Romke's Final Voyage

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Romke's Final Voyage

1325 AE
Personal story
Victory or Death
Desmina's Hallows
(Cursed Shore)
The Shipyard
(Cursed Shore)
Preceded by
Against the Corruption
Followed by
The Source of Orr

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Romke's Final Voyage is a mission in the final arc of the personal story for all characters, who decided to find the Source of Orr by the use of a blessed map.


Acquire Romke's map and use it to locate the Source of Orr.

  • Meet Romke's ghost and his crew near Desmina's Hallows.
  • Speak with Captain Romke.
  • Travel north through the caves and on to the shore.
  • Repel the Risen until air support arrives.
  • Clear any remaining Risen from the beach.
  • Retrieve Romke's map.
  • (Defeat the Risen bodies of Romke and his crew.)
  • Defeat the Risen version of Romke and his crew.
  • Return to Romke on the shore.


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All professions


You must make your way to the starting point in Desmina's Hallows on the eastern side of the area, after entering the instance, you will find yourself in a cave with Captain Romke, three of his crew members, and Trahearne. The magical map is far to the northwest, so to get there you'll need to fight your way through the cave of Desmina's Hallows. A variety of Risen block the route; as you go along, Captain Romke will tell you the story of how he was shipwrecked here, and of his crew's final moments. The crew are quite hardy but you may need to revive them occasionally.

When you reach the beach at the other end of the cave, you will come across a small pirate camp and a cutscene will ensue once Trahearne is adjacent to the pirates waiting there. A bone ship appears in the distance and starts firing its catapults at you. To make matters worse, a horde of Risen spawn on the beach - and further waves of undead will emerge from the sea. Trahearne signals for air support, but it will take time to arrive: you'll have to hold out with Romke's crew for some time. Try not to stand in the catapult AoE while in combat (Romke's crew seem to be immune to the effects of the catapult poison).

Eventually (after 4 minutes and 45 seconds) a cutscene plays, showing a Pact airship firing on the bone ship and destroying it. After this you are asked to clear the remaining Risen forces from the beach, but in reality only the nearest group or two of Risen needs to be killed. Romke, his crew, and Trahearne (if necessary) will revive themselves after all of the nearby Risen are killed, although the crew stays on the beach: the honor of retrieving the map is left to you and Trahearne.

The map is located nearby inside a chest near a sunken ship. Swim towards the ship. One final challenge awaits: the four Risen bodies of Romke's crew patrol the waters near the chest. Put them to rest and then collect the map. After bringing it back to Romke, he will show you how to use it, and a cutscene will play that shows the exact path to the location of the source of Orr. After the cutscene, Romke and his crew thank you for freeing them, and the mission ends.

Alternative method[edit]

None of the foes prior to arriving at the beach have to be killed. It is thus possible to jump up onto the level above the tunnel (via the bridge) after the second group of Risen, and then walk across the upper level to the beach to trigger the next stage of the mission (hence allowing you to skip the longest part of the mission - getting to the beach). None of your allies apart from Romke will likely make it out of the tunnel intact. You can hide in the water until the timer expires, or you can go back to the tunnel to resurrect your allies (who are likely dead in front of the Veteran Risen Knight) who will help you clear the beach after the Pact airship destroys the Risen artillery. Kill the Risen versions of the explorers as usual.








Upon talking to Captain Romke (cinematic):

Captain Romke: Greetings, traveler. I am Romke...well, I was Romke. It's been a long time since I encountered such nobility on these corrupted shores.
<Character name>: Well met, Romke. I've come to recover your legendary map. My allies and I seek the Source of Orr so that we can cleanse this blasted landscape.
Captain Romke: At last. Thank the Spirits! My crew and I have waited centuries for someone like you.
Captain Romke: We were explorers seeking to circumnavigate the globe. Our journey ended when Orr rose beneath us, trapping our ship on the spire of a mountain.
Captain Romke: The undead swarmed around us. We knew we had to get out. We fought through and commandeered a pirate ship, but in the end, we were overwhelmed.
Captain Romke: The map you seek is a sacred thing, blessed by all four Spirits of the Wild. Even in death, we could not leave it in this wretched place.
Captain Romke: While it languishes, trapped and forgotten, so must our spirits. But if someone like you reclaims the map, we can finally move on.
Captain Romke: I can tell your motives are pure. Come. Meet us at Mausollus Shores[sic] and we will show you where the map lies. The rest is up to you.

After the cinematic:

Captain Romke: Welcome, explorers. The sunken wreck that holds the map is this way, just offshore.
Trahearne: Thank you, Romke. We‘ll do our best to set you and your crew free.
Captain Romke: The map will show the way to your destination. Recover it, and we all benefit.
Captain Romke: Those are the remains of our ship, the 'Wayfarer.' I mourn her as if she were my own mother.

Speaking with your allies:

Captain Romke: We're close now. The waters were we lost the map are just ahead.
Talk end option tango.png Then we'd best keep going.
Yfke: We've been waiting a long time for someone like you. It's maddening, knowing that the map is within our reach, but we can't do anything about it.
Talk end option tango.png That changes now. Let's go get it.
Hauke: You should have seen us in our prime. We'd be sitting by the fire, drinking brandy, and reading that map by now.
Talk end option tango.png We'll get there. It'll just take us a bit longer.
Sjoerd: You have no idea what it's like. We were supposed to sailing the world, facing new challenges. Here, we're trapped, fighting the same enemies year after year, decade after decade.
Talk end option tango.png The solution's at hand, sailor. We just need to make it happen.
Trahearne: You've lead us this far, Commander. Now we must reach the shore.
Talk end option tango.png Follow me.

While travelling north through the cave:

Captain Romke: I swore the magical map could take us to Cantha. Bet against Wolf himself that we'd succeed.
Captain Romke: It was my stubbornness that brought us here. Curse the dragon of Orr, and curse my pride!
Captain Romke: The sea fled from under us—the mountains rose, and the Wayfarer was scuttled in an instant.
Captain Romke: Thousands of undead, covered in seaweed and brine, marching toward Arah.
Captain Romke: I've never seen such horror. One norn ship—against a tide of foulness and abomination.
Captain Romke: Lesser norn might have hidden in fear. Died of starvation. My crew? They died fighting! We four were the last.
Captain Romke: We built a smaller craft out of our wreckage, and planned to make our way to Lion's Arch. But we failed.
Captain Romke: Hauke fell first, sword in one hand and a dead man's arm in the other.
Captain Romke: They overpowered Sjoerd with numbers. It took fifty of them to break his strength!
Captain Romke: Yfke chose to drown rather than let them beat her.
Captain Romke: To my shame, the scow was scuttled. The map, lost. And we, cursed to walk this land.
Captain Romke: If we return Wolf's map...the Spirits of the Wild will finally forgive my foolish pride.
If norn who chose "Lost an Heirloom" Biography option:
Captain Romke: Remember my tale, descendant. Redeem our spirits—send us, at last, to peace.

Upon reaching the shore outside the cave:

Trahearne: There's a Risen ship off the coast. Stand ready!
Trahearne: You there! If you want to survive, help us defend this beachhead.
Sharn the Vindictive: Nice try, Mr. Fancy Pants, but we only fight for gold. Run for it, boys!
Trahearne: Run, you filthy cowards!
Trahearne: I'm calling in air support. We need to hold on until it arrives.
Captain Romke: You can have our help, but we can‘t touch the map. You must do it.
Trahearne: We're not leaving until our path to the Source of Orr is clear.
Captain Romke: We'll hold out on the beach. When the attacks slow to a halt, seize the moment—enter the water, and retrieve the map.

While fighting off the Risen:

Hauke: Romke! More undead are headed this way! Let's charge 'em!
Captain Romke: Stand fast, Hauke! This fight is for the map, not for glory! Once it's safe—Wolf will accept us into the Mists at last.
Hauke: Aye, sir. I don't like it, but I'll follow your lead.

Talking to your allies:

Captain Romke: Stand fast! If we don't clear this beach, we'll never get close to the map.
Talk end option tango.png We won't quit until we get what we came for.
Trahearne: We'll need to clear out the Risen or we'll never get to Romke's map. Stand fast, Commander: air support is on its way.
Talk end option tango.png Understood, Marshal.

After clearing Risen from the beachhead:

Captain Romke: We've been waiting so long, and we're so close. Please, reclaim the map and set us free.

Talking to your allies:

Captain Romke: The map is out there, deep underwater. The curse keeps us bound to the shore, so you'll have to go on without us.
Talk end option tango.png Leave it to us.
Trahearne: Since Romke and his crew cannot accompany us, this task will falls to us. Ready?
Talk end option tango.png Absolutely.

After acquiring the map from the treasure chest (cinematic):

<Character name>: I have the map, Marshal, but it looks like an ordinary nautical chart of the area.
Trahearne: As expected. My research indicates the true map will remain dormant until the traveler opens it and speaks their destination aloud.
Trahearne: The map will then displays[sic] the target location, everything around it, and everything between it and the traveler's current position.
Trahearne: We shouldn't linger here. Let's return to Romke on the shore. If he's there, he can verify the map‘s authenticity.

Talking to Trahearne:

Trahearne: That was Romke's Risen corpse, so I presume this is Romke's map. Let's get back to the shore so he can verify its authenticity and, if it's real, show us how to use it.
Talk more option tango.png Should we mention we just killed their corpses?
I'd keep that quiet. Would you want strangers to tell you that Zhaitan turned your corpse into a slave, and that they had to butcher you?
Talk end option tango.png Good point. Let's get back to shore.
Talk end option tango.png Agreed.

Upon returning to Romke with the map:

Captain Romke: You found the map. This is a great day!
Trahearne: Indeed. But you must show us how to use the map to find the Source of Orr.
Captain Romke: I shall. It starts by calling upon the Spirits of the Wild. Their power makes the map function.
Captain Romke: Spirits of the Wild, we require your aid.
Captain Romke: These brave travelers come with a noble purpose: to stop the dragon's corruption and restore life to Orr.
Captain Romke: To do so, they must find the Source of Orr, a place long lost to explorers and cartographers alike.
Captain Romke: Show them the way. Guide them to the Source. Let Orr be cleansed. Let us go free!

After invoking the power of the map (cinematic):

Trahearne: Good work today, Commander. We freed the spirits of Romke and his crew, and now we have the means to find the Source of Orr.
<Character name>: We still have to reach the Source to complete the cleansing ritual. Zhaitan's forces won't make that easy.
Trahearne: Nothing worthwhile is easy, or without a price. Reversing the dragon's corruption will be a dangerous trial, but it will be done.
Trahearne: We'll regroup at the Artesian Waters, then press on to the Source.

Talking to your allies after finishing the mission:

Trahearne: I never expected to find allies among Orr's dead, but now... Take heart, Commander. We're finally ready to break Zhaitan's grip on this corrupted nation.
Talk end option tango.png I'll be standing by when you're ready.
Captain Romke: It is done. I can feel the curse lifting. My crew and I...we're free! Thank you. May the map lead you to your heart's desire. And when you destroy Zhaitan, spit in the rotten worm's face for us.
Talk more option tango.png [sic] Will do, Captain. Thanks for all your help.
If norn who chose "Lost an Heirloom" Biography option:
Captain Romke: My crew and I...we're free! Thank you. I know you'll put the map to good use. Just try to be more careful with it than you were with my horn. Farewell.
Talk more option tango.png [sic] Good-bye, Captain. Thank you for all your help, and may you enjoy your final reward.
Hauke: Hmph. Nice work. I thought all you modern explorers were soft. Guess I was wrong.
Talk end option tango.png Glad to have proved you wrong.
Yfke: Now we can begin our next great journey. We are in your debt.
Talk end option tango.png Safe travels.
Sjoerd: Thank you. I don't know where we are going next, but it has to be better than here.
Talk end option tango.png May the seas be calm, and thank you for your help with the map.

My story[edit]

Further into Orr.jpg

With Trahearne's help and guidance from the ghost of the great norn explorer Romke, I recovered a magic map that will allow us to find the Source of Orr. With the map in hand, Trahearne should be able to cast his cleansing ritual and finally complete his Wyld Hunt task of reversing the corruption of Orr done by Zhaitan.

My story


Even though it is a level 80 mission, the area scales player characters down to level 70.

At one point (probably when the personal story was restructured) the summary of this mission was changed. The previous text was:

Trahearne sent me to locate the ghost of the famous norn explorer, Romke, so that we might fight the Source of Orr and cleanse it. Legend has it that Romke had a magic map that could lead its owner anywhere, so I tracked down Romke's ghost and asked for his help. He didn't have the map, but he knew where it was. I agreed to meet him on the shores of the Mausollus Sea. He would help me find the map, and in so doing, allow him and his ghostly crew to escape their curse and move on to the Mists.
With Trahearne's help and guidance from the ghost of the great norn explorer Romke, I recovered a magic map that will allow us to find the Source of Orr. With the map in hand, Trahearne should be able to cast his cleansing ritual and finally complete his Wyld Hunt task of reversing the corruption of Orr done by Zhaitan.