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Bringing Out the Archon

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Bringing Out the Archon

1330 AE
Path of Fire
Enemy of My Enemy
The Desolation
(Crystal Desert)
Preceded by
The Departing
Followed by
Enemy of My Enemy

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Bringing Out the Archon is the first part of the tenth chapter of the Path of Fire storyline.


Make your way into the Desolation.

  • Pass through the Bone Wall and enter Joko's Kingdom in the Desolation.

Speak with Kito and make a plan to take control of Joko's armies.

  • Seek Agent Kito

Create the illusion of a Sunspear uprising.

  • Replace Joko portraits atop building with Sunspear propaganda.
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  • Raid Awakened camps and fly the banner of the Sunspears.
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Enter the Desolation at the designated point, and speak to Shadows Agent Kito. Then carry out the tasks needed to fake a Sunspear uprising:

  • In the nearby Village of Purity, ascend the rooftops and interact with the indicated spots to display Sunspear banners.
  • Capture the indicated Awakened camps further south. Two of the camps lightly guarded, but the one near the Chukeht Overlook on the Scourgeway is patrolled by Veteran mobs possessing Defiance bar and as powerful as Elites along with groups of trash mobs that respawn around the banner extraordinarily fast. The Veteran and trash mob's aggro radius is exceptionally large and you will not be able to kite them individually and unless you have an extremely tanky build, bring a group to help clear the mobs around the banner in a fight that will be harder than many prior boss fights. Be prepared to repeatedly retreat from the battle and regroup if it appears you are being overwhelmed. Fortunately, the health bars of the mob do not reset as quickly as they usually do, allowing you to retreat if needed without the mobs resetting back to full health. If you have a Stealth character, you only need to interact with the camp banners in their center, not necessarily kill all the Awakened and Stealth can be useful for this.



  • Shadows Agent Kito
  • You will encounter the normal friendly NPCs from the Village of Purity.


  • As an open world mission, you will encounter the normal hostile monster from the Desolation map.



Talking to Kito
Shadows Agent Kito: Commander, how are you alive? Balthazar killed you. I watched from the shadows as you fell.
Shadows Agent Kito: We knew Balthazar was having you watched, but he struck before we could send a warning. What happened after you...died?
<Character name>: In time, I'll tell you...where I came to be, what I saw, how I escaped—everything that happened since my death. But. first, you must help me.
Shadows Agent Kito: In exchange for that knowledge, absolutely. Anything the Order can do. Name it.
<Character name>: I want to use Joko's army to stop Balthazar.
Shadows Agent Kito: Commander, the Order of Shadows is powerful. Accomplished. Capable of near miracles...
Shadows Agent Kito: But we can't deliver an army of Awakened to you. No one, save Joko himself, can do that.
<Character name>: Archon Iberu could.
Shadows Agent Kito: The archon? I...I suppose Joko's marshals might follow the orders of the archon. If those orders came from the king himself.
<Character name>: I have it on the best authority that they would.
Shadows Agent Kito: But the Order has no sway with Archon Iberu. The last time we caught Joko's attention, he killed thirty of our agents.
<Character name>: I'll take care of Iberu. I just need to know where to find him...and Joko‘s marshals.
Shadows Agent Kito: I suppose Grand Vizier Utumishi in the Bone Palace to the southwould know where the marshals are.
Shadows Agent Kito: As for the archon, the fastest and safest way to engage him would be to lure him here.
Shadows Agent Kito: But he usually considers the area south of the wall unworthy of his attention.
<Character name>: If he thought the Sunspears were rebelling down here, he'd have to come running to end the threat, right?
Shadows Agent Kito: There aren't enough Sunspears left to stage an uprising.
<Character name>: Only takes one, and they don't have to be a Sunspear.
<Character name>: A few attacks on Awakened camps, some conspicuously placed Sunspear banners...
<Character name>: That would look like a Sunspear declaration of war no matter who was responsible.
Shadows Agent Kito: It's risky...very risky. Be careful, Commander—your next death could be your last.
While replacing banners
<Character name>: Here's a perfect spot to start a fake revolution.
<Character name>: Looks like a rebellion's brewing.
<Character name>: Perfect.
<Character name>: This one's for you, Archon.
After raiding the Awakened camps
<Character name>: The banners are up, the camps are down. That should get Iberu's attention.
<Character name>: Now to the Bone wait.

My story[edit]

The Desolation loading screen.jpg

To command Joko's troops, I needed to assume a position of authority in Joko's army. I have a plan for how to achieve that, but it requires some insider knowledge. I'm going to speak with Order of Shadows Agent Kito.

I met with Agent Kito of the Order of Shadows and presented my plan: Archon Iberu, the Mordant Crescent officer I met in Amnoon, ranks highly enough to command Joko's armies in Joko's stead. Kito and I agreed: if I lure Iberu out and kill him, I can safely assume his identity and muster Joko's Awakened against Balthazar's Forged.

I carried out the plan to draw Archon Iberu into my trap by staging a fake Sunspear uprising. After wiping out some Awakened camps and planting Sunspear banners in open defiance of Joko's rule, I'm confident Iberu will come running.

My story


  • This story step does not have its own chapter; it is instead listed under Enemy of My Enemy in the Story Journal. However, it has a separate API entry.
  • There seems to be a bug where if you switch chapters while this quest is partially finished, you will not be able to activate the banners on the roof tops. To solve it, quit the chapter, switch chapters, and then start the chapter over.