Killing Fields

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Killing Fields

1325 AE
Personal story
The Battle of Claw Island
Fort Marriner
(Lion's Arch)
Vigil (order icon).png Vigil
Preceded by
The Battle of Claw Island
Followed by
Vigil (order icon).png Defense Contract
Vigil (order icon).png The Good Fight

Killing Fields is part of the personal story for characters of all races who decide to join the Vigil and have completed The Battle of Claw Island.


Regroup with the Vigil troops.

  • Read Almorra's letter

Join with the Vigil and defend Lion's Arch.

  • Report to General Almorra at Fort Marriner
  • Help Almorra inspire the Vigil soldiers.
  • Defend the beach.
  • Speak to Almorra.
  • Choose your next course of action.


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All professions


You meet up with Almorra Soulkeeper and several other Vigil soldiers. The beaches ahead are swarming with Risen, and it's your goal to eliminate them all. The soldiers will split off in three directions: one group to the left, one to the middle, one to the right. It's up to you to decide where you want to fight.

This mission is largely luck-based; you're gambling on not drawing the attention of too many Risen at once, so that your NPC allies can soak up the damage. The Vigil do a decent job of staying alive, and you can revive them if needed. However, there are a lot of foes, and additional ones will come from the water periodically. If an entire group gets overwhelmed, it's a problem, since then the Risen will accumulate on that side; reviving all the troops takes time, and it is difficult to take on that many enemies at once.

You should prioritize taking out Risen Abominations and Risen Plague Carriers as soon as possible. They deal devastating damage and quickly wipe out NPCs if left unattended. Alternatively you can stay behind and use the arrow carts to kill the Risen with minimal effort or danger.

After all the Risen have been defeated, the mission is over, and you get a choice of what to do for the next mission.







Siege weapons


Your mail:


General Almorra Soulkeeper

Form Ranks at Fort Marriner


News of the death of mighty Forgal has been a blow to us all. I am deeply saddened to hear of it, and I know you must be suffering. But now, with Zhaitan on our shores and the city of Lion's Arch threatened, the Vigil is needed more than ever. We are regrouping at Fort Marriner, to lend our efforts to the city's immediate defense. Your orders are to rendezvous there and lead a contingent of soldiers into battle.

The Vigil needs your courage; Tyria needs your knowledge of our enemy's weaknesses. Be strong.

—General Almorra Soulkeeper

At Fort Marriner, passing Vigil troops on way to meeting point:

Vigil Crusader: It's so quiet... You know I was born here? I've never heard this city so silent.
Vigil Crusader: Yes. It would be peaceful if only it didn't feel as if everything were holding its breath.
Vigil Crusader: Did you know Warmaster Kernsson personally?
Vigil Crusader: He trained me. He was a great soldier, but a hard person to know.
Vigil Crusader: Forgal gave his life to save the people of Lion's Arch.
Vigil Crusader: He gave his life to save us all. Remember that, soldier.
Vigil Tactician: Are the undead on the continent? Have they taken Lion's Arch?
Vigil Crusader: Not yet. Still, the city's taken precautions.
Vigil Crusader: The Lionguard drew up the underwater sluice gates, cleared the streets, and put the city in lockdown.
Vigil Tactician: In case you haven't realized it, this is war! Stay focused!
Vigil Tactician: What are you, a jellyfish? Keep that arm stiff and use your wrist!
Vigil Tactician: Better. Strike again, and this time, keep your shield up!
Vigil Tactician: Aim gently, and as you breathe out...pull the trigger.
Vigil Tactician: Tail up, charr! Yell it like you want the dragons to hear!
Vigil Tactician: I don't want to see any of you humans falling behind. You've got to work twice as hard, but that'll make you twice as mean!
Vigil Tactician: Left...left...left, right, left!
Vigil Tactician: If I see another one of you asura trying to levitate instead of march, I'm giving you gravity boots!
Vigil Tactician: Barkeep, more ale! Let's lift one to Warmaster Forgal!
Vigil Tactician: Another round for the house. To absent friends!
Vigil Crusader: Did you hear? They say a dragon lieutenant called Blightghast attacked Claw Island!
Vigil Crusader: I heard Warmaster Forgal gave his life to hold it off. I can hardly believe it.
Vigil Crusader: Burn me, he was brave. I hope I go down fighting like he did.

Approaching meeting point:

General Almorra Soulkeeper: Scouts are reporting undead just off the coast. It's a small force, but substantial enough for concern.
Trahearne: Zhaitan's overconfident, assuming Claw Island was the only thing standing between its army and Lion's Arch.
General Almorra Soulkeeper: Then it's our job to show the dragon how wrong it was.

Upon talking to General Almorra Soulkeeper (cinematic):

General Almorra Soulkeeper: At ease, Warmaster. I heard what happened at Claw Island. The Lionguard — no, the whole city — owes you a debt of honor.
<Character name>: I just did my duty, ma'am. Forgal was the brave one. He gave his life to save us.
General Almorra Soulkeeper: He will be remembered as one of the Vigil's great heroes, and he will be dearly missed.
Trahearne: Forgal's sacrifice held them back, but it was your bravery that led us to safety, my friend. I am grateful to you.
Trahearne: If I can aid in this defense, Warmaster, I'm at your service.
General Almorra Soulkeeper: You took out enough of Zhaitan's forces to stop the imminent attack on Lion's Arch, but the dragon won't pause for long.
General Almorra Soulkeeper: There are reports of undead landing up and down the coast, likely an attempt to soften the city's perimeter.
General Almorra Soulkeeper: We need to organize the Vigil's forces and defend the beach. Come, let's review the troops.

While reviewing the troops with General Almorra Soulkeeper:

General Almorra Soulkeeper: Crusaders! Forces of the Elder Dragon Zhaitan stand on the very threshold of Lion's Arch.
General Almorra Soulkeeper: If Lion's Arch falls, the nations of Tyria will not be far behind. Fight for your homes! Fight for your families!
General Almorra Soulkeeper: This is what we've trained for! This is what we've bled for! This is what we will die to defend!
General Almorra Soulkeeper: We will hold this ground! We are the Vigil!
Trahearne: You can't do this alone. I'll stand with you.

Talking with Laranthir:

Laranthir of the Wild: I never thought this day would come. I like Orr far away—not standing on Tyria's doorstep.
Talk more option tango.png Zhaitan's hunger can't be sated. We're lucky we were ready.
I'm glad you're among us, <character name>. We need you more than ever.
Talk back option tango.png I have a question.
Talk end option tango.png Don't give in to fear.
Talk end option tango.png Stay strong.

Talking with General Soulkeeper:

General Almorra Soulkeeper: Vigil scouts report massive numbers of undead along the coast. We must hold out or Lion's Arch will fall.
Talk more option tango.png What's your plan, General?
We have soldiers mustering on the beach ready to take your orders. Command them and defend this point.
Talk end option tango.png I'll do my best.

Talking with Trahearne:

Trahearne: The Vigil troops may hold this beach, but more undead will come. We need a better solution.
Talk end option tango.png We'll find one. But for now, we make a stand—here.

Speaking with Almorra after defending the beach (cinematic):

General Almorra Soulkeeper: Well done, soldiers! That should thin out the undead and take pressure off Lion's Arch for a while longer.
Trahearne: The Vigil bought us time, but not advantage. The undead don't get weary, and they have an almost unending supply of troops.
Trahearne: We must retake Claw Island and drive Zhaitan from these shores.
Trahearne: General Soulkeeper, there are many brave souls throughout Tyria who may be willing to lend a hand, if the Vigil reached out to them.
General Almorra Soulkeeper: True. A few come to mind. A norn called Fibharr has been making his name in the tournaments. Fights like a rabid drake.
General Almorra Soulkeeper: I also know two fine charr soldiers that I've been trying to recruit for years—Snarl and Galina. They'd be a tremendous help.
<Character name>: These sound promising. I could go, ma'am, and speak on behalf of the order.
General Almorra Soulkeeper: Good initiative. Pick one or the other, and do your best to bring them aboard. Meanwhile, I'll return to Vigil Keep and rally our crusaders there.
Trahearne: Whatever you decide, I'm going with you. You need the help—and I owe it to Forgal.

Talking with General Soulkeeper:

General Almorra Soulkeeper: Well done, Warmaster. Forgal—bless his sour hear—would be proud.
Talk end option tango.png I'd like to think so, ma'am.

Talking to Laranthir:

Laranthir of the Wild: There were many Risen—only a fraction of their army. By the Tree, I never really understood what we were fighting.
Dignity They're beaten. The beach is clear.
But what else is out there across the waves?
Talk end option tango.png We need to take the offensive.
Charisma You fought bravely. The Vigil never faltered.
We stood fast, but we can't hold the line anymore. We must destroy the source.
Talk end option tango.png We will, but for now we strengthen our numbers.
Ferocity The beach runs with Risen blood!
Yes, but it isn't enough. We can't just wait here for them to coem to us.
Talk end option tango.png We'll take the fight to Orr. I promise you that.
Talk end option tango.png We'll defeat the Risen.

Talking to Trahearne:

Trahearne: We need reinforcements. I can think of two possibilities—a norn pit-champion, or a warband of Iron Legion[sic] charr.
Talk more option tango.png What are their strengths? Start with the norn.
Fibharr is powerful, skilled, and charismatic...but he's also the most egotistical snot-brain I've ever met.
Talk more option tango.png What about the charr?
The Gear warband[sic] have two claims to fame: they built an impressive war-engine, and they got so drunk that they lost it.
Talk back option tango.png Bizarre. With that in mind, I'm ready to decide.
Talk more option tango.png I've made my decision.
Which will it be, <character name>? The norn gladiator or the charr engineers?
Talk quest choice tango.png We should recruit the norn, Fibharr. (leads to The Good Fight)
Talk quest choice tango.png We should recruit the Gear warband.[sic] (leads to Defense Contract)

My story[edit]

Killing Fields.jpg

Almorra ordered me to report to Fort Marriner, the Vigil's outpost in Lion's Arch. We have to hold off the dragon's incursions for as long as we can, until the Lionguard is ready to levy a counterassault.

Zhaitan's forces attacked from the beach, but we held them off. General Soulkeeper is returning to Vigil Keep to rally an army. In the meantime, Trahearne and I are going to call upon our allies across the continent. Tyria is in great danger.

My story


  • Like with all other Personal Story chapters taking place within Lion's Arch, it is showing the old version of the city and displaying it with a sepia tone added with post-processing.
Trahearne's dialogue when choosing your options talks about the Gear Warband from norn blacked-out storyline instead of Snarl and Galina.