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1332 AE
Is part of storyline::Living World Season 4
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Resonance is the fourth part of All or Nothing.


Explain the new plan to Forge Master Hilina.
  • Speak to the forge master.
Obtain dredge technology to boost the resonance crystals.
  • Talk to the dredge.
  • Get the reflector dish to the west.
  • Get the reflector dish to the south.
  • Get the reflector dish to the east.
  • Hand off the reflector dishes.
Help Sayida retrieve Canach's detonators.
  • Meet with Sayida.
  • Find the detonators in the wreckage.
  • Return to Sayida.
Return to the forge.
  • Speak to the forge master for a final assessment.


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| Has context =Rewarded item | Rewards item =Volatile Magic (consumable) | Rewarded by =Resonance | Has rewarded item quantity =1 | Has rewarded item chance =Guaranteed | Has rewarded item id =85742 | Is for profession = | Has availability = }} (consumed automatically for 50 Volatile Magic)


While at the forge talk to Hilina. After the dialog travel south to talk to Vayra (she's right next to the Revolution's Heart Waypoint).

Head south into the ice flow to find the tanks. To obtain the focusing discs you must drop oil from the tank to the oil vents near by. If you start from the vent side it will light the oil before you can make the full trail to the tanks. You can only have 6 "puddles" available which can make some tricky. The west disk is straight forward, just make a line from the tank to the vent just west of it. The southern tank you want to make a straight line through the fence slightly to the north as if you go around you won't have enough range. You should fit three on each side of the chain fence. For the east, make a line across the pipe on the southeastern side.

After heading back to Elder Rhona (who is right next to Vayra), head to Sayida who is in her camp south of Moorage Waypoint. Go east and into the broken airship from the nose to find the box of detonators; the entrance to the airship is located northwest of the Point of Interest. Go back to talk to Saiyda then to Hilina to complete this step.

One trick for the flame route is to go through the trapezoidal section of the fence - the largest section.

Another trick for the flame route on the Southern dish is to make sure the pools close to the tank, and flame vent, aren't touching. The only pools that need to touch are the ones interconnecting through the fence.


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  • Complete the story.





  • Any type of Branded from this open world map.



Talking to Forge Master Hilina
(If human, charr, or norn)
<Character name>: New plan: We're luring Kralkatorrik here. We're gonna pin him down and hit him with everything we've got.
(If sylvari or asura)
<Character name>: New plan: We're luring Kralkatorrik here. We're gonna pin him down and hit him with everything we have.
Forge Master Hilina: Here? But that could destroy the forge! Glint herself cast weapons in these halls.
<Character name>: I know. But Taimi thinks dredge tech can amplify your crystals to really hurt him—even give us a shot at killing him.
<Character name>: And if we succeed, it'll be BECAUSE of the work done here. If we don't...
Forge Master Hilina: You make a fair point. I shall speak to your friend about her idea.
Talking to Varya
<Character name>: Change of plans, Varya. We're gonna lure Kralkatorrik into the forge—and kill him.
Varya: Into the forge?
Varya: Commander, I said I'd help you, and I meant it. But I...I can't ask my people to be a part of something like that.
<Character name>: I understand. You've suffered enough. But...any idea how we could focus sonic resonance against, say, an Elder Dragon?
Varya: Hm...I think the reflector dishes on our tanks work like that. But I've got no one who can tell you how.
Varya: We lost our engineers to the Branded. Our tanks, too—they're scattered across the ice floe.
Taimi: Commander, if you get me some samples, I can reverse engineer 'em. Assuming a little damage, three should do it.
Varya: Better take some oil with you. It's highly flammable—could be useful in dismantling the tanks.
<Character name>: Thanks, Varya. Get your people to shelter when the dragon comes. Keep them safe.
Upon collecting the first reflector dish
<Character name>: Taimi, how're things coming along?
Taimi: Great—everyone's setting up. And Aurene's helping turn out Dragonsblood weapons faster than I would've thought possible.
<Character name>: Fantastic. So...listen. I need you to be my eye in the sky, so you're gonna set up nice and high above the fight, okay?
Taimi: Alchemy, not you too. Do NOT try to keep me out of this fight. I'm not helpless!
<Character name>: I know—that's not what I'm saying. I need someone to give me a bird's-eye view on Kralk once he gets here. It's VITAL.
Taimi: If you say so.
Upon collecting the second reflector dish
Canach: Commander, I have a suggestion for— How did you put it? "Pinning down the dragon"...
<Character name>: I'm all ears.
Canach: This facility back up on a mountain range, yes? What if I were to set charges to bring those mountains down on Kralkatorrik?
<Character name>: That's...inspired. Put a team together; Sayida can take you up.
Canach: Perfect. You'll be hearing from me.
Upon collecting the last reflector dish
Sayida the Sly: You there, Commander?
<Character name>: Go ahead, Sayida.
Sayida the Sly: Your prickly friend passed on your request, and you know me—I never miss a chance to blow up a mountain.
Sayida the Sly: Canach is rounding up volunteers. But we have a problem here at the docks.
Sayida the Sly: Kralkatorrik's Brandstorm took down the other airship—the one carrying Canach's detonators.
<Character name>: That's inconvenient. I'll drop off these reflector dishes and be right there.
Talking to Elder Rhona
Elder Rhona: We'll get these to the forge master, Commander.
Meeting with Sayida
Sayida the Sly: Canach's detonators are still on board. My corsairs are skittish about all the Branded. Can't say I blame 'em.
<Character name>: I'll take care of it.
Upon giving Sayida the detonators
Sayida the Sly: Your friend owes you one. Hope his crazy idea works.
<Character name>: It will. Don't worry about us. Just get his team in place, then stay clear.
Sayida the Sly: And miss broadsiding an Elder Dragon? Ha!
Sayida the Sly: We're stuffing our cannons with Brand crystals. The fleet's gonna hit him with a full barrage on his way in.
Sayida the Sly: We'll soften him up, Commander. You just be ready for the big son-of-a-skritt.
<Character name>: I'll head back now.
Returning to Forge Master Hilina
Forge Master Hilina: Your asuran friends examined the dishes you collected from the dredge.
Taimi: SEE? I'M FINE.
Forge Master Hilina: I shall modify the crystals to their specifications. It's a fascinating concept, and a daring plan.
<Character name>: Let's see if it works.

My story[edit]

Thunderhead Peaks loading screen.jpg

I explained to the forge master that we intend to lure Kralkatorrik into the forge and attack him with the resonance crystals boosted with dredge technology. Though she was worried about the threat to the forge itself, she agreed to help with the plan.

Though Varya had been cooperative with our efforts to this point, she balked at the idea of sending her people into the forge to face down Kralkatorrik. She did, however, explain that the tanks they had lost to the Branded were equipped with the sonic amplifying technology we were looking for. I tracked down the tanks and retrieved three equipment samples for Taimi to reverse engineer.

Sayida contacted me to report that a Brandstorm had brought down the airship carrying Canach's detonators. Canach had formulated an audacious plan to blow up a mountain to drop the rubble onto Kralkatorrik when he arrived. Suddenly, it looked like that plan was in jeopardy. I was able to fight through the Branded that had overrun the wreckage and retrieve the detonators. With Canach's plan viable again, Sayida agreed to fly his team into position and then lead the rest of the fleet in a barrage of cannon fire against Kralkatorrik when he arrived.

When I returned to the forge, Hilina told me that Taimi and Gorrik had already finished analyzing the dredge parts. She would make the necessary modifications to the resonance crystals in the amphitheater. With everything in place, it was time to put our bold plan into action.

My story