:

Taimi: You won't believe what just happened, Commander. Guess. No, never mind, can't wait. Braham sent me a letter.
Taimi: Would you like me to read it? Of course you would. He says, "Taimi. What did the commander do to Jormag?"
Taimi: "Destiny's Edge—my guild—had it surrounded, and then... Suddenly, an anguished roar, and it returned to the ice."
<Character name>: Stop. Do we have to do this now? I can't deal with both him and Balthazar.
Taimi: He says the norn want him to kill Jormag. Why oh why did he put his arrow in that tooth?
<Character name>: I don't have time for his tantrums. He just didn't think.
Taimi: And... he didn't ask your permission either.
<Character name>: (sigh) I could have protected him from this. He'll either change course, or we'll have to stop him.
Taimi: But since Jormag's all snoozy, he doesn't have a chance of killing it now, does he?
<Character name>: He better not. Talk to him. Maybe you can get him to see reason. It's never too late for him to do the right thing.
Taimi: I don't know if he has a choice anymore. He's under a lot of pressure to live up to Eir's legend. And, he's so young.
<Character name>: Older than you.
Taimi: Only physically... Taimi out.
Taimi: Oh, Rox sends her love. Really out.

Talking to Queen Yasamin:

Queen Yasamin: My lord Balthazar has returned! (laugh) I am overjoyed!
If asura:
<Character name>: It is...fascinating, isn't it?
If charr:
<Character name>: It's unsettling.
If human or sylvari:
<Character name>: It is...amazing news, isn't it?
If norn:
<Character name>: It makes you think, doesn't it?
Queen Yasamin: The best news of all. Soon Orr will be ours and we can coax the gods back. Balthazar was a sight for sore eyes.
<Character name>: So you saw him? Here?
Queen Yasamin: Oh yes. He came to visit his reliquary, and I was the first to greet him.
Queen Yasamin: He was gracious and asked me to maintain the reliquary, but when he left, it went still.
Queen Yasamin: These roaming undead hinder the flow of energy. We must feed them to the lava, to his fires. Help me!
<Character name>: Feed them to the lava? Definitely sounds like the Balthazar I know.
Queen Yasamin: (laugh) In the name of almighty Balthazar!

Talking to Queen Bahar:

Queen Bahar: Mmmmm... What is this that enters the presence of Queen Bahar of Orr?
If asura:
<Character name>: I'm not a what! I'm trying to gain access to Abaddon's Reliquary so I can speak to Balthazar.
If charr:
<Character name>: Hello. I need to get into Abaddon's Reliquary so I can speak to Balthazar.
If human or sylvari:
<Character name>: Pardon the intrusion. I seek access to Abbadon's Reliquary so I can speak to Balthazar.
If norn:
<Character name>: I'm no trouble. I'm just looking for a way into Abaddon's Reliquary so I can speak to Balthazar.
Queen Bahar: Balthazar is a crass god. Long after the Exodus, his followers were the ones who caused the most conflict.
Queen Bahar: In my lifetime, we never managed to restore peace, and as I understand it, neither did my descendants.
<Character name>: War is...unavoidable, I suppose.
Queen Bahar: Which is why me must balance it with as much kindness as possible.
Queen Bahar: Would you be so kind as to help remove the dreadful sickness that has befallen this land?
<Character name>: I would. What can I do?
Queen Bahar: Risen have infected Lyssa's springs. We must reclaim them. Go. Earn a queen's gratitude.

After completing the Lyssa task region:

Taimi: Commander? Are you there? It's fine if you're busy. I suppose I could go do something else.
<Character name>: I'm here Taimi. What's the matter?
Taimi: I keep running and rerunning the simulation, trying to confirm our theory.
<Character name>: And?
Taimi: And I realized what a huge waste of time it is. Primordus and Jormag have withdrawn.
Taimi: Since Balthazar can't pit them against each other, he'll turn his attention to another dragon.
Taimi: And there's only two dragons left. So, it's gotta be one of the two.
<Character name>: Good to know. We'll talk more when I'm less busy. Over and out.

My story[edit]

Siren's Landing loading screen.jpg

I'd call that a step in the right direction. I learned from two sources that the Eye of Janthir was on Orr, but getting into Abaddon's temple proved difficult. It was sealed and would not open until we repaired the magical network that connected it to all the other gods' reliquaries. Abaddon, keeper of secrets, took his security very seriously.

My story


  • This story step cannot be progressed if you have already completed the Complete heart (map icon).pngrenown hearts, you will need to wait until daily reset in order to progress.
The communication with Taimi after the final reliquary task is finished appears after the mission has officially ended and the rewards were given out.