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Frozen in Ice

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Frozen in Ice

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Frozen in Ice is the third part of A Crack in the Ice.


Blending In
  • Find the Svanir hive.
  • Acquire a Svanir helm.
  • Acquire a Svanir chestpiece.
  • Acquire Svanir leg armor.
  • In your inventory, click on a piece of Svanir armor to disguise yourself.
  • Enter the Svanir hive's main lodge.
  • Talk to the seer about getting cold protection.



Go to the area indicated on your compass. Then, kill Icebrood and Sons of Svanir until all three armor pieces drop into inventory. Continue to kill foes to complete the renown heart. At this point, click on any of the armor pieces to equip the Svanir Disguise. Climb the steps to the main hall (in disguise all of the Svanir and Icebrood are friendly). Talk to the renown heart guy, called Svanir Seer to complete the mission.


Frozen in Ice A Crack in the Ice 0Achievement points
Infiltrate the Svanir to discover how they survive Jormag's bitter cold.Journal: Frozen in Ice Completed Completed Frozen in Ice 0Achievement points
  • Complete the Frozen in Ice Mission




Entering the Svanir hive's main lodge
Svanir Seer: We've used all the thaw elixir. Go and gather ingredients to make more.
Svanir Brute: (wordless grunt)
Svanir Seer: Why do I have to do everything myself? Because I'm surrounded by idiots.
Svanir Seer: You there. Get out. We have no more elixir.
If interrupting the above dialogue by interacting with the Svanir Shaman early
Svanir Seer: Go away before I shatter you into a million pieces, grunt. Do not approach me unless I command it.
Speaking to Svanir Seer
Svanir Seer: Did you not hear what I said, you grunting mongrel?
<Character name>: I can help.
Svanir Seer: You speak? Hmmmm. You have power around you. Potential.
<Character name>: Help make 'lixir.
Svanir Seer: Perhaps yes. Perhaps no. You obviously don't have the intellect of a sorcerer, but perhaps...perhaps you could be my assistant.
Svanir Seer: Listen closely. First. Go out and gather the ingredients on this list I'll give you.
Svanir Seer: After that, you must find the hottest, purest water source. Heating water with fire will not do. It must come from Tyria's heart.
Svanir Seer: That is where you will put it all together into the elixir. Bring it back here. Do not drink it. Do you understand? Do not drink it.
<Character name>: Uggghhhh. Yes. Bring back.

My story[edit]

Bitterfrost Frontier loading screen.jpg

The Svanir were a challenge, but nothing I couldn't handle. Once I'd acquired some of their armor, it was a small thing to fashion a disguise that would get me in. I played dumb, and they gave me what I needed: a recipe for a thaw elixir. I got out with my skin intact. I call that a success. Now, off to find the ingredients.

My story