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Meeting the Asura

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Meeting the Asura

1327 AE
Living World Season 2
Seeds of Truth
Hexane Regrade
(Metrica Province)
Preceded by
The Newly Awakened
Followed by
No Refuge

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Meeting the Asura is the second part of Seeds of Truth which follows on what we discovered about Caithe from the first memory seed we got from the Pale Tree. After learning that Caithe and Faolain were headed to Metrica Province to rescue the captured secondborn, we are now headed there to find the next memory seed.


Uncover Caithe's memory in Metrica Province.
  • Meet Marjory in Metrica Province.
  • (Use your intuition to find the memory seed location.)
  • Proximity to Strong Memory
    Event bar empty green.jpg
  • Plant the memory seed.
  • Speak with Faolain.
  • Fend off the guards.
  • Subdue the lab guard.
  • Activate the panel to open the gate.
  • Activate the panel to access the next room.
  • Activate two panels to access the next room.
  • Attempt to access the central chamber.
  • Activate the final two switches to open the central chamber.
  • Head to the central chamber.
  • Knock out Vorpp while he's standing still.
  • Remove Vorpp's shield and then knock him out.
  • Remove Vorpp's shield once more and then knock him out.
  • Rescue the young sylvari.
  • Speak with Faolain.
  • Check in with Marjory.


  • Event boss (tango icon).png Neutralize Vorpp.
    • Remove Vorpp's shield and then knock him out.
    • Eliminate attackers to regain stealth.



Head over to Hexane Regrade and enter the instance. After talking to Marjory, use the proximity sensor to uncover the memory location to the left of the staircase of the Inquest facility. Interact with the memory location to plant the seed to get transformed in Caithe.

In the cutscene, talk to Faolain to start the rescue mission. Since you will be playing as Caithe, it's a good idea to read through her skills before you begin, to get used to her attacks because you will be thrown against masses of enemies in any combat in this mission. There is no opportunity to experiment with Caithe's skills against single opponents to become familiar with them and see how they properly work beforehand. The mission will also introduce a new gameplay mechanic in which you can either progress by staying stealthed, or fight your way through once discovered. For this, you will see the area of sight of foes and sensors. As long as you are stealthed, these areas will be displayed as white areas on the ground. If you give up your stealth, for example because you need to interact with the world, the areas will turn orange to signalize the danger. If you are within these areas without being stealthed, the foes will catch your attention and start to attack you. You will need to eliminate the attackers to regain stealth.

You will need to fight the first two Inquest and then continue up the stairs. Approach the guard while stealthed, knock him out,and activate the gate panel. This opens the next room in which you will need to make your way to the gate panel on the far right. To activate the panel without getting discovered, you need to take them out while avoiding the areas of sight of the researchers or the patrolling guard. Note that sometimes, taking out foes will make them notice something which causes them to change the direction in which they are looking.

Hint: you don't want to knock out all the researchers here, just the ones on the way to the single door panel. Utilize Caithe's dash skill for timing.

In the next room, there is a patrolling Veteran PT-R01 golem that is able to discover you in stealth if you get too close. You will need to activate both panels in a short time, as the golem will investigate when one panel is activated and walk towards it to turn it off. Simply activate one panel when the golem is far away, and activate the other while the golem is walking to the first panel to investigate.

Hint: you want to start activating a panel as the golem walks past it, which will trigger its attention when it is as far from the panel as possible.

In the next room, investigate the Central Chamber Control Panel to trigger the next cutscene. Afterwards, go back to the room where various researchers and three golems are now. You have to activate both panels again within a short period of time to deactivate the door into the central chamber.

Hint: knock out all the researchers; the patrolling guard is probably the best first place to start. You will end up triggering panels three times: the first one attracts the central golem, the second activate while it's at the far side fixing the first one, and then you have time to trigger the first panel again before it can be deactivated.

Enter the central chamber to trigger the cutscene, and then approach Vorpp and try to take him out. After the following cutscene, shield generators will appear on the corners of the central platform. Vorpp will teleport to the generators in sequence, moving clockwise, while his shielded krewe members try to spot you. You need to sabotage a shield generator while unobserved and right before Vorpp teleports to it; if you do, Vorpp's shield will drop temporarily and you can strike him. (A red arrow will be visible over the generator you need to sabotage.) Be sure you're unobserved when you attack, or you will be swarmed by all the opponents.

It's possible to get stuck inside the shield generators as they respawn, preventing you from moving and enemies from attacking you.

Once you've gotten a hit on Vorpp, he will send PT-R01 golems to guard the shield generators. They will automatically discover you if you get inside their range. Activating a Holding Cell Panel in the center will attract the attention of the two nearest golems, pulling them off-station and letting you approach the shield generators. As in the previous round, you need to sabotage the generator Vorpp is about to teleport to in order to temporarily cancel his shield. While the arrows are relevant to this, don't let the arrows stop you from sabotaging the generator you are nearest, but ahead of what Vorpp is working on. Then wait for him to come to you to replace/repair it. His shield will still be down at it. This makes the timing much less critical. Once his shield drops, deliver the final blow.

If you end up being discovered while trying to take out Vorpp, you will have to fight all asura at once, including Vorpp. One tactic is to kite in a circle around the center of the chamber, getting the asura and golems to follow you and using the #2 or #7 movement skills to stay ahead. The #0 skill will give you stealth which is helpful with getting distance and the #8 skill will leave caltrops for pursuers to run over.

You can get caught in a loop knocking out Vorpp he will simply say 'I'm more resilient than that!' and the generators and everything just resets the only way out is to quit the game if you die you are given the option to retry or exit to Metrica Province but no matter what you choose you will restart the instance.
If you kill Vorpp before his crew, he will despawn softlocking the instance, thus unable to finish it.

Finally, deactivate the lock to the cells, and talk to Faolain to end the memory. Then back in the reality, discuss what you learned with Marjory to complete the mission.


This achievement rewards items. Return to Meeting the Asura Return to Seeds of Truth and Point of No Return 0Achievement points
Complete the mission Meeting the Asura in Living World Season 2 Episode 7.
Reward: Burning Ember.pngPile of Silky Sand (50)
Completed Meeting the Asura 0Achievement points
This achievement rewards items. Aggressive Infiltration Seeds of Truth 10Achievement points
Complete "Meeting the Asura" without dying, and sound every room's alarm.Story Instance: Meeting the Asura
Reward: Loot Sack.pngBag of Alchemical Materials (10)
Completed Meeting the Asura and Defeated All Combatants 10Achievement points
  • To complete this achievement, you need to activate the alarm in every room, and defeat all foes without dying. You may first knock out any or all of the asura to make the fights easier.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Aggressive Infiltration effect.
This achievement rewards items. Invisible Infiltration Seeds of Truth 15Achievement points
Complete "Meeting the Asura" without being detected after the initial skirmish.Story Instance: Meeting the Asura
Reward: Hero's Bag of Bandit Crests.pngHuge Bag of Bandit Crests
Completed Meeting the Asura Without Being Detected 15Achievement points
  • To complete this achievement, you may not be detected throughout the whole instance after the initial fight before entering the lab.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Invisible Infiltration effect.
This achievement rewards items. Unforgiving Infiltration Seeds of Truth 20Achievement points
Complete "Meeting the Asura" after speaking with the challenge mote to activate challenge mode.Story Instance: Meeting the Asura
Reward: Deluxe Gear Box.pngBox of Lab Equipment (3)
Overcame Challenge Mode 20Achievement points
  • To get this achievement, you need to activate challenge mode by talking to the Challenge Mote at the beginning of the instance. In challenge mode, each room will spawn a champion golem to make the fight more difficult. However, if you remain stealthed throughout the entire mission you will avoid fighting any of them.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Unforgiving Infiltration effect.
  • Challenge motes are not available until the 2nd play-through on a given character.
This achievement should be obtainable on the first play-through of the story on a given character, but the Challenge Mote doesn't appear until subsequent visits.



In Hexane Regrade[edit]


In the memory[edit]



In Hexane Regrade[edit]

Asura (Inquest)
Golems (Inquest)

In the memory[edit]

Asura (Peacemakers)
Golems (Peacemakers)



Approaching Marjory
Marjory Delaqua: This is the place? It's run by Inquest. We'll have to be careful. I'll watch your back while you're in the vision.
Talking to Marjory
You still have the memory seeds, right?
Talk quest option tango.png I do, and I'm certain the target is here somewhere. Let's look around.

Caithe's memory[edit]

Approaching Faolain
Faolain: You're right. We need to go in stealthily and see if we can take them by surprise. There are too many of them to attack head-on.
Talking to Faolain (cutscene)
Caithe: Hold up a second. Why are you so interested in Cadeyrn and his dissenters?
Faolain: It's simple, really. From the moment we awakened, our mother has molded us into an idealized version of nobility.
Faolain: She doesn't see or care who we are, so long as we match her ideal of us.
Caithe: I've felt it, too. The pressure to be perfect.
Faolain: Yes. And the pain that comes with failing to live up to her expectations. Why can't she love us unconditionally?
Faolain: She claims to believe that all weeds and blossoms are equal. Yet, she tries to make us all into blossoms.
Caithe: I love you, just as you are.
Faolain: We belong together. C'mon, my darling. Let's go rescue our sprouts.
Caithe: Put your hand on my arm.
Faolain: But if your way fails, we do it my way.
Caithe: Stay close.
Upon being discovered after the cutscene
Peacemaker Officer: Ahh! Some of those animals have gotten loose!
After fending off the first guards
Faolain: Wait, there's a guard ahead. Take it out from behind.
Entering the guard's line of sight
Krewe Guard: I keep hearing things.
Talking to Faolain
Your skills constantly surprise me, love. You're completely invisible to these imps so long as you don't attract their attention.
Talk more option tango.png I'll have to be mindful of their lines of sight and sensors, though.
Don't worry. If they spot you, we'll just beat them senseless until you can drop us back into shadow.
Talk end option tango.png I hope it won't come to that.
After knocking out the guard
Faolain: Great. Now we can get that gate open.
After activating the panel
Faolain: Lovely. That last imp didn't see a thing—because we took it down first. Now we can get in.
Statics Researcher: Can someone bring me an aether slicer, please?
Statics Researcher: It's got to be almost break time. I'm starving.
Statics Researcher: Well, that's not the result I was expecting.
Statics Researcher: Did I mention I have to leave early today?
Statics Researcher: The scan is nearly complete. Prepare the next device.
Upon entering the room
Statics Researcher: What an odd smell.
When taking out a researcher, prompting the areas of sight to change
Statics Researcher: Hey. I think I heard something.
As Faolain enters the next room
Faolain: Those constructs look like they could detect us if we get too close.
Activating a panel for the first time
Alert: Golem investigating panel activation.
Veteran PT-R01: Unexpected—sound—registered. Investigating.
Veteran PT-R01: Log. Query—answered. Unexpected—sound—was—door—panel—activation. Deactivating—per—security—protocol—988c.
Faolain: It turned off the panel! You should reactivate it when that thing is farther away.
When detected by the security golems
Veteran PT-R01: Alert! Alert! Intruder—detected!
Activating a panel again
Alert: Golem investigating panel activation.
Veteran PT-R01: Registering—unexpected—noise. Investigating.
Veteran PT-R01: Log. Deactivating—door. Altering—repair—team—of—potential—malfunction.
Deactivating both panels
Veteran PT-R01: Log. Door—activated. Shutting—down—for—diagnostics.
Investigating the Central Chamber Control Panel (cutscene)
Faolain: What do you suppose they're doing to them?
Caithe: Bad things. Let me see if I can figure out this console.
Faolain: There' Do you see? Bodies, everywhere... What's taking you so long?
Caithe: Almost got it.
Faolain: They're killing them! We have to go now!
Caithe: Thorns! I can't open it from here. There are two more panels that control this door.
Faolain: I'm going to kill every last one of these monsters!
Caithe: We can't go charging in. Our best bet is to sneak in and take them by surprise.
Back in the room
Krewe Guard: Back to work! Break's over.
Statics Researcher: Finally, the console's working. I swear...sneeze on that thing, and it breaks.
Statics Researcher: My test on the leaf patterns around the central body produced fascinating results.
Statics Researcher: As far as I can tell, these creatures have no reproductive organs.
Statics Researcher: I've successfully gathered pollen from a few of the plant-beasts. Analyzing now.
Statics Researcher: My communication port isn't working again. Can someone please summon a tech-repair unit for me?
Talking to Faolain
Curse these see-through walls and magical...thingies! We need to get into that central chamber, now!
Talk end option tango.png Patience, dear. We're nearly there.
Approaching the guard
Krewe Guard: Why do I have a bad feeling?
Activating a panel for the first time
Alert: Golem investigating panel activation.
Veteran PT-R01: Unexpected—sound—registered. Investigating.
Veteran PT-R01: Log. Query—answered. Unexpected—sound—was—door—panel—activation. Deactivating—per—security—protocol—988c.
Activating a panel again
Alter: Golem investigating panel activation.
Veteran PT-R01: Registering—unexpected—noise. Investigating.
Veteran PT-R01: Log. Deactiving—door. Altering—repair—team—of—potential—malfunction.
Deactivating both panels
Veteran PT-R01: Log. Door—activated. Shutting—down—for—diagnostics.
Entering the central chamber (cutscene)
Caithe: Let our people go, or we will destroy this entire place.
Vorpp: What is this? Who let this creature out of its cage? Someone's fired!
Faolain: You monster. You're dead.
Vorpp: Oh! Security! Security!
After the cutscene
Faolain: I'll take care of them. Go stealthily and neutralize their leader.
When trying to take out Vorpp
Vorpp: Oh! Almost had me there. Good thing my defense shielding is active.
Faolain: Yes, one down. Wait, what?
Newborn: Why...
Canach: No! Cease your attacks! I feel a strong energetic connection between us and those constructs.
Newborn: (scream)
Vorpp: Oh! You noticed! We've learned that your kind's life force does wonders for our golem's power levels!
Faolain: This stops now. These monsters will pay a steep price for their cruelty! Focus on their leader.
Vorpp: Hello? Krewe? Some reinforcements would be appreciated.
Vorpp: Okay, krewe, your shields will protect you against the creature's attacks.
Vorpp: Now find that creature while I maintain the shield generators! It could be anywhere...
Vorpp: Ahh! Who left that generator malfunctioning? I nearly lost my shield!
As Faolain defeats more VRPP-261 golems, consuming the newborn
Newborn: No...
Newborn: (scream)
Newborn: No, no, no.
Newborn: (scream)
Newborn: (crying) I want to live.
Newborn: (scream)
If discovered while sabotaging the generators
Vorpp: Oh! What have we here?
As Vorpp's shield gets deactivated
Vorpp: No! My shield.
After hitting Vorpp once more with his shield deactivated
Vorpp: I'm more resilient than I appear. It'll (groan) take more than that to best me.
Vorpp: They're so persistent. Krewe, hook the babbling one up to my golem. Immediately!
Canach: Stop! (scream)
Vorpp: You're surprisingly formidable, but this should reestablish my superiority.
After defeating Vorpp
Vorpp: C-curse you creatures. Your victory will be short-lived, I assure you.
Talking to Faolain
Quick, open the bars.
Talk end option tango.png On it.
After freeing the newborn
Faolain: This...this is real life. Pain.
Canach: Pain, humiliation, and eventually death. For us...and for them. Did you have to kill them?
Vorpp: Me? Oh! It was all in the interest of knowledge gained. You beings are an anomaly. It wasn't personal.
Faolain: (growl) I'm going to tear your ears off!
Faolain: You... Don't let it get away!
Talking to Faolain (cutscene)
Faolain: No! Where did it go? No! It got away!
Caithe: Forget that monster. It's time to go home. We have to get the injured back to safety.
Faolain: I don't like being bested. I refuse to be anyone's fool—not these horrible creatures', and certainly not Wynne's.
Caithe: Stop obsessing. By now, Wynne is all the way out in the Silverwastes. And you're not a fool.
Faolain: Wynne is guarding an important secret. No one person should control our fate.
Caithe: My love, you really think she knows something she's not telling us?
Faolain: I know she does. She said to Mother, "They can never know. It could exert unspeakable power over all sylvari."
Faolain: I must know what that power is. Once the sprouts are safe, you and I are going out to the Silverwastes to confront her.

Back in the reality[edit]

Talking to Marjory
So, tell me everything! What happened? What did you see?
Talk quest option tango.png Faolain was obsessed with Wynne; she thought Wynne had a secret.
What did Caithe think of that?
Talk quest option tango.png She wasn't sure. She didn't overhear Wynne and the Pale Tree talking.
Well, isn't this just a complex mystery. So where are we going next?
Talk quest choice tango.png To the Silverwastes. To find the truth.
Talk back option tango.png What was that you were saying?
Talk more option tango.png I was Caithe again, this time assaulting the lab.
Did you fight Inquest?
Talk more option tango.png It wasn't the Inquest. It was Vorpp.
Vorpp? The asura who wanted Taimi for a student?
Talk more option tango.png Exactly. Now I understand why Taimi chose Zojja over him.
That boggles the mind. You'll have to tell me all the details later. For now, did you get a clue as to where we should go next?
Talk quest choice tango.png I think we need to head back to the Silverwastes to find a centaur village.
Talk back option tango.png What was that you were saying?

My story[edit]

Meeting the Asura loading screen.jpg

I used a seed to enter Caithe's memory of the time she and Faolain saved a group of secondborn from asura. They found my old acquaintance Vorpp experimenting on the poor sylvari. Vorrp[sic] had the scare of his life, I suspect, and he learned that sylvari do not make good test subjects.

As they were leaving, Faolain announced her intention to travel to the Silverwastes in pursuit of Wynne who was going there to research Ventari with a centaur tribe. Caithe tried to discourage her from this, to no avail. I need to head back to Camp Resolve to see if any centaur have ever been found out in the Silverwastes.

My story


  • Other party members will be under the Like the Wind.png Memory Presence effect during the memory vision.