Industrial Espionage

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the story step. For the collection item, see Industrial Espionage (trophy). For the achievement, see The Future in Jade#Industrial Espionage.
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Industrial Espionage

1325 AE
Personal story
Interested Parties
Venlin Vale
(Brisban Wildlands)
Asura tango icon 20px.png Asura
Infinity Ball
Preceded by
Biography Infinity Ball.png Beta Test
Followed by
Biography Infinity Ball.png Split Second

Industrial Espionage is part of the personal story for asura characters whose first invention was the Infinity Ball and chose to pursue a power cell from the Inquest.


Acquire a power source for the Infinity Ball from the Inquest.

  • Meet Shodd outside the Inquest Invariant Base.
  • Gain access to the Inquest base.
  • Escape from the Inquest's trap.
  • Defeat Lab Manager Grex.
  • Collect the Infinity Ball's new power source.


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All professions


Defeat the Inquest enemies as you go through the base. When you reach Lab Manager Grex a "trap" will be sprung and a force field will prevent you from attacking Grex and getting the power source. There are four power supplies to the force fields: 2 next to Grex and 2 from the exit. Only the two next to Grex have to be destroyed. Once the force field is disabled, Grex will enter her power suit and two more Inquest will spawn. After defeating all three, collect the Mega Node 5000 Power Storage Unit to finish the mission.





Asura (Inquest)


Cinematic with Shodd:

Shodd: This is the place. Can you feel it? I can practically smell the power we need, and it's just inside. Come on!
<Character name>: Slow down, Shodd. We need more of a plan than "Come on!" This is the Inquest. They take security very seriously.
Shodd: Relax. They expect people to steal their best stuff, the way they steal from everyone else. But we're not after their best stuff.
Shodd: We just need one little power source from one forgotten corner of the lab. It probably won't even be guarded.
Shodd: And if I'm wrong, we'll just sort them out like we did those portal monsters. I mean, it's the Inquest! They deserve all the punishment we can dish out.
<Character name>: All right, all right. Let's just grab the power source and get out before I change my mind.

Talking to Shodd:

Shodd: Mark my words: that power source is as good as ours. The Inquest will never see us coming.
Charisma And if they do, you can just sweet-talk them into compliance, you silver-tongued imp.
Talk end option tango.png I hope so, for all our sakes.

Approaching Inquest sentries:

Inquest Technician: Sentry duty is always such a colossal bore.
Inquest Technician: Quit crying. We get paid the same if we fend off a horde of skritt or if we stand here picking our ears.
Inquest Technician: Okay, I definitely heard something. I think someone's coming.
Inquest Extinguisher: You're right. I'll hold them off, you go warn the supervisor. Tell her to send backup!

Cinematic with Lab Manager Grex:

Lab Manager Grex: Ladies and gentlemen of the Inquest, behold: two of the stupidest thieves who ever went a-thieving.
Lab Manager Grex: I don't know which is more surprising: that you tried to infiltrate our base, or that you made it this far.
Lab Manager Grex: It doesn't really matter, though. No one will ever know you were here, and no one will ever find your remains.
<Character name>: "It probably won't even be guarded." You're a clod, Shodd.
Shodd: Umm...oops?

After cinematic:

Lab Manager Grex: I've scraped stuff off my shoe that's smarter than you.

Talking to Shodd after meeting Lab Manager Grex:

Shodd: Okay, I admit it: I underestimated the Inquest's security. However, casting aspersions at this point is counterproductive. We've got a fight on our hands.
Ferocity Good. My day isn't complete until I kick a few Inquest around.
Talk end option tango.png No kidding.

Damaging the trap controls:

Lab Manager Grex: Stay away from that! Somebody, stop them!
Lab Manager Grex: Which one of you fatuous simpletons put the trap controls INSIDE the trap?

Fighting Lab Manager Grex:

Lab Manager Grex: Pity you came such a long way just to die at my feet.
Lab Manager Grex: Hello, guards? Now we [sic] be a good time to rally 'round your leader!

After defeating Lab Manager Grex and grabbing the Mega Node 5000 Power Storage Unit (cinematic):

Shodd: I knew there was nothing here we couldn't handle. And you were worried.
<Character name>: I'm still worried. About you. Do you even know what "consequences" are?
Shodd: Sure I do: they're what happens to people who fail. And we didn't fail. The power source we need is right here.
<Character name>: Grab it and let's go. The only thing that can redeem this fiasco is a perfectly functioning Infinity Ball.
Shodd: No problem. The final testing ground is all set. I'll meet you there, and then this fiasco is as good as redemeed!

Talking to Shodd after defeating Lab Manager Grex:

Shodd: See? All's well that end's well. The power source is ours, and there's few less Inquest in the world. I call that win-win.
Dignity I call it a narrowly avoided disaster. Come on, the Infinity Ball is waiting.
Talk end option tango.png Let's just finish this before anything else goes wrong.

My story[edit]

A Vision of Darkness.jpg

Shodd and I managed to obtain the power source we need from the Inquest, but the plan did not go off without a fact, like all of Shodd's plans so far, this one was decidedly hitch-heavy. As we accomplished our mission, however, we decided to press on and take the final step toward making the Infinity Ball work as it was always intended to work.

My story