Pets and Walls Make Stronger Kraals

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Pets and Walls Make Stronger Kraals

1325 AE
Personal story
Helping Hands
Unbroken Expanse
(Blazeridge Steppes)
Preceded by
Untamed Wilds
Followed by
The Lost Chieftain's Return

Pets and Walls Make Stronger Kraals is part of the personal story of ogre-aligned norn or charr characters.


Help the ogres of Agrak Kraal tame pets to prepare for the coming battle.

  • Meet with Nojara, ogre beastmaster.
  • Tame rock dogs to lure out their alpha, Sourfang.
  • Tame Sourfang.

Help the ogres collect lumber from the harpy grove for fortifications.

  • Meet with Builder Gorkan.
  • Escort the ogre loggers to the logging site.
  • Defend the ogres while they fell trees.
  • Escort the ogres back to the road.
  • Defeat the harpy ambush.


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All professions


First instance

Receive the mission briefing cinematic from Nojara - the ogres want to tame a particularly ferocious rock dog, and need your help to lure him out by taming some of his pack. Keep your allies in range while defeating the hardy rock dogs. After defeating enough dogs, the legendary rock dog Sourfang will emerge.

Second instance

The next instance has you defeating harpies while the ogres harvest trees. The harpies use quite a few projectiles, so a way of reflecting or absorbing them may be useful. After the first two groups of harpies, the shadow of a dragon flying overhead will pass across the ground; luckily, it isn't going to bother you. Continue to the grove of trees and harpies. Clear out the harpies and then fell the trees. Return with the ogres to the road and clear one final harpy ambush to complete the mission.









First instance - helping Nojara tame Rock Dogs[edit]

Approaching Nojara:

Magister Sieran: Hi, new ogre. I'm Sieran from the Durmand Priory. Jonkor sent us to help you tame pets for your kraal defense.
Lightbringer Tybalt Leftpaw: Greetings. We're friends. Jonkor sent us to help you tame pets to defend your kraal.
Warmaster Forgal Kernsson: Your attention, please. Jonkor sent us to help you tame pets for your kraal defense.
Nojara: I don't know how you fooled Jonkor, but this is no game. We need to break in the most dangerous beasts, or we don't stand a chance against Uldek.
<Character name>: Rock dogs are tough, but we can handle them. The hard part will be not killing them outright.
Nojara: Are you listening? I said "most dangerous." Normal rock dogs are just the warm-up. We're here for Sourfang, the pack alpha.
Nojara: He's killed three of our beastmasters so far. If you want to make a difference, help us tame him.
Nojara: First we tame enough of his pack to draw him out. Then the real work begins. Pitch in, or get out of my way.

Talking to Nojara:

Nojara: So, stranger, you ever tame a rock dog before? I warn you, it's not like teaching your puppy dog to sit up and beg for scraps.
Talk more option tango.png I'm new to this. Why don't you tell me how it's done?
Proper taming can take months, even years, but we don't have time for that. We have to break them like you'd break a bad-tempered horse, and quickly. Overpower them.
Talk more option tango.png So I just hit them until they roll over?
In this case, yes. Rock dogs can take a lot of punishment, so don't worry about killing them. Just hammer away until they accept that you're in charge and must be obeyed.
Talk end option tango.png Harsh. But I understand: there's too much at stake to be gentle.
Talk end option tango.png Don't worry about me. I can do this.

Talking to your mentor:

Magister Sieran: I've been researching ogre pets. The taming may seem brutal, and it often is, but it's a remarkably efficient way of turning a potential threat into an asset.
Talk end option tango.png I just hope we can convince the ogres to be an asset against the dragons.
Lightbringer Tybalt Leftpaw: Here's something: we're here to turn a savage wild card into an ally for the ogres…so we can turn the ogres, who are a savage wild card, into an ally for us. Is that ironic, or just funny?
Talk end option tango.png Keep it down. I don't think the ogres would be amused either way.
Warmaster Forgal Kernsson: Ogres and their pets reminds me of the relationship norn have with the Spirits of the Wild, only less reverent—and a lot more work-oriented.
Talk end option tango.png That seems to be the ogre way: pragmatic to a fault.

Taming the rock dogs:

Nojara: Down! Behave yourself! Mind your master!
Ogre Hunter: So many pets, so little time.
Nojara: Nice catch! That one will make a great pet.
Ogre Hunter: Get over here!
Nojara: Keep 'em coming. The more we have, the stronger we are.
Ogre Hunter: Hey, you!
Ogre Hunter: Follow me.
Ogre Hunter: That was easier than I thought.

Cutscene after taming enough rock dogs:

Nojara: This is it. Sourfang's coming.

Cutscene after taming Sourfang:

Nojara: We're done here. Sourfang and his entire pack should be enough to defend the kraal.
Magister Sieran: You're welcome. By the way, would it kill you to show some gratitude? All we've done is help.
Lightbringer Tybalt Leftpaw: You ogres are all business. I'm no expert, but it's traditional to thank your helpers. Remember, we took down Sourfang.
Warmaster Forgal Kernsson: Should be? I thought the point was to make your kraal impregnable. Now you sneer like it was a waste of time. We tamed Sourfang!
Nojara: And yet my chief is still coming to kill us all. I appreciate your hard work—isn't that enough? Or should I blow kisses and throw candy?
Nojara: I don't have time for your tiny feelings. Uldek was a hero to my people, and now he's lost: no Branded creature has ever been un-Branded.
Nojara: Putting Uldek down is grim work, but it has to be done. If you want gratitude and respect, help us end this.
<Character name>: Of course. That's why we're here. And we won't leave until we shatter Uldek and his entire Branded horde.

Talking to Nojara:

Nojara: Not bad, stranger. Not bad at all. You just might make a decent tamer someday. Until then, Builder Gorkan needs help harvesting lumber to shore up the kraal's fortifications.
Talk end option tango.png I'll speak to him right away.

Talking to your mentor:

Magister Sieran: First we beat up animals, now we're knocking down trees? I suppose it's all worth it to save these ogres...and, I hope, convince them to join us against the dragons.
Talk end option tango.png That's still the goal. Let's check in with Builder Gorkan.
Lightbringer Tybalt Leftpaw: I've never been in a rock dog fight where we both walked away afterward. Interesting. And now we're one step closer to saving these ogres and recruiting them for our cause.
Talk end option tango.png That's the plan. Let's talk to Builder Gorkan.
Warmaster Forgal Kernsson: I'd hate to be the Branded that squares off against Sourfang. Now, offense is covered—on to defense. If we want these ogres on our side, we need to keep them alive.
Talk end option tango.png Understood. Let's fell some timber.

Second instance - helping Builder Gorkan collect resources[edit]

Approaching Builder Gorkan:

Magister Sieran: Hi, new ogre. I'm Sieran from the Durmand Priory. Jonkor said we could help you build fortifications.
Lightbringer Tybalt Leftpaw: Excuse me. Jonkor said you could use some extra bodies to collect fortification fodder.
Warmaster Forgal Kernsson: Is this the supply detail? We're from the Vigil, and Jonkor said you need help gathering raw materials.
Builder Gorkan: Jonkor was right, but it'll be tough. We need lumber, and the only grove close enough is full of harpies.
Builder Gorkan: We can fell trees with a single blow, but someone needs to keep those filthy birds off us. I hate those things.
Magister Sieran: Consider your backs watched. I'm not thrilled at the idea of punching down trees...but since it's an emergency, I'll say no more.
Lightbringer Tybalt Leftpaw: That's where we come in. You focus on felling trees; we'll focus on felling harpies.
Warmaster Forgal Kernsson: We've got you covered. You cut down the trees; we'll cut down the harpies.
Builder Gorkan: Good. And don't hold back: the world needs less harpies. Let's get started.

Talking to Builder Gorkan:

Builder Gorkan: You're new, so I'll talk real slow: we need lumber. To get lumber, we need to keep the harpies off the logging crew. In short, the only thing that should be standing when we're done is us.
Talk more option tango.png What's the lumber for?
To improve the kraal's defenses. Siege towers, higher walls, thicker gates, longer and sharper stakes—tame me, we might just hand out logs so everyone has a good solid club in hand.
Talk more option tango.png Will that stop Uldek and the Branded?
If it doesn't, it'll slow 'em down long enough for us to smash them into sparkly grit.
Talk end option tango.png Sounds like a plan. Let's get to it.
Talk end option tango.png Got it. Let's get started.
Talk end option tango.png I understand. Let's begin.

Talking to your mentor:

Magister Sieran: I'll help these ogre lumberjacks, but I'm also going to ask the Pale Tree to forgive us. I think she will. She knows how important it is to help these ogres.
Talk end option tango.png Think of it this way: fewer trees, but also fewer harpies and Branded.
Lightbringer Tybalt Leftpaw: If you ask me, trees are only good for fires and fortifications. And harpies are only good for target practice.
Talk end option tango.png Keep your rifle at the ready, then. There's going to be targets aplenty.
Warmaster Forgal Kernsson: This won't be the first time I've cleared a stand of trees to build fortifications—or fought off harpies to do it. It will be the first time we felled the trees with fists instead of axes.
Talk end option tango.png Let's expand your horizons, then.

Felling the trees and fighting the harpies:

Builder Gorkan: Do you hear that? Something's coming.
Builder Gorkan: That's a good start, but we need more trees.
Builder Gorkan: Faster. Each tree we fell brings more harpies.
Builder Gorkan: We're almost there. Don't quit on us now.
Builder Gorkan: That's all we need. The harpies can have the rest. We're leaving.

When the harpies attack at the ambush:

Builder Gorkan: Watch it! There's the matriarch and her flock.

Cinematic after defeating the harpy ambush:

Builder Gorkan: Not bad. I'm surprised such a young race like yours can act so cool in a crisis.
Magister Sieran: Thank you very much! But we're not done helping yet. We still plan to stand with you in defense of your kraal.
Lightbringer Tybalt Leftpaw: Young? Compared to you ogres maybe...but the charr will always surprise you. Like now: we still plan to help you defend your home.
Warmaster Forgal Kernsson: Nobody's called me young in quite some time, unless they're joking. But we're not done yet. We still intend to help you defend your kraal.
Builder Gorkan: We'd be honored to have you join us. Uldek was a great leader, but now he's a great threat. Nobody likes the idea of putting him down, but...
<Character name>: But it has to be done. We understand, and rest assured, we won't let you face Uldek alone. We'll meet you back at the kraal.

Talking to Builder Gorkan:

Builder Gorkan: You little folk work harder than I expected—and with better results. Thank you. With all this timber, my people might just survive.
Talk more option tango.png What happens next?
We head back to the kraal and put this timber to good use. And we hurry. The Branded were massing for an attack before they took Uldek. He must have them champing at the bit by now.
Talk end option tango.png Right. Let's go.
Talk end option tango.png That's why we're here.

Talking to your mentor:

Magister Sieran: That should do it. Agrak Kaal is ready for Uldek and his Branded—but I bet they're not ready for us. Saving Lagula's tribe might just convince these ogres to join our cause.
Talk end option tango.png Even if they don't, we're not about to let Uldek wipe them out.
Lightbringer Tybalt Leftpaw: All right, Agrak Kraal should be ready to go. Trees for the bark; rock dogs for the bite. We're as ready for Uldek's horde as we're going to be.
Talk end option tango.png Let's head back so we can properly welcome Uldek home.
Warmaster Forgal Kernsson: Beasts for offense, lumber for defense. I think that just about covers Agrak Kraal for the upcoming battle. Now we just need to fight it.
Talk end option tango.png And victory for the ogres is a victory for the Vigil. Let's move.

My story[edit]

Pets and Walls Make Stronger Kraals.jpg

My mentor and I helped the ogres of Agrak Kraal tame a pack of rock dogs and their alpha, a huge brute named Sourfang. Nojara, the ogre beastmaster, said that these formidable beasts will give the kraal a much better chance of surviving the Branded attack we all know is coming.

We helped the ogres of Agrak Kraal beat back a flock of local harpies to harvest the lumber we need to shore up the kraal's defenses. The ogres, my mentor, and I all agreed: we've done all we can to prepare, and when the Branded chieftain Uldek returns to destroy the kraal, Lagula and her people will be ready.

My story