Bazaar of the Four Winds

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The Bazaar of the Four Winds is gathering — merchants are converging from all corners of Tyria to sell their wares. But this time it's not just shady characters and risky trades; this year, the mystical, flying Zephyr Sanctum has landed, bringing their magical crystals and amazing movement skills to savvy traders and daring adventurers alike! What a joy it will be to experience the thrill of the trade—and the race. Let's go!

— Official website

Bazaar of the Four Winds is a release launched on July 9, 2013. The release introduces the Zephyrites and their flying home, the Zephyr Sanctum. Players are tasked with wielding the Aspects to make their way along Labyrinthine Cliffs to the magnificent home ship.


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Getting started[edit]

Players must travel to Labyrinthine Cliffs by talking to the Labyrinthine Cliffs Transport Facilitator located at Sanctum Harbor, Lion's Arch. He will be marked by a
Transport Facilitator (map icon).png
on the map.

Bazaar of the Four Winds[edit]

Zephyr Sanctum, home of the Zephyrites

Labyrinthine Cliffs[edit]

Labyrinthine Cliffs is a new, fully explorable zone located to the east of Mount Maelstrom and is where the Bazaar of the Four Winds is held.

Zephyr Sanctum and the Zephyrites[edit]

Primary article: Zephyrites

Zephyr Sanctum is a flying city and is home to the Zephyrites, a secluded and peaceful people who seek solace and to hone their skills with the aspects.


Primary article: Aspect

The Aspects of Sun, Wind, and Lightning are at the heart of Zephyrite culture. Talk to the Sun Adept, Wind Adept, and Lightning Adept to embrace the aspects and make your way to Zephyr Sanctum.

Zephyr Sanctum Supply Box[edit]

Primary article: Zephyr Sanctum Supply Box

The Zephyrites do not visit the land often, and are taking advantage of this opportunity to restock. Players can trade their copious amounts of crafting materials to the Traders at the lower level of Bazaar Docks for Zephyr Sanctum Supply Boxes.

Kite Fortunes[edit]

Players can receive Kite Fortunes from random drops, or from the Gem Store, which hold Fortune Scraps. These can be collected and traded to the Fortune Scrap Vendor for Aspect-themed helms or back items. Players can also receive a rare Golden Fortune Scrap, which can be instantly traded for these items.

Strangers from the Sky[edit]

Primary article: Strangers from the Sky

Magnus is discussing the upcoming Ship's Council election with Captain Ellen Kiel, and has an idea for how she might win over Evon Gnashblade

Lessons from the Sky[edit]

Primary article: Lessons from the Sky

Sky Crystals can be found around the map in a scavenger hunt in Lessons from the Sky, putting adventurers' wits and skills to the test and embrace the Aspects. Players who interact with 40 Sky Crystals will obtain a Zephyr Sanctum Model. See if you can find all 52 crystals.

Learn to Kite[edit]

Primary article: Learn to Kite

Skritt Burglars have been up to no good, stealing large kites and taking them to the most obscure places. Plan to trek through jumping puzzles, mini-dungeons, fractals, and Obsidium Sanctum to find them all.

Sanctum Sprint[edit]

Primary article: Sanctum Sprint

Sanctum Sprint is a fast-paced activity pitting players against each other to see who can reach the top first. Players must utilize the aspects and muster their skill to navigate death-defying leaps, waterfalls, narrow paths, and multiple routes to victory.

Belcher's Bluff[edit]

Primary article: Belcher's Bluff

Belcher's Bluff is a disgustingly fun drinking activity where you must trick your opponent into passing out before you do. The Grandmaster of Om, Poyaqui, challenges players to locate and defeat the five other Master of Om before facing him down in a final battle of spilt omnomberry juice and many sickly faces.


Primary article: Skyhammer

Skyhammer is a Zephyrite-themed aerial conquest map featuring a giant laser to battle for control over the center of the map along with many, many "accidental" drops off jagged cliffs. Just hope the wurms don't get you.

Gem Store items[edit]


Bazaar of the Four Winds
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1 Labyrinthine Cliffs 3:41 Lena Chappelle SoundCloud
2 Sanctum Sprint 2:32 Lena Chappelle SoundCloud

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