Bad Business

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Biography VAL-A Golem.png

Bad Business

1325 AE
Personal story
Interested Parties
Zinder Slope
(Brisban Wildlands)
Asura tango icon 20px.png Asura
VAL-A Golem
Preceded by
Biography VAL-A Golem.png Short Fuse
Followed by
Biography VAL-A Golem.png Magnum Opus

Bad Business is the third part of the personal story storyline Interested Parties for asura characters who chose the VAL-A Golem as their first invention. This story is selected if the player suspects it was Mink's adding far more power cells than necessary to the player's original VAL-A blueprints that caused the golem to run amok.


Snoop on Mink at the Seraph Protectors camp.

  • Ask Captain Renata about Mink.

Confront Mink before he completes his business deal.

  • Meet up with Zojja.
  • Locate Mink on the Zinder Slope.
  • Observe Mink's business pitch.
  • (Defeat the bandit guards.)
  • Defeat the bandits.
  • (Defeat Parkyr Vellon and his hired goons.)
  • Defeat Parkyr Vellon.
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All professions


Travel to the The Wendon Steps and ask Seraph Captain Renata for Mink's whereabouts. Track down Mink as he attempts to conduct business with Parkyr Vellon. The deal goes bad, and Vellon orders his henchmen to attack. Fight off three waves of bandits and then defeat Vellon himself.





Humans (Bandits)


Talk with Seraph Captain Renata:

Seraph Captain Renata: What can I help you with, traveler?
Talk quest option tango.png Have you seen an asura named Mink around? Probably had couple of golems with him, very self-important?
Actually, yes. He seemed to be talking to Parkyr Vellon, one of the merchants I see around here from time to time. I think I saw them head west.
Talk quest option tango.png Thanks, I'll go look for him.

Meet up with Zojja:

Zojja: I saw your flare. Nice work. Now let's see if we can talk some sense into that idiot Mink.

Talking with your allies:

Zojja: Mink the Fink's here somewhere. I almost feel sorry for whatever bookah's buying his inventions.
Talk end option tango.png We'd better hurry.
Mr. Sparkles: Protocol: follow—Zojja. Pending—jobs: smash—Mink, assorted—maintenance, bake—cookies.
Talk end option tango.png Sounds like good programming to me.

Cinematic when locate Mink:

<Character name>: Stop! You can't sell those golems. They're defective and dangerous.
Parkyr Vellon: You were supposed to come alone, Mink. Who's this? And what was that about my merchandise being "defective"?
Mink: Uh, pay them no mind, Mr. Vellon. Those are rivals of mine, looking to...derail our transaction. Just give me a moment.
Mink: What are you doing here, and why are you trying to ruin my deal? Just because I improved on your design—
Zojja: Quiet, you hack. Your golem is like a bomb waiting to go off. Didn't you hear about the people it already killed?
Mink: Even if I believed you, progress demands sacrifice! Step aside. I've got a demonstration to make, and I'm not letting you spoil it.

If you try to talk to Mink:

Mink: Get away, kid, you bother me. I'm working here.

Observe Mink's business pitch:

Zojja: Idiot. Okay, Savant, stand by: this demonstration of his could get us all killed.
Zojja: You watch the golem, I'll watch that shady bookah Mink's dealing with.
Mink: Now behold, Mr. Vellon, as my golem loads up your cart with...what's in these casks, again?
Parkyr Vellon: They're full Nothing but fine wine from Beetletun.
Mink: Very good, sir. VAL-A! Load Mr. Vellon's cart with these casks of wine, and be quick about it!

In-game cut scene:

VAL-A Golem: Affirmative. Baggage—handling—sequence: activated.
VAL-A Golem: Handling—baggage. Handling—bag...bagging—handle...hagging—bandle...bandle...hag...bandy—haggle... (explodes)

After the cut scene:

Parkyr Vellon: My cart bull! What have you done, Mink?
Zojja: That's some powerful stuff you've got there, Mr. Vellon. I didn't know Beetletun made weapons-grade wine.
Parkyr Vellon: Cute. Mink, as far as I'm concerned, you, your friends, and this deal are a total loss.
Parkyr Vellon: Boys, time to cut some losses. Put these bunny-eared freaks in the ground.

Talking to the NPCs:

Mink: Wait! This can't be happening!
Talk end option tango.png Shut up and fight!
Zojja: Something about this whole deal's making my ear tufts stand on end. Get it over with. Fast.
Talk end option tango.png I'll be on my guard.
Mr. Sparkles: Determination: caution.
Talk end option tango.png I'll be careful.
Parkyr Vellon: Bug off, kid, you bother me.
Talk end option tango.png We'll see about that.

During the fight with the bandits:

Mink: Don't kill me! I've got so much to give!
Zojja: The golems explode on ignition. We can use that against these thugs!
Parkyr Vellon: Don't let them escape!
Parkyr Vellon: Quick now...protect me and kill them!
Parkyr Vellon points at <Character name>.
Mink: Help! They're going to kill me!
Parkyr Vellon: What's wrong with you idiots? Can't take out a few measly asura? They're wee and fragile!
Parkyr Vellon points at <Character name>.
Zojja: Keep your eyes open and focus on your enemies!
Parkyr Vellon: Kill them! Kill them or I'll be next! And then it's your turn!
Parkyr Vellon points at <Character name>.
Mink: Focus on guarding me!

Defeating Parkyr Vellon:

Parkyr Vellon: Let's do this!
Zojja: Nobody attacks me!

Cinematic after defeating Parkyr Vellon:

Mink: Er...thanks for saving my life. Who'd have guessed that a murderous smuggler like Vellon would turn on me?
Zojja: Everybody but you. Besides, with all that extra power cells you crammed in that golem, you're lucky it didn't explode in your face.
<Character name>: Wait. It blew up, but it didn't go haywire. Were we wrong? Was Keppa the one we wanted after all?
Mink: Keppa? Hah! Her golems are nothing but skritt junk glued together with mucilage! They fall apart after two steps.
Zojja: Mink's a brainless toad, but he does have a point.
Mink: Hey!
Zojja: I think I know what to look for now. Let me run a few tests back in my lab. Meet me there and we can explore my new theory.

Talking to NPCs:

Mink: Thanks for helping me out back there. I thought I was done for. Guess I've got a lot to learn yet about making a good golem.
Talk more option tango.png Don't be so hard on yourself. Your combat golem was pretty solid.
That was the best golem I ever made, but you beat it hands-down. You could teach me a lot about golemancy.
Talk end option tango.png Maybe I will some time. See you around, Mink.
Talk more option tango.png Maybe if you asked me nice, I could drop some pointers.
You'd do that? Frankly. If you'd be willing to teach, I'd be happy to learn!
Talk end option tango.png I'll keep it in mind, Mink. See you later.
Talk end option tango.png I guess so. Bye, Mink.
Parkyr Vellon: D-don't kill me! It was just a laugh, yeah? Just a laugh...
Ferocity You better start running, before all of those weapons end up stuck in your chest.
Y-yes! Thank you, thank you! You'll never see me again.
Talk end option tango.png I better not. Get lost.
Dignity Heads-up: I'm going to alert the Seraph to your weapon-smuggling operation.
Oh gods. They'll hunt me down—maybe I can make it to Lion's Arch if I run all the way there.
Talk end option tango.png You'd better start jogging, then.
Charisma I'm laughing just thinking about what those bandits are going to do to you.
Oh no...Grenth preserve me. Maybe I should turn myself in—better jailed than dead.
Talk end option tango.png Good luck with that, Chuckles.
Talk end option tango.png You're not worthy my time.

My story[edit]

Bad Forecast.jpg

At the Seraph camp, Captain Renata had good news and bad news about Mink. The good news: she'd seen Mink. The bad news: Mink's about to sell some of his VAL-A golems to a merchant. I've got to get there and stop them in case they go berserk!

Mink's malfunctioning golem almost got everyone killed! I beat up a shady merchant named Vellon, but I'm starting to think Mink isn't the one who messed with my invention. He just hasn't got the brains for it.

My story