Through the Looking Glass

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Through the Looking Glass

1325 AE
Personal story
Victory or Death
Blighted Battleground
(Straits of Devastation)
Preceded by
Temple of the Forgotten God
Followed by
What the Eye Beholds

Through the Looking Glass.jpg

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Through the Looking Glass is a mission in the personal story for characters who have finished Temple of the Forgotten God and have chosen lure the Eye of Zhaitan into an ambush ("That sounds promising. I'll do it.") in the previous mission.


Lure in and kill the Eye of Zhaitan.

  • Meet Trahearne at the Blighted Battleground.
  • Take cover until Trahearne signals the attack.
  • Confront the Eye of Zhaitan.
  • Regroup with your allies.
  • Find Trahearne and Carys.
  • Find Carys.
  • Kill the Eye of Zhaitan.


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All professions


Approaching Trahearne will trigger a cinematic which reveals that Tegwen and Carys have brought an Orrian mirror with them in order to attract the Eye of Zhaitan and ambush it. The Eye arrives with some Risen and manipulates the mirror in an attempt to create a portal. Trahearne orders the attack. Kill all the Risen (the Eye cannot be defeated at this stage). The Eye will then succeed in creating the portal and pull everyone into it, teleporting you into a cave to the north, while the rest of the group is a short distance to the south-west.

Your objective is now to regroup with your allies. Take it slowly and kill everything in your path since none of the other cutscenes will cause you to move out of range of nearby foes. There are a handful of Risen pirates in the cave you're in which can be easily dispatched. The cave has two exits, to the north and south - exiting from the south is the more direct path to your allies. As soon as you exit, a group of racial allies whom you had decided to help earlier in your story will approach and offer their help (despite how pathetic your racial allies may initially appear, they are of considerable help when you take into account the number of undead you will be facing). Talking to them will spawn a group of Risen around them and cause them to start fighting with you. A short distance away is Tegwen, fighting another group of Risen. After dispatching both groups a few more Risen may spawn, after which a cutscene will play with your racial ally, yourself and Tegwen. It appears that your friends have not all been teleported to the same place.

Following the cutscene you will have to regroup with Trahearne and Carys, who are south-east of your position. Optional: If you run a short distance to the south you may see the Eye up on some large stone debris, and moving closer to it you will witness a short cutscene with Carys surrounded by Risen, including the Eye. But first you must find Trahearne.

Go east and fight a number of Risen, including a Risen Wizard who must be defeated. Several of your companions may die in this fight due to the large number of enemies, so be prepared. There's no need to rush; you can pull them in smaller groups, and you don't have to kill those that are further away. Tegwen seems to be a mesmer but her Time Warp does not seem to grant Quickness, but is nevertheless an Ethereal field. After turning south you will see Trahearne with an invulnerability buff, fighting a group of Risen, so he'll be fine even if you take your time getting to him. Note that the Risen respawn after a short while.

Beyond Trahearne is yet another group of around 20 dispersed Risen before you reach the Eye of Zhaitan and Carys (who may be defeated by now, if you had triggered the cutscene before reaching Trahearne). Trahearne keeps his invulnerability and stays behind. The Champion Eye of Zhaitan is, however, easy to defeat (not of champion difficulty at all), and a cutscene plays after defeating it. (Note that Risen continue to respawn after the last cutscene and as you are presented with the choice of event rewards).



Grawl (if Doubt was chosen)
Hylek (if Champion's Sacrifice was chosen)
Ogre (if Untamed Wilds was chosen)
Quaggan (if Bad Ice was chosen)
Skritt (if Rat-Tastrophe was chosen)




Opening cinematic, if the player did not do the sylvari Act with Wisdom storyline:

Trahearne: Welcome, Commander. I'd like you to meet Valiants Tegwen and Carys. They'll be assisting us with our mission.
Trahearne: They've supplied the artifact we needed to lure out the Eyes of Zhaitan: an enchanted mirror that allows one to spy on Orr.
<Character name>: It's a good plan, but is this the right bait? Its magic has to be strong enough to catch the attention of the Eyes.
Tegwen: It should be. The mirror is more than just a vanity item, it's a portal to and from Orr. The last time I used it, I was transported here.
Carys: Where I rescued her. Well, helped Trahearne rescue her. Now I'm worried that the Eyes will know more about the mirror than we do. It's Orrian, right? And so are they.
Trahearne: We'll have to take that risk. Stand ready, everyone. I feel Zhaitan's influence closing in on us. Whatever draws near is deadly.

Opening cinematic, if the player did the sylvari Act with Wisdom storyline:

Trahearne: Welcome, Commander. You remember Valiants Tegwen and Carys? They'll be assisting us with our mission.
<Character name>: I remember them well. Does this mean we're using the Orrian mirror to lure out the Eyes of Zhaitan?
Trahearne: Precisely. The mirror is powerful enough to warrant Zhaitan's attention, and that means the Eyes will be drawn to it.
Tegwen: Then we strike. We'll shut Zhaitan's Eye for good.
Carys: It's a solid plan, but still I'm worried. The artifact is linked to Orr, and our prey is in Orr. What if the Eye knows more about the mirror than we do?
Trahearne: We'll have to take that risk. Stand ready, everyone. I feel Zhaitan's influence closing on us. Whatever draws near is deadly.

When the Eye of Zhaitan arrives (cinematic):

Eye of Zhaitan: You cannot hide, you cannot surprise me. I see all. Zhaitan's gaze cannot be avoided.
Eye of Zhaitan: Your mirror belongs to the dragon. Soon, all will belong to the dragon.
Tegwen: The mirror's responding to his commands. He's activating a portal!
Trahearne: Attack! Stop him, or we'll have an entire Risen army out here!

After defeating the summoned Risen:

Eye of Zhaitan: Feeble. You'll never defeat me, or the dragon.
Tegwen: No good—it's drawing power from the mirror!
Eye of Zhaitan: (laugh) Together, you may be strong, but I will weaken you. Come...Zhaitan's army waits to absorb you.
Trahearne: It's pulling us in. The mirror is blocking my magic—I can't stop him!
Trahearne: I can blunt the effect, but—

Approaching Tegwen:

Gara: (if grawl racial sympathy) That sylvari's in trouble. Protect her! Charge!
Ikniu: (if hylek racial sympathy) The sylvari needs help. Attack!
Lagula: (if ogre racial sympathy) That sylvari soldier needs our help. Go! Now!
Shashoo: (if quaggan racial sympathy) Hurry! That skinny sylvari needs help. Don't be ashamed: charge!
Ftokchak: (if skritt racial sympathy) Quick, quick! That sylvari needs help. Attack!

Cinematic after reuniting with Tegwen:

If grawl racial sympathy
Gara: Good to see you again. But why are you here? They told us to "patrol and to engage the enemy", not to rescue old friends.
Tegwen: That's far enough. Do you know them, Commander? I didn't think we had grawl in the pact.[sic]
Gara: The commander saved my people and showed us we had to join the fight against the dragons. What's your excuse, leafy?
<Character name>: Easy, Gara. Tegwen is just being cautious. We're glad to have you. There's an Eye of Zhaitan hunting us, and we'll need your support.
Gara: We are with you. We are ready. Lead the way.
If hylek racial sympathy
Ikniu: I am pleased to see you again. I am also surprised. No one told us we would have allies on our patrol.
Tegwen: No one told us there were hylek in the Pact. Do you know these people, Commander?
Ikniu: What, you don't trust us? The commander saved my people from the Sunless Ones and showed us we had to join the fight against the dragons.
<Character name>: It's alright, Ikniu. Tegwen is just being cautious. We're glad to have you. There's an Eye of Zhaitan hunting us, and we'll need your support.
Ikniu: You'll have it. Lead on, Commander, and the Hylek will follow.
If ogre racial sympathy
Lagula: Hello again. When they sent us to patrol this wretched land, I never thought I'd see you here.
Tegwen: Come no further. Commander, do you know these people? I didn't realize we had ogres in the Pact.
Lagula: You little stick. What do you know about it? We joined the Pact after your commander saved my people and showed us we had to join the fight against the dragons.
<Character name>: It's all right, Lagula. Tegwen is just being cautious. We're glad to have you. There's an Eye of Zhaitan hunting us, and we'll need your support.
Lagula: Done. You take the lead. We'll follow with our pets.
If quaggan racial sympathy
Shashoo: Coo! Quaggan is pleased to see you. Quaggans are still not used to fighting, but want to help anyway. What brings you here?
Tegwen: Do you know these people, Commander? I didn't know quaggans could fight, or even join the Pact.
Shashoo: The commander saved quaggans people and showed that quaggans must fight against dragons. Quaggans want to help.
<Character name>: Thank you, Shashoo. We're glad to have you. There's an Eye of Zhaitan hunting us, and we'll need your support.
Shashoo: Foo on big-eye! Boo on big-eye! You show quaggans where to go and who to fight. Quaggans will do it.
If skritt racial sympathy
Ftokchak: Old friend! Glad to see you, yes, yes. We patrol this stinky place, as ordered. Surprised to see you, yes, yes.
Tegwen: Stand back. You're crowding our commander and we don't even know you. In fact, I've never seen skritt in the Pact before.
Ftokchak: Hmph. Your problem, yours. Not mine. Huh. Joined Pact after commander saved us, showed us we needed to join in against the dragons, eh?
<Character name>: And we're glad to have you, Ftokchak. There's an Eye of Zhaitan hunting us, and we'll need your support.
Ftokchak: Yes! We'll help. You lead. Together, we'll shut the big eye. Yes! Then leave this stinky place fast, fast.

Talking to racial sympathy NPCs and Tegwen:

Tegwen: By the Mother Tree. We need to find Carys. She won't survive in this wretched place alone.
Talk end option tango.png We'll find her, but we have to proceed carefully.
Gara: I can feel this place making me sick. It's worse when I stand still. We must keep moving.
Talk end option tango.png All right. Let's go.
Ikniu:I look at these undead monsters and I remember what they did to my brother. I want to kill them all.
Talk end option tango.png We've got a mission to complete.
Lagula: We've got to keep moving. The longer we stay here, the more likely we will be taken by Zhaitan.
Talk end option tango.png Agreed. Let's move out.
Shashoo: Foo! This place hurts quaggan's eyes...and nose...and skin. Quaggan will stay and fight, but quaggan hopes quaggan doesn't have to stay long.
Talk end option tango.png Just long enough to complete the mission, I promise.
Ftokchak: Bad place, bad! Dirt, air, water, all poison. Stinks like dragon dooky! Move quick, leave quick, yes-yes?
Talk end option tango.png You're right. Let's go.

Approaching Trahearne:

Tegwen: Trahearne! Are you all right? Where is Carys?
Trahearne: I'm fine. I don't know where Carys is, but I hope we find her before the Eye does.

Talking to Trahearne:

Trahearne: I'm glad we found each other again. Now we must find the others: We cannot leave Carys to the Eye's gaze.
Talk end option tango.png Understood. Let's go.

Approaching Carys and the Eye of Zhaitan:

Carys: You don't scare me, Blinky. I've already seen the horrors of Orr firsthand.

Talking to Carys:

Carys: By the Pale Tree, this place is even more desolate and miserable than I remembered. I'll be glad when the Eye is dead and we can all go home.
Talk end option tango.png Agreed.

Cinematic after defeating the Eye of Zhaitan:

Carys: Ouch. Looks like you saved me this time, Tegwen. I'm done with that mirror, by the way. Forever.
Tegwen: That makes two of us. If we hadn't run into the commander's friends, we would've been in trouble.
Trahearne: This effort was difficult, but it proved fruitful. Thanks to you, my friends, we now have an Eye to study.
Carys: Is that wise? The Eye may still be connected to Zhaitan. Even dead, it could still be dangerous.
<Character name>: This encounter proved that we don't know enough about our enemies. Studying this Eye will address that.
Trahearne: My point exactly. I'm going to hand this monster over to my best researchers. Meet me at Fort Trinity and we'll get started.

Talking to NPCs:

Carys: Once the war is over and Zhaitan is dead, I'm going to bring Tegwen here for a picnic. We'll plant a few flowers, reminisce, and generally make this place nicer than it is.
Talk end option tango.png Save a seat for me.
Tegwen: This was too nerve-wracking. From now on, I'm not letting Carys out of my sight.
Talk end option tango.png That should keep her safe.
Trahearne: My plan succeeded, but now I see how reckless it was. Orr is too dangerous to leap into blindly.
Talk end option tango.png We got the eye. That's the first step towards victory.
Gara: I'm glad we have a chance to talk. My tribe finally found a new place to settle. We have no god yet, but for the first time, that doesn't seem so frightening.
Talk end option tango.png Glad to hear it. Thanks for you help.
Ikniu: I'm glad we meet again. It was difficult finding a new home, but my tribe is on its way to establishing a new village. I thought you deserved to know.
Talk end option tango.png Thanks.
Lagula: It's good to see you again. My people are almost through constructing our new kraal. We finished the pet pens first, and they're almost full.
Talk end option tango.png Glad to hear it.
Shashoo: Coo! Quaggan is happy to see you again. Quaggan's new village is almost complete, and the newly hatched quaggans are thriving.
Talk end option tango.png That's great news, Shashoo.
Ftokchak: Good to see you again, yes-yes! New scratch is well underway. Plenty of shinies to collect. Thanks, thanks again.
Talk end option tango.png Glad to hear it.

My story[edit]

Through the Looking Glass.jpg

Trahearne and I needed a powerful magical artifact to attract the Eye of Zhaitan, so we turned to Carys and Tegwen, two sylvari Wardens who had discovered a magic Orrian mirror. The trap worked. Trahearne sent the Eye's body back to be studied by the Pact's foremost authorities in order to determine what it is and how we can use it against Zhaitan.

My story


  • Originally, the story summary in the Hero panel says that Tegwen dies even though she doesn't, and is also seen again later in the personal story if you chose the Vigil's Plan during Further into Orr.
  • Sometimes, Trahearne will be bugged and won't move, which can cause the Eye of Zhaitan to stay invulnerable, making it impossible to complete the mission. You must restart if this happens.
  • It's possible to make the Eye and his allies appear by walking towards the wall nearby after saving Tegwen. You can defeat the Eye and his minions by jumping up on ledges and using weapons that have an arc, such as engineer grenades, or short bow skills with a thief etc. If you do, afterward you must still walk around the intended path to Trahearne which will complete the mission.