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The Dragon's Reach: Part 1

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As the adventure of Season 2 continues, the whole of Tyria is threatened by the peril of the Elder Dragon Mordremoth. Attacks by its minions have stretched ever-farther afield, from the arid Maguuma wastes to the Timberline Falls and the heart of Kryta. All of Tyria must come to understand this dire threat.

— Official website

The Dragon's Reach: Part 1 release launched on July 29, 2014.


Living World Season 2[edit]

Episode 3 - The Dragon's Reach: Part 1[edit]

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Content updates[edit]

  • Icons for recipe sheets have been changed to be more easily recognizable.
    • The background of the icon is colored to match the output item's rarity.
    • For equipment recipes, the sheet itself features a drawing representing the output item's type (e.g. trident recipes have a drawing of a trident, ring recipes have a drawing of a ring, etc.).
    • For other recipes, a distinct shape of recipe sheet is used for each item type (e.g. food recipe sheets are shaped like an apple, insignia recipe sheets are shaped like an escutcheon, etc.).



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