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Elixir Recipe

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Elixir Recipe

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Elixir Recipe is the fourth part of A Crack in the Ice.


Ingredient Gathering
  • Loot packets of frostbitten suet from creatures you kill.
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  • Get fresh winterberries from gathering nodes.
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  • Find a source for cold-resistant eggshells.
  • Find a firestone.
  • Talk to Hooga Dizdiz and Sun Warming about your quest.
  • (Harvest sticks from nearby saplings.)
  • Flexible Sticks: x/4
  • (Harvest shiny ice.)
  • Shiny Ice: x/4
  • (Collect chicken feathers to decorate your shrine.)
  • Chicken Feathers: x/4
  • Build a beautiful shrine to the grawl's goddess, Chokocooka.
  • Cement your your friendship with Hooga Dizdiz.
  • Collect a firestone.
  • Talk to Woomulla, the quaggan conservationist.
  • Collect eggs, place them in the incubator, and retrieve shells once they hatch.
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In order to complete this story step, you will need to gather four ingredients, which can be gathered in any order, to create a Thaw Elixir.

(*) After completing this story with the current character, Hooga Dizdiz will not give you another Grawl Firestone. Instead you must talk to Sun Warming after completing the renown heart to purchase it with karma. This is required if player accidentally consumed/destroyed the Grawl Firestone or if they want to get additional Thaw Elixir. It is recommended that the player be sure to get the Dive Master: Cold Feet achievement and the Snow Leopard Cub for their home instance during the story to avoid having to make another elixir.


Elixir Recipe A Crack in the Ice 0Achievement points
Collect all items on the ingredient list for the elixir.Journal: Elixir Recipe Completed Completed Elixir Recipe 0Achievement points
  • Simply complete the episode.




Speaking to Woomulla
Woomulla: Hoo!
Eagle Flight: The griffons in this copse are protected. What is your business here?
(If asura)
<Character name>: Hello. I seek the ingredients for an elixir I must brew. Would you help me determine where I might find them?
(If charr)
<Character name>: Hey there. I'm looking for ingredients for some magic recipe. Maybe you know where they'd be?
(If human or norn)
<Character name>: Hello. I'm looking for ingredients for an elixir I need. Would you help me determine where I might find them?
Eagle Flight: What ingredients, may I ask?
<Character name>: Yes. Winterberries, cold-resistant eggshells, frost-bitten suet, a fire stone, and a hot spring. Have you seen these?
Woomulla: Hmm. You could help find abandoned griffon eggs. They're under piles of snow. Quaggan would love you forever.
Woomulla: The griffon mothers are being killed by the Svanir before they can sit upon the eggs and warm them.
Eagle Flight: We are warming them ourselves.
<Character name>: You sit on them?
Eagle Flight: Great glaciers, no. We put them in the incubator.
Woomulla: It incubates the egg so it can hatch. Snow griffon eggs can survive in the cold for months, just waiting to be warmed up.
<Character name>: I'll see if I can find any unhatched eggs for you.
After hatching griffon eggs (random)
Woomulla: Oh foo. This one is so sweet.
Woomulla: FoooOOOoooo!
Woomulla: Coo! That one's especially cute.
Woomulla: Ta-dah!
Speaking to Hooga Dizdiz and Sun Warming
Veteran Hooga Dizdiz: You, you, you. Who you? What you want?
(If asura)
<Character name>: Good day to you. I hope I'm not interrupting anything, but I seek allies against the Svanir.
(If charr)
<Character name>: Hello. I come in peace, seeking allies against the Svanir.
(If human or norn)
<Character name>: Hello. I don't mean to trespass. I seek allies against the Svanir.
Sun Warming: Any enemy of the Svanir is a friend of ours. It's okay, Hooga. We can talk.
Veteran Hooga Dizdiz: Grrr. Talking, talking. Always talking.
Sun Warming: Those who aren't already corrupted by Jormag must work together if any of us are to survive.
<Character name>: I'm glad to hear that. I'm looking for ingredients that will help in a fight against an icebrood.
Sun Warming: What do you seek?
(If not yet collected eggshells)
<Character name>: Cold-resistant eggshells.
(If not yet collected winterberries and frostbitten suet)
<Character name>: Winterberries and frost-bitten suet.
(If not yet collected grawl firestone)
<Character name>: A fire stone and the whereabouts of hot springs.
Sun Warming: A fire stone? The grawl have them, but you'll have to earn their respect or they'll never give you one.
(If asura)
<Character name>: I could probably figure it out, but for time's sake, could you advise me? How should I go about it?
(If charr)
<Character name>: What's the strategy? How should I go about it?
(If human or norn)
<Character name>: Can you advise me? How should I go about it?
Sun Warming: They love their goddess. If you construct a shrine to honor her, I am confident they would reward you.
Sun Warming: And please be as respectful as possible with them. We need this alliance to last.
After building the shrine to Chococooka
Veteran Hooga Dizdiz: Oot! Ooot! Chokocooka happy. Shrine good.
<Character name>: I'm glad Chokocooka likes it.
Veteran Hooga Dizdiz: Ook, is good. Hah! Stone for you!
(if this was your last ingredient)
<Character name>: Just what I needed. I don't suppose you know where I could find fresh, hot—very hot—water, do you?
Sun Warming: Yes, indeed. There are springs not far from here. You will find very hot water there.
<Character name>: Thank you! And good luck. Long live Chokocooka!
Veteran Hooga Dizdiz: Ooot ooot!

My story[edit]

Bitterfrost Frontier loading screen.jpg

My quest to collect the ingredients for the thaw elixir brought many adventures my way. I found the winterberries, griffon eggshells, and frostbitten suet, and I also managed to coax a firestone from the grawl by honoring their goddess Chokocooka—an old norn statue that was reclaimed from the ice.

My story


  • The sequence of the objectives can change, depending of what group of NPCs you approach and talk to first.