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1332 AE
Living World Season 4
War Eternal
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Coming Home

Descent loading screen.jpg

Descent loading screen

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Epilogue loading screen

Descent is the final story step of the Living World Season 4 Episode 6, War Eternal.


Breaking Through
  • Meet up with allies at the rendezvous.
  • Head to the area of disturbance.
  • Cull the swarm.
    Event bar green.jpgEvent swords (tango icon).png
  • Continue to the area of disturbance.
  • (Seal the ley-line nodes.)
  • Ley-line nodes sealed: x/3
  • (Secure the first node.)
  • Secure the ley-line area for Aurene.
    Event bar green.jpgEvent swords (tango icon).png
  • (Secure the second node.)
  • Secure the ley-line area for Aurene.
    Event bar green.jpgEvent swords (tango icon).png
  • (Secure the final node.)
  • Secure the ley-line area for Aurene.
    Event bar green.jpgEvent swords (tango icon).png
Down the Rabbit Hole
  • Get an update from Taimi.
  • Climb atop Aurene.
  • Hope for the best.
Heart to Heart
  • Investigate the area.
  • Inspect Kralkatorrik's heart.
  • Defeat Kralkatorrik's Torment.
    Event bar green.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png
  • Investigate the storm.
  • (Defeat the Facet of Fire and War.)
  • Facet of Fire and War
    Event bar green.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png
  • Sever the threads of magic.
  • (Defeat the Facet of Root and Madness.)
  • Facet of Root and Madness
    Event bar green.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png
  • (Defeat the Facet of Shadow and Death.)
  • Facet of Shadow and Death
    Event bar green.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png
  • Destroy Kralkatorrik's heart.
Savor your victory
  • Speak with your allies.
  • Sail into the sunset.


Upon replaying


The combat sections with the regular Branded enemies is straightforward, as all you do is kill foes and stand in white circles, and can be trivialized by using  Dragonsblood Spear (Dragonfall skill).png Dragonsblood Spear whenever it's off cooldown. Preparing skills and weapons that can group enemies together will also speed up these sections.

Dying during some parts here can potentially stall some scripts, requiring the player to restart the instance to continue.[verification requested]
Kralkatorrik's Torment

Use the Dragonsblood Spear to immobilize Kralkatorik's Torment.

— In-game hint popup

Kralkatorrik's Torment has three main attacks:

  • Crystal Torrent is a slow, horizontal swipe that leaves behind Crystal Eruptors, which are large clusters of crystals that deal a lot of damage per second when touched.
  • Crystal Dragon's Fist is an attack where it slams one of its fists on the platform, creating a shockwave that deals damage and Knockdown.png Knockdown
  • Detonate Crystal Eruptors is a rare attack where it causes each Crystal Eruptor on the platform to explode in a large AOE

In order to damage the Torment, you must evade the Crystal Dragon's Fist attack and its subsequent shockwave, then use  Dragonsblood Spear (Dragonfall skill).png Dragonsblood Spear to pin it down. You can then attack the fist until Drain Beam.png Shattered wears out, or specific health thresholds are reached (70%, 40, and 10%). In the mean time, do your best to avoid Crystal Eruptors; the few regular Branded enemies can be ignored.

At 70%, follow Aurene through her portal, and make your way up the ramp, past two Branded enemies. Be careful not to step on the dark purple Brand Field that lingers under the enemies, as stepping on them is more likely to kill your character than the enemies themselves. Again, these can be easily dealt with with the Dragonsblood Spear. At the top of the ramp is the Facet of Fire and War, a manifestation of Balthazar's magic inside Kralkatorrik.

The Facet of Fire and War has the same move sets as Balthazar himself. Staying at about a 45° angle from his front will make evading his attacks a little easier. Once done, you will resume the fight with Kralkatorrik's Torment until it reaches 40% health, which leads to the encounter with the Facet of Root and Madness.

As one might guess, the Facet of Root and Madness is a manifestation of Mordremoth's magic, materializing as the Jungle Dragon's Avatar, as seen during Hearts and Minds. Despite its appearance, this mini-boss moves quickly. Hit Dodge whenever you see it jumping, so as to avoid a nasty Knockdown.png Knockdown; staying in melee range also lets you avoid its devastating cone attack. Lastly, do mind the Summoned Jungle Tendril Roots, as they, too, have Knockback.png Knockback attacks. Success here leads back to the Torment, until it's down to 10% health, which brings us to the Facet of Shadow and Death.

In true reverse-chronological order, you'll face the manifestation of Zhaitan's magic, Facet of Shadow and Death in the form of an Eye of Zhaitan. Thankfully, this mini-boss is far simpler than the rest, relying mainly on a long, channeled attack for its damage. Defeat it and...

You're done!


Heart to Heart War Eternal Path of Fire mastery point 0Achievement points
Confront Kralkatorrik once and for all.Journal: Heart to Heart Completed Heart to Heart Completed 0Achievement points
  • Awarded during the Epilogue, after this story step has been completed.
This achievement rewards items. Return to Descent Return to War Eternal 0Achievement points
Complete the story mission Descent in Living World Season 4 Episode 6.
Reward: Volatile Magic.pngVolatile Magic (5)
Completed Descent 0Achievement points
  • Complete the mission.
Dexterous Dodger War Eternal 1Achievement points
Defeat Kralkatorrik without triggering any Branded traps.Story Instance: Heart to Heart Defeated Kralkatorrik without Triggering Any Branded Traps 1Achievement points
Branded Crystal Trap
  • Branded traps take the form of a cluster of crystals on the ground, which explode on touch. They will be present throughout the entire mission. Ranged classes will have an easier time with this, as enemies may stand near some of the traps.
  • These traps appear in the following parts of this story step:
    • Breaking Through: Cull the swarm - The traps appear throughout the enemies, especially near the walls. Use the spear to damage the enemies while avoiding them if you don't have long-range damage.
    • Ley-Lines: Secure the ley-line area for Aurene - The traps appear near the ley lines themselves, so fight the enemies away from the holes in the ground.
    • Heart to Heart: Defeat Kralkatorrik's Torment - Traps look slightly different in this section in that there is a small white circle around them. They still count against this achievement. There's usually only 3 or 4 on the platform at a time, so it shouldn't be too much of an issue to find an empty spot on the platform to attack the hands if you want to deal melee damage.
    • Heart to Heart: Facet of Fire and War / Facet of Root and Madness / Facet of Shadow and Death
      • First, the traps appear on the road up to the bosses. Let Aurene trigger them or blow them away with her fire instead of walking ahead of her.
      • Then, the traps appear near the main pillar of crystal behind the bosses. Ensure that you don't accidentally dodge into them by staying near the road that leads up to the platform and fighting the boss there instead of near the crystal pillar.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Eligibility: Dexterous Dodger effect. The achievement will be rewarded upon being told to destroy Kralkatorrik's Heart.
Scissors of Fate War Eternal 1Achievement points
Help block the ley nodes that are healing Kralkatorrik in under 5 minutes.Story Instance: Heart to Heart Successfully Blocked the Ley Nodes Healing Kralkatorrik in under 5 Minutes 1Achievement points
This achievement is only available for the instance owner. (Only instance owner have  Dragonsblood Spear (Dragonfall skill).png Dragonsblood Spear to complete achievement)





Elder Dragons



In the cave[edit]

Approaching your allies
Zafirah: All four armies are swarming Kralkatorrik on Almorra's command.
<Character name>: A lot of lives have already been lost. It's up to us to make it count.
Taimi: Commander, the ley line that's feeding Kralk is due south from you.
Rytlock Brimstone: So...through that wall of solid rock.
Aurene: This way!
Rytlock Brimstone: That works.
Going deeper into the cave
Rytlock Brimstone: What is...?
Aurene: His heartbeat.
Caithe: It's faster than you'd imagine.
Zafirah: They're pummeling him from above—he's in distress.
Rytlock Brimstone: Still got some fight in him, though!
Zafirah: A wounded beast is the most dangerous.
Aurene: Can't be much farther!
Arriving at the ley lines
Zafirah: The ley line.
Rytlock Brimstone: And another. And...another.
Caithe: We have our work cut out for us.
Zafirah: So close...
Rytlock Brimstone: He's unconscious.
Caithe: If he wakes up while we're here...
<Character name>: Won't let that happen. Aurene, the ley lines are all yours. Work quickly.
After sealing the first ley line
Caithe: There! The first one's sealed!
Rytlock Brimstone: Line 'em up, and knock them down!
<Character name>: On to the next!
After sealing the second ley line
Caithe: One ley line left!
Taimi: Commander, the Branded are retreating to your location!
<Character name>: Keep all forces up there focused on the dragon!
Taimi: You got it!
After sealing the third ley line
Rytlock Brimstone: That did it!
<Character name>: Taimi, he's vulnerable! Tell Almorra to move all armies in for the kill!
Taimi: Go, go, go!
After the quake
Zafirah: Is it done? Is it over?
Caithe: At long last...
Rytlock Brimstone: Okay, where's the boom? You kill a dragon, there's supposed to be a—
Caithe: (Startled gasp)
Rytlock Brimstone: No. No. No no no no NO!
<Character name>: Taimi, what's happening?
Taimi: Commander! He... I mean, his's dead. But...there's a source of power still inside him.
Taimi: Doing more damage out here doesn't affect it.
Aurene: We can't kill him. Not from outside.
<Character name>: You're saying...we need to go in.
Aurene: There's no other way.
Rytlock Brimstone: What? Through his mouth?
Before mounting Aurene
<Character name>: Just Aurene and me. If she dies in there, Joko's magic can resurrect her. The rest of you, not so much.
Caithe: But that goes for you, too.
<Character name>: We've known all along that the scion and champion must face Kralkatorrik together.
Aurene: Defend these ley lines. If he starts healing again, it's over.
Zafirah: The Branded will not get past us.
<Character name>: Rytlock... Listen—Dragon's Watch...
Rytlock Brimstone: Shut up. You're coming back.
Caithe: Aurene... I love you.
Aurene: I love you too.
Aurene: Champion, it's time!
Flying into Kralkatorrik
Aurene: It's so...beautiful. And quiet.
<Character name>: If we succeed, what happens to you?
Aurene: I...I'm not sure, exactly.
Aurene: I can feel all the magics in him. They're not in harmony.
Kralkatorrik: Child of my child...
Aurene: Oh...
Kralkatorrik: Come to me.
<Character name>: Aurene, what's happening?
Aurene: I can...feel his pain.
Aurene: A million agonies. So, so,so much suffering.
Approaching Kralkatorrik's heart
Kralkatorrik: My heart is yours.
<Character name>: Is this some kind of trick?
Aurene: No. I think he wants us here.
Kralkatorrik's Torment: (ROAR)
<Character name>: You...sure about that?
Kralkatorrik's Torment: THIS IS YOUR FAULT!
Aurene: He's...fractured. Warring with the other magics.
Fighting Kralkatorrik's Torment
Aurene: I've got you!
Kralkatorrik's Torment: KILLED YOU ONCE! DO IT AGAIN!
Randomly throughout all phases of the fight with Kralkatorrik's Torment
Kralkatorrik's Torment: ALL WILL PAY!
Kralkatorrik's Torment: BLIND! LOST!
Kralkatorrik's Torment: GET AWAY!
Kralkatorrik's Torment: INFESTATION!
Kralkatorrik's Torment: MUST FEED!
Kralkatorrik's Torment: PARALYZED!
Kralkatorrik's Torment: SCALES CRAWLING!
When Kralkatorrik's Torment is at 75%
Aurene: A storm is coming! Follow me, Champion. I'll protect you.
Kralkatorrik: You are more than I.
Kralkatorrik: Death does not stop you.
Kralkatorrik: The magics do not torment you.
Kralkatorrik: They belong within you.
Fighting the Facet of Fire and War
Kralkatorrik: Claim what is yours!
After defeating the Facet of Fire and War
Aurene: Now! Deal the final blow!
When Kralkatorrik's Torment is at 40%
Aurene: Follow me, Champion. I'll protect you.
Kralkatorrik: Torment is blinding. It lies.
Kralkatorrik: Its pollution steals my sense.
Kralkatorrik: It promises: destroy everything and the pain will cease.
Aurene: I understand, grandfather. We'll end it for you.
Fighting the Facet of Root and Madness
Kralkatorrik: Remove this impure magic from me.
After defeating the Facet of Root and Madness
Aurene: It's ready, Champion!
Kralkatorrik's Torment: OUTRAGE! DESPAIR! MURDER!
Fighting Kralkatorrik's Torment again
Aurene: Press on, my champion. The end is near.
When Kralkatorrik's Torment is at 10%
Aurene: Follow me, Champion. I'll protect you.
Kralkatorrik: Your first words... I heard them.
Aurene: I'm not you.
Kralkatorrik: But you are of me. And soon I will be of you.
Kralkatorrik: Your mother assumed that my vision...
Aurene: She thought it terrified you.
Kralkatorrik: Nothing terrifies an Elder Dragon.
Kralkatorrik: Not even death.
Fighting the Facet of Shadow and Death
Kralkatorrik: This you have already learned.
Aurene: I no longer fear death.
After defeating the Facet of Shadow and Death
Aurene: One more blast!
Kralkatorrik's Torment: THESE CREATURES MAKE YOU WEAK!
Kralkatorrik: They are her strength.
Kralkatorrik's Torment: SHE BETRAYS HER OWN KIND!
Kralkatorrik: She is the first of her kind.
After defeating Kralkatorrik's Torment
Kralkatorrik: You have laid me bare. The ebbing.
Aurene: I'm sorry it has to be this way, Grandfather.
Kralkatorrik: Child of my child...
Kralkatorrik: I only hope that you never have to kill what you love.
Kralkatorrik: Now mortal, return my blood to my heart.
<Character name>: Aurene?
Aurene: Do it.
Killing Kralkatorrik
Kralkatorrik: Mother...
Aurene: My grandfather's prophecy is fulfilled. My mother's legacy is complete.
Aurene: I can't explain what's about to happen, Champion...
(Aurene absorbs Kralkatorrik's heart and lands in front of the Commander while their surroundings turn into a vision of Tarir, the Forgotten City.)
Aurene: But I want to share it with you.
(Aurene walks to the Commander who puts their hand on her forehead as they share a bond. The Commander hesitates when Aurene backs away but watches as she raises herself in the air.)
Aurene: All of you.
(Aurene completes her ascension as her body transforms into the Elder Dragon of Light. The scene transitions outside to a seaside cliff on Dragonfall where Braham, Caithe, Logan, Rytlock, Rox, Taimi and Zafirah watch in awe as Aurene ascends to the heavens before she flies past them all like a comet into the sunset beyond the horizon with a bright flash of light. The Commander stands on the edge of the cliff, watching towards the horizon in silence as a new star lights up in the sky.)


Approaching Sayida the Sly
Sayida the Sly: Commander. We'll reach Lion's Arch by sundown.
<Character name>: Thanks.
Sayida the Sly: That was really something.
Zafirah: Go on out. They're waiting for you.
Speaking with your allies
Rytlock Brimstone: So. We saved the world. Again.
Logan Thackeray: What will it all look like now that Kralkatorrik's gone?
Rytlock Brimstone: Less purple, I guess. Fewer crystals. Pretty.
Logan Thackeray: But the balance of magic...
Rytlock Brimstone: That's a problem for another day.
Braham Eirsson: You.
<Character name>: What? What did I do?
Braham Eirsson: You FLEW DOWN a dragon's throat and PUNCHED its HEART until it DIED.
Taimi: Braham...
Braham Eirsson: Next time you do that, YOU BRING ME.
Braham Eirsson: (laugh)
<Character name>: Next time. I promise.
Caithe: Since we're about a toast, Commander?
<Character name>: After everything that's happened, I don't know what to say.
Taimi: I do. To Aurene.
<Character name>: To Aurene.
Rytlock Brimstone: To Aurene.
Logan Thackeray: To Aurene.
Braham Eirsson: To Aurene.
Caithe: To Aurene.
Spearmarshall Zaeim: The hero of Elona.
<Character name>: She's all grown up...
Taimi: And up and up and up.
Caithe: Not easy, is it? Watching your little one go.
<Character name>: We'll see her again, Caithe. I'm...sure of it.
Additional conversations with your allies
Caithe: You're not really sure though, are you? That Aurene is coming back.
<Character name>: She's an Elder Dragon now. All bets are off.
Caithe: I felt her compassion in there. As if—as if she saw someone she loved, in great pain. Was Kralkatorrik...?
<Character name>: No dragon is meant to contain that much power. Balthazar, Zhaitan, Mordremoth—their magics were tearing him apart.
Caithe: I remember. Like a bad dream. When Mordremoth— No matter. I can still feel her love. Even from here. Even now.
Caithe: Time for me to go home, Commander. Back to the Grove, where it all began. I have a great deal of thinking to do.
<Character name>: What's next for you? Now that...
Zafirah: It's simple. I serve. Wherever Aurene wants me to go, I go. I'll wait with the Zaishen until she calls.
Zafirah: The Crystal Bloom will carry the good news without me.
Zafirah: Thank you for opening my eyes, Commander. For restoring my faith. For helping me to see.
Logan Thackeray: I'm just glad I could make it all up to you.
Rytlock Brimstone: Eventually. And with a lot of help.
Logan Thackeray: Thanks for giving me the chance, Commander.
Rytlock Brimstone: Yeah. Thanks for giving this bozo the... Kidding. We're blood brothers now.
Rytlock Brimstone: Though that would make Gwen my... hmph.
Logan Thackeray: What will you do
Rytlock Brimstone: Never though about it. Never made plans for if the world didn't end.
Logan Thackeray: Heh. Me neither. Guess we'll have to find out.
Spearmarshall Zaeim: Elona has suffered turmoil for too long. First Joko, then the Crystal Dragon... Our political system is in shambles.
Spearmarshall Zaeim: We need statesmen. Guardians of the peace. Those who live out the Sunspears' eight virtues.
Spearmarshall Zaeim: I'll find those people and raise them up. It's time for Elona to take her place in the world.
<Character name>: Yeah, Zaeim. You...find those people.
Braham Eirsson: Been one hell of a day, Commander. Been one hell of a life.
<Character name>: You must be proud of how Rox fought today.
Braham Eirsson: Yeah. I am.
Braham Eirsson: Taimi's gonna be okay, right, Commander? There's no way she's gonna... I mean, she can't...
<Character name>: No one knows the future, Braham. For today—just today—let's not worry about tomorrow.
Braham Eirsson: Love you too.
Braham Eirsson: Think I'll grow my hair back.
Taimi: This is huge. I have to revise my entire thesis. No, it'll be a monograph. No, wait, it'll be a six-volume treatise! Yeah!
Taimi: Um. "The Elder Dragons, reconsidered." My magnum opus. I mean, how many researchers get this kind of opportunity? Huh?
<Character name>: We'll have to rethink a lot of our assumptions. About dragons. About everything. I understand Gorrik's doing the fieldwork.
Taimi: He'll have fun! The skyscales alone are worth like a dozen papers. They are so much cooler than bugs anyway.
Taimi: Ah—wait. Think Aurene still has time for me? I have got to get a interview with her. It'll be the first chapter. Ha!
<Character name>: When you see her again—ask.
Sayida the Sly: In all my years of sailing—and plundering—I've never seen anything like this.
Sayida the Sly: You do keep life exciting, Commander. And profitable.
<Character name>: I'm glad you're getting something out of this. You've been a great help.
Sayida the Sly: Yeah. Do me a favor and keep that to yourself. A corsair's got a reputation to protect.

My story[edit]

Descent loading screen.jpg

I met up with Rytlock, Caithe, and Zafirah and ventured into the cave system underneath Kralkatorrik in order to cap the ley lines healing him.

Discovering there were three ley line nodes feeding Kralkatorrik, I joined with my allies and fought off swarms of Branded to allow Aurene to cap all three.

With Kralkatorrik no longer healing, I ordered the allied armies to attack, but the Elder Dragon did not die, a source of power remaining deep within. Aurene and I realized we would need to fly into Kralkatorrik in order to destroy his heart once and for all.

Aurene came to understand that the magics Kralkatorrik absorbed had driven him insane with pain. To end his suffering, I defeated the manifestations of the foreign magics and vanquished the enraged aspects of Kralkatorrik. Aurene shared a moment with her weary grandfather, but she knew what needed to be done in the end. I drove the forged Dragonsblood Spear into his heart, ending his life.

With Kralkatorrik finally dispatched, I shared a toast to Aurene with my allies aboard Sayida's airship.

My story


Shortly after the instance starts, Aurene is supposed to appear and open up the way. She may not appear, which will force you to restart. This can happen any number of times.
  • During the Heart to Heart instance, players will be under the Break Out!.png Variable Gravity effect.
  • On the lower deck of Sayida's ship there is a small shrine made of three giant skulls and two rib cages. A shield rests against it with an inscription in New Krytan that reads "Ever vigilant Ever shielded,"


  • While on Sayida's airship, during the Epilogue, there is an Easter Egg hidden on the lower deck. At the foot of the ramp on the lower deck, there will be sleeping mats to the left, and tables and chairs to the right. On a sleeping mat between two soldiers is a book with no item label. Interacting with it will reveal it to be Mist Connections by Snargle Goldclaw, an homage by developers Connor Fallon and Lily Yu to the Guild Wars 2 community member Monstrum27's Commander comics.