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Champion's Dawn (story)

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Champion's Dawn

Champion's Dawn is the third part of Daybreak.


Find Zaeim.

  • Find Zaeim or Priest Sazeer in Champion's Dawn.
  • Follow the "trail of dead" to locate the Awakened Sunspear champion.

Get the coin from the Awakened Sunspear.

  • Enter the cave.
  • Search the cave for the Awakened Sunspear Champion.
  • Defeat Koss.



Use your springer to get atop the platform where Priest Sazeer and Elder Priest are overlooking Champion's Dawn. They can be found directly south of the Waypoint (map icon).png Champion's Dawn Waypoint, at the renown heart icon on the map (south of the Mastery Point at the top of the high rock pillar). There are ladders leading up to them, but these are not interactable and you need to use the Springer. Speak with them, and then head south down to the shoreline, reaching a small cave. Follow the dead bodies to the instance marker and enter the instance.

Inside the instance, interact with the chain by the gate to open it. After some dialogue, the elite Awakened Koss Dejarin will fight you:

  • Try to fight him adjacent to any Slimy Rock — the skill provided by these objects acts as a quick CC sufficient to break his defiance bar on demand.
  • Don't attack him with his shield up, he will reflect projectiles back at you.
  • A stun break may prove useful, as he will occasionally fear you by shouting his name.

The mission is complete once the remaining dialogue plays out.


Champion's Dawn Daybreak 0Achievement points
Travel to Champion's Dawn in pursuit of Zaeim.Journal: Champion's Dawn Completed Completed Champion's Dawn 0Achievement points
This achievement requires at least one completed objective to become visible. Family Ties Daybreak 1Achievement points
Inform the Awakened Sunspear Champion that his family survived.Finally, some good news to deliver. Share that the Sunspear Champion's Family Survived Joko's Purge 1Achievement points
Who's Laughing Now? Daybreak 1Achievement points
Defeat the Awakened Sunspear Champion without allowing him to heal.Laughing in the face of danger. Prevented the Awakened Sunspear Champion from Healing 1Achievement points
  • During the fight, the defiance bar becomes vulnerable. Break this every time to prevent the Awakened Sunspear Champion from healing.








Open world[edit]

Speaking with the two priests:

<Character name>: I'm looking for Priest Sazeer. I hear he may have seen what happened...
Elder Priest: Awakened overran us, took our food—damn near destroyed the place. What does it look like?
Priest Sazeer: Not you, Father. Me.
Priest Sazeer: He forgets he's now an Elder Priest. Retired. This isn't a good time; we've been through a lot.
<Character name>: I was told Spearmarshal Zaeim had ridden here to help. Have you seen him?
Priest Sazeer: The Spearmarshal. Yes, he did come to our defense. I thought he might be able to turn back the Awakened—
Elder Priest: Then Sayida the Sly and her Corsairs ambushed him. Carted him off to sell him to the highest bidder.
<Character name>: (exhale)
<Character name>: I can't exactly walk onto her ship and ask her to give him back. I need some leverage.
Elder Priest: Might be a way... Old Corsair family like the Slys, only one thing means more than gold: honor.
Priest Sazeer: No, Father—I know this story. It would be suicide to even try.
Elder Priest: Centuries ago, story goes, a Sunspear champion found a coin belonged to a Corsair, name of Margrid the Sly.
Elder Priest: Sly family wanted it back. Swore they'd grant any favor to whoever returned it. No one ever has.
<Character name>: How can I get this coin?
Priest Sazeer: You can't. Hundreds of Corsairs have entered the cave of the Sunspear champion...
Priest Sazeer: ...hoping to beat him, win the coin, and get a favor from the Slys. All have died. Like I said: suicide.
<Character name>: I've died before; it's overrated. Where do I find this cave?
Priest Sazeer: (sigh) It's on the south shore. You need only follow the trail of dead. But I wish you'd reconsider...
Elder Priest: Boy, who do you think you're talking to? If anyone can win that coin, it's this one.
Elder Priest: Might even help our town along the way. I can see it in your eyes... Commander. Kormir be with you.

Speaking again to the Elder Priest:

Keep your voice down. If the loyalists or their undead goons catch wind we're recruting Sunspears, well, I'm sure you'll understand that's kind of frowned upon in these parts.
Talk more option tango.png I'd like to know more about this legend you spoke of.
I'll tell you what I know. Of course, my memory's not what it used to be.
Talk ls option tango.png What can you tell me about this Awakened Sunspear?
Elder Priest: Not much to tell, really. He's been there since before my father's father was born.
Elder Priest: Kind of tradition for the kids of the village to sneak out there to the cave and watch him knock down challengers.
Elder Priest: He's not like the other Awakened I've met. He was always kind to us kids. Put on a real show.
Talk ls option tango.png You said the Sunspear was different than the other Awakened. What did you mean? (After listening to the previous)
Elder Priest: Mind you, this is gossip from 200 years ago... But I heard when he was Awakened, he put up a real fight.
Elder Priest: Joko and his stooges had to say every order just so, or he'd find a way around it.
Elder Priest: Most people just give up, accept it. easy to give in—be a mindless slave...
Elder Priest: But a few keep a bit more... personality.
Elder Priest: The Archon at the time, he didn't like this one's personality. So the Archon ordered him to "guard that cave." Forever.
Elder Priest: Since that's the only order he was given, it's the only one he's bound to. Seems content to brawl the years away...
Talk ls option tango.png Tell me more about that coin.
Elder Priest: What's to say? A corsair made a bet, lost an heirloom, and died before she could get it back.
Elder Priest: It's become kind of a family IOU, passed to her kid, and her kid's kid, until it landed in Sayida's hands.
Elder Priest: The Sly crew is pretty... traditional. They take the old code of honor VERY seriously.
Elder Priest: If anything can save you from the business end of their sabers, it's that coin. Trust me.
Talk back option tango.png Let's talk about something different.
Talk end option tango.png That's all I need to know for now, thank you.
Talk end option tango.png I'll be leaving, then.

Approaching the trail of the dead

<Character name>: Ugh. "Trail of the dead," indeed.

At Grotto of the Defeated[edit]

Approaching the Shadowy Figure

Shadowy Figure: Another deluded fool, come to court death in the name of avarice. Koss will oblige you, too.
<Character name>: I have no wish to fight you, but I need your coin. Not for myself—to save a Sunspear. The Spearmarshal.
Awakened Koss Dejarin: Sunspear? What are you trying to pull? The Sunspears died out years ago...
<Character name>: No. They live. And they're fighting, right now, to save Istan. But they need their Spearmarshal.
Awakened Koss Dejarin: Hmph... And from what does he need saving, this Spearmarshal?
<Character name>: The current Sly captain, Sayida. She plans to sell him to Joko's minions. I need him to help me win a war.
Awakened Koss Dejarin: Joko? I died valiantly, a worthy end, only to be raised from the dead by that infernal sop! Turned into this!
Awakened Koss Dejarin: Compelled to obey his every order! I banished myself here to evade them. Can't obey what you can't hear.
<Character name>: Ingenious. Then it should please you to give me the coin so I can defeat his armies.
Awakened Koss Dejarin: (laugh) I like you! But I don't know you. Koss was no patsy in life, and he will not be in death.
Awakened Koss Dejarin: Honor demands: you WILL fight. And probably die, like all the rest. But best me—and the coin is yours.

After defeating Koss

Awakened Koss Dejarin: Well, I'll be cursed. Again. The great and mighty Koss, bested in combat. Who the hell are you?
<Character name>: Someone who's in a hurry?
Awakened Koss Dejarin: Well. The coin is yours. I'll no longer be entertained by foolish Corsairs seeking glory and favors.
Awakened Koss Dejarin: This "life" beyond the grave will become even duller than before. Hard to imagine.
<Character name>: We hope to bring down the Mordant Crescent. And with Joko in the Domain of the Lost... Things can change.
Awakened Koss Dejarin: His whispers travel far, even on others' lips. I dare not leave. Lest I become his weapon once more.
Awakened Koss Dejarin: But you do me this favor: you hurt him. Hard. So not one more soul can be condemned to... this. Now go.

Speaking with Koss prior to leaving:

Awakened Koss Dejarin: What more do you have to say?
Talk ls option tango.png You mentioned you died valiantly. What happened?
Awakened Koss Dejarin: The Sunspears of my time thought it best not to engage Joko directly. I knew he was too much of a threat to ignore.
Awakened Koss Dejarin: We were the ones who released him, it was up to us to end his menace. I took a few volunteers to do just that.
Awakened Koss Dejarin: We failed.
Awakened Koss Dejarin: I failed.
Talk ls option tango.png I met a man. A good, brave man. He claimed to be your descendant.
<Character name>: You know, I met a man named Kossan not too long ago. Said he was your descendant.
Awakened Koss Dejarin: Really! What a relief that is to hear. I never knew the fate of my beloved Melonni or our children.
Awakened Koss Dejarin: The Dejarin line lives to fight another day! Thank you for that news.
Awakened Koss Dejarin: To know they went on to live their lives, have children, grandchildren... If I weren't so...dead, it'd warm my heart.
Talk end option tango.png It was an honor to meet you, Koss.

My story[edit]

Domain of Istan loading screen.jpg

I am aiding Sunspear recruitment efforts in the town of Champion's Dawn, which is being ravaged by Mordant Crescent agents and Joko's living loyalists in retribution for supporting the Sunspears. First Spear Hakima indicated I should seek out Priest Sazeer, who might be able to help me locate Spearmarshal Zaeim. I've made contact with Priest Sazeer and his father, who informed me that Zaeim was captured by a corsair named Sayida.

Generations ago, Sayida's ancestor lost a coin to a now-Awakened Sunspear. If I can reobtain this family heirloom, it may give me the leverage I need to get the corsairs to release Zaeim. Defeating the Awakened Sunspear, however, may prove to be something of a challenge.

Koss is something of a local legend, having imprisoned himself in a cave to avoid giving in to the Awakened compulsion to obey Joko's orders. I managed to defeat him in combat, and the Awakened Sunspear has given me the coin. Now I only need to convince Sayida the Sly and her corsair crew to trade me Zaeim for the coin.

My story