A Sly Trick

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A Sly Trick

1325 AE
Personal story
Following the Dream
Nightshade Garden
(The Grove)
Sylvari tango icon 20px.png Sylvari
Shield of the Moon
Preceded by
Biography Shield of the Moon.png Holding Back the Darkness
Followed by
Biography Shield of the Moon.png Deeply Tangled Roots

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A Sly Trick is the fourth personal story mission for sylvari characters who dreamed of the shield of the moon prior to awakening from the dream.


Discover Ysvelta's whereabouts from Renvari.

  • Meet Caithe and Tiachren at the jail.
  • Enter Renvari's cell.
  • Convince Renvari to trust you.
  • Escape the jail with Renvari.
  • Check on Caithe.


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All professions


Pretend to be arrested and taken Transformation.png Captive by Caithe, and follow her to the thorny vine jail cell. Once inside, talk to the bad guy about what a rebel you are, and how you stole a key from the guards.

Once he is convinced that you are bad too, examine the jail vine with the yellow writing on it. Use the key to open it. You'll gain a vine for a weapon, as your regular ones were taken by the guards.

Kill the wardens and leave the jail area, where Caithe will confront you. You will regain your normal weapons. Attack Caithe and "kill" her.

Renvari will be so impressed that he will tell you that the Nightmare Court will meet near Aaron's Woodlot. Then he runs off by himself.

Revive Caithe and tell her about where the Nightmare Court meeting will be. Mission over, select your reward.





  • Sylvan Hound
  • Caithe
  • Warden Guard



Upon entering the instance

Tiachren: The Wardens have tried and failed, Caithe. We must make Renvari talk!
Caithe: Calm yourself. Since the Wardens cannot sway him, we will use cunning.
Caithe: When the Valiant arrives, I will explain.

When you approach Caithe (cinematic):

Tiachren: The Wardens have had no luck convincing Renvari to tell us what he knows. If he doesn't talk soon, we may never find Ysvelta.
Caithe: It's time to try something new. We'll take you into the jail as prisoners and place you in the cell with Renvari.
Caithe: I will give you a key to the cell. Tell Renvari that you stole it from the Wardens, and make your escape.
Tiachren: In the cell with him? Caithe, he's a psychopath; that's too dangerous. There must be another way.
Caithe: He's one sylvari. There are two of you. The only way to gain Renvari's trust is to convince him that you're kindred spirits.
<Character name>: I'm willing to try. Do you think that pretending to be prisoners is enough to get him to confide in us?
Caithe: No. Renvari must also believe you are potential converts to the Nightmare Court. Therefore, during your jailbreak, you will kill me.
<Character name>: What? That's not funny, Caithe.
Caithe: It isn't meant to be a joke. Don't worry, young dreamer. You play your part, and I'll play mine.

On the way to the cell:

Caithe: Follow me. Act oppressed.

Talking to your allies:

Tiachren: This plan frightens me, but for my love's sake, I'll play villain.
Talk end option tango.png It's the only way. Stay close and do as I do.
Caithe: Hush, prisoner, hush!
Talk end option tango.png Wha—huh? Oh, right!
Warden Guard: Move along, prisoner. Hurry to your cell.
Talk more option tango.png Are you seriously guarding skritt?
You bet your roots I am! Beastly little things snuck into the Grove and tried to steal the Ventari tablet.
Talk more option tango.png No! How did they even get up there?
The silly beasts stepped onto the lift and got stuck. They kept riding up and down, yelling, "Flying! Flying!"
Talk end option tango.png I don't envy your job.
Talk end option tango.png Right. On my way.
Warden Guard: Get in there, prisoner. You get what you deserve, sharing a cell with Renvari!
Talk end option tango.png I'll be fine.
Warden Guard: More troublemakers? Put them in the thorns.
Warden Guard: Don't get too close to Renvari. I've heard he can kill you with a touch of his hand.
Captive Skritt (1): Grrr. Jail! I hate it.
Captive Skritt (2): When do we leave?
Captive Skritt (1): We don't! We stay! That's what's bad.
Captive Skritt (2): When do we leave?
Captive Skritt (1): Grrrrrr.
Tiachren: I'm not sure the Mother Tree taught me a word that expresses how awful this place is.
Renvari: Ah, Caithe. Come to set me free?
Caithe: Not likely. Enjoy prison, Renvari. You'll be here for a very long time.
Warden Guard: So, that's the famous criminal, Renvari. Huh. He doesn't look twelve feet tall.

After being put in the cage:

Warden Guard: I'm watching you. No funny business.
Talk end option tango.png Wouldn't dream of it.

Talking with Renvari (cinematic):

Renvari: This cell's hardly big enough for one, and I've got two idiots clogging it up now? Ugh.
<Character name>: We're not idiots; we just got careless. Next time, that blighted Caithe won't be so lucky.
Renvari: She caught you, too?
<Character name>: Yeah, but she won't have time to brag about it. I palmed a key from the guard. We're getting out of here.
Renvari: Nicely done, I'll admit. But what about the guards? You won't last two minutes against the Wardens.
Tiachren: Are you afraid? Look, friend, if you want to stay here, feel free. I thought the Nightmare Court were supposed to be tough.
Renvari: You could be trying to convince me to break out just so the Wardens have an excuse to cut me down.
Renvari: It's going to take more than taunts to convince me.

After the cinematic:

Warden Guard: What's so scary about that nightmare courtier, anyway? Looks normal to me.

Prompt after the cinematic:

Renvari: You two talk a big game, but I'm not convinced. Have you done anything that would impress me?
Charisma Set fire to a few houses. I like to watch them burn.
Ah, yes. Those watermelon huts are just begging to be turned into a blaze.
Talk quest option tango.png Ready for me to bust us out yet?
All right, let's see what you can do. Get that door open.
Talk quest option tango.png Watch and learn.
Dignity Made up reasons to duel, just to kill off weaklings.
Ha! Now that's low. I approve.
Talk quest option tango.png Are you ready to bust out of here yet, or do you still mistrust me?
All right, let's see what you can do. Get that door open.
Talk quest option tango.png Watch and learn.
Ferocity Me? What about you, you sniveling courtier? You should justify yourself to me!
Vicious! Aggressive! I like you already.
Talk quest option tango.png Ready for me to bust us out yet?
All right, let's see what you can do. Get that door open.
Talk quest option tango.png Watch and learn.
Talk more option tango.png Stole low-hanging fruit from a sapling.
That's all? Pathetic. The wardens must be as bored as I am.
Talk back option tango.png Wait, that's not all I've done!

Inserting the key into the lock:

Jail Cell Vine: The vine has grooves that might fit a key.
Talk quest option tango.png Insert the key and turn.
The vine slackens. Another tug will open the door...and the vine would make a handy weapon.
Talk quest option tango.png Open the door and start some chaos!


Renvari: Splendid. Good riddance to this wretched place!
Warden Guard: Renvari's gotten out of his cell! He'll kill us all!
Warden Guard: Wardens! Raise the alarm! Renvari's escaping!
Warden Guard: Renvari's free! Somebody do something!
Renvari: Farewell, fools!
Caithe: Stop and surrender, prisoners!
Renvari: Not this time, Caithe!
Tiachren: Watch out! We're dangerous folk. Very dangerous, indeed.
Tiachren: We are tremendously vicious and cruel. Wouldn't you say so?

After defeating Caithe

Renvari: By the tangled roots! You killed a Firstborn!


Renvari: You killed her! I'm impressed. The Nightmare Court will welcome you both as heroes.
<Character name>: You presume that we can make it out of here alive. Once the Wardens discover our escape and Caithe's murder, they'll be after us.
Renvari: Then we split up and divide their efforts. After we lose them, we can regroup. There's a camp northwest of Aron's Woodlot. Meet me there, and we'll celebrate your victory with our Nightmare brethren.
<Character name>: Looking forward to it. I've wanted to meet the Nightmare Court for a long time. I'll see you soon.

Getting Caithe back up (cinematic):

<Character name>: Caithe? Are you all right? Renvari fell for the whole thing, just like you said he would.
Caithe: You did well, my friend. I have the bruises to prove it.
Tiachren: You were both astonishingly brave. You risked your lives, just to help me save Ysvelta. I'm in your debt.
Caithe: The risk was necessary. We needed information, and now we have it.
<Character name>: Renvari told us where the Nightmare Court is meeting. They'll be keeping the prisoners in their camp.
<Character name>: I'm sure Ysvelta will be glad to see us. We'll free her and escape the camp together.
Caithe: I hope you're right. We shall see.

Talking to Tiachren:

Tiachren: You're a blessing, Valiant. We shall swoop in, save my love, and all will be well once more!
Ferocity Don't be too sure. Anything could've happened to Ysvelta.
Ysvelta is strong. Nightmare's cruelty could never seep into her lovely heart.
Talk end option tango.png We'll see. I'll meet you at the camp.
Charisma I saw your shield in my Dream. If anyone can save her, it will be us.
Your attitude is refreshing. Caithe is nothing but doom and gloom.
Talk end option tango.png I'll meet you at the camp.
Talk end option tango.png I'll hope for the best.


While summoning Clones as a Mesmer normally causes them to use the autoattack skill from the users wielded weapon, when summoned in this when wielding the Vine Whip, for example by using Mirror Images, causes them to use a few skills from the vine randomly before disappearing, as if they were a Phantasm.

My story[edit]

A Sly Trick.jpg

Using a daring plan designed by Caithe, we broke the villain, Renvari, out of jail. Once he decided to trust me, I tricked him into telling me where the Nightmare Court is meeting. I think we'll find Ysvelta there.

My story