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The Aetherblade Retreat

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Living World Season 1 story step. For the dungeon from 2013, see Aetherblade Retreat.

The Aetherblade Retreat

1326 AE
Living World Season 1
Sky Pirates
Aetherblade Retreat
Preceded by
Aether Investigation
Followed by
Case Closed

The Aetherblade Retreat loading screen.png

Loading screen.

The Aetherblade Retreat is the fifth story step of Sky Pirates, the second episode of Living World Season 1.


Read the letter from Inspector Kiel.
Battle through the Aetherblade barracks.
  • Head to the secret Aetherblade hideout.
  • Meet up with Kiel.
  • Take out the door guards.
  • Find a way up the barracks.
  • Take the teleporter down.
  • Aetherblades Killed
  • Event bar empty green.jpg Event swords (tango icon).png
Shut down Frizz's Lab.
  • Talk to Kiel to confront Frizz.
  • Frizz
  • Event bar green.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
Keep exploring the Aetherblade hideout.
  • Defend Kiel as you explore deeper into the Aetherblade hideout.
  • Find a way to disable the lightning traps on the bridge.
  • Find a way to open the door for Kiel.
The Aetherblade Retreat
  • Talk to Kiel to confront Mai Trin.
  • Mai Trin
  • Event bar green.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
  • Find a way to disrupt Mai's shield.
  • Champion First Mate Horrik
  • Event bar green.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
  • Survive the cannon assault: 0:30
  • Debrief with Kiel.
  • Complete!



Battle through the Aetherblade barracks. (base of the waterfall at diverse ledge, at the water, not being the fall)

Story and replay checkpoints[edit]

Four checkpoints are available during the story and can be freely accessed afterwards when replaying the episode for achievements:

  • Living World (replay).png Replay Aetherblade Retreat for achievements: Battle through the Aetherblade barracks, starting point of the story instance
  • Living World (replay).png Replay Aetherblade Retreat for achievements: Shut down Frizz's Lab, right before the fight against Frizz
  • Living World (replay).png Replay Aetherblade Retreat for achievements: Keep exploring the Aetherblade hideout, cave exit right after the fight against Frizz
  • Living World (replay).png Replay Aetherblade Retreat for achievements: The Aetherblade Retreat, right before the fight against Mai Trin and Horrik


The Aetherblade Retreat Sky Pirates 1Achievement points
Complete the story chapter The Aetherblade Retreat. Complete The Aetherblade Retreat 1Achievement points
  • Complete the mission.
Asset Recovery Sky Pirates 3Achievement points
In the story instance The Aetherblade Retreat, plunder all of the Aetherblade chests.
Objectives: 5 objectives in total
  • Chest 1
  • Chest 2
  • Chest 3
  • Chest 4
  • Chest 5
Discovered 1 Secret Chest 1Achievement points
Discovered 5 Secret Chests 2Achievement points
  • Refer to the table below for the five chest locations.

Objective Location Notes
1 Chest 1 Asset Recovery Chest 1.png After cannon barrage, while facing Frizz's room, turn left and go up the wooden ramp. A wooden Shack to the right has the chest 1.
2 Chest 2 Asset Recovery Chest 2.png After defeating Frizz, head north and turn right to a dead end with chest 2.
3 Chest 3 Asset Recovery Chest 3.png After crossing all the lightning-trapped bridges, head into a small room southeast with chest 3.
4 Chest 4 Asset Recovery Chest 4.png After opening the door for Kiel, track backward down the ramp to chest 4. (The chest is through the door Kiel walks through on the right if you are following her)
5 Chest 5 Asset Recovery Chest 5.png After defeating Mai Trin, head into the airship, and you will find chest 5 on upper deck.
Investigative Study 2 Sky Pirates 1Achievement points
During the Sky Pirates storyline, find and read sources of information on the Aetherblade pirates.
Objectives: 6 objectives in total
  • Help Wanted (The Dead End Bar—Hard Boiled)
  • Letter from the Mesmer Collective (The Dead End Bar—Hard Boiled)
  • Lab Notes (The Aetherblade Retreat)
  • Letter from Ivan (The Aetherblade Retreat)
  • Scribbled Note from Horrik (The Aetherblade Retreat)
  • From E (The Dead End Bar—Case Closed)
Lore Located 1Achievement points
  1. Lab Notes: After defeating Frizz, take the right fork into the dead end. The note is on a box to the left, across from the Aetherblade Chest.
  2. Letter from Ivan: After crossing the bridge with the lightning traps take a left through a door (same room as the chest). The letter is on the floor to your immediate left. (This is the 2nd electried bridge, the suspended one.)
  3. Scribbled Note from Horrik: On the Aetherblade ship at the end of the instance below deck, next to the door.
Aether Apprehender: The Aetherblade Retreat Sky Pirates 5Achievement points
Kill Aetherblades in their hidden lair during the Sky Pirates chapter. Aetherblades Killed: 1 1Achievement points
Aetherblades Killed: 25 1Achievement points
Aetherblades Killed: 50 3Achievement points
Faster Than Light Sky Pirates 15Achievement points
Complete Kleptotronic Advanced Designs without being hit by lasers. Avoid Lasers in Kleptotronic Advanced Designs 15Achievement points
  • During the fight against Frizz, don't get hit by any of the spinning lasers.
Equipment Failure Sky Pirates 5Achievement points
Leave Frizz crushed in his lab. Defeat Frizz: 1 5Achievement points
  • Defeat Frizz.
Don't Be Rude to the Brute Sky Pirates 5Achievement points
Show respect by saluting Horrik. Salute Horrik: 1 5Achievement points
  • Perform the /salute emote in the final boss area. Works before the fight begins or when Horrik is dead.
Personal Space Sky Pirates 15Achievement points
Avoid Horrik's area attacks while fighting him. Avoid area attacks while fighting Horrik. 15Achievement points
  • During the fight against Mai Trin and Horrik, avoid getting hit by Horrik's cannon fire in the barrage phases.
  • Getting hit by his cannon while fighting him or Mai Trin doesn't remove eligibility for this achievement. Getting hit by the cannon attacks from the unreachable Aetherblade Thumpers on either side of the room doesn't remove eligibility either.
Cornered, Caught, Collared (2013) Sky Pirates 2Achievement points
You tracked down and subdued the criminal at large. The Lionguard will take it from here. Capture the Criminal Behind the Dragon Bash Crime 2Achievement points
  • Defeat Mai Trin.
Unfriendly Skies Sky Pirates 15Achievement points
Use Aetherblade weaponry to bring down the pirate airship. Aetherblade Airship Destroyed: 1 15Achievement points
  • Interact with the cannon on the deck of the docked airship.






Asura (Inquest)
Charr (Aetherblades)
Golems (Inquest)
Humans (Aetherblades)
Norn (Aetherblades)




Lionguard Inspector Ellen Kiel

Aetherblade Lair Located

<Character name>,

The Aetherblades have been hiding inside a cave in Lion's Arch this entire time. The scoundrels... I could use some backup for a raid on their hideout. Consider yourself deputized. Head to the base of the waterfall at the Diverse Ledges as soon as you can. I'll meet you there.

—Lionguard Inspector Ellen Kiel

Optionally talking to NPCs
Lionguard Inspector Wholley: Glad to have you with us, sir. Inspector Kiel has organized a fast incursion—the two of you will be our point group, and a full cadre of Lionguard will push in to secure the base behind you.
Talk end option tango.png Good, I'm in the mood to settle this quickly.
Lionguard: It's an honor to work with you, Commander. Inspector Kiel is just ahead. Those brigands have mined the waters, so swim carefully.
Talk end option tango.png Got it.
Approaching Inspector Kiel
Inspector Ellen Kiel: Let's get going.
Talking to Inspector Kiel
Inspector Ellen Kiel: Mai Trin and her crew came through here. I've got a bad feeling about this, but at least you're here too. Let's go.
Talk end option tango.png I'll take the lead.
As Inspector Kiel approaches the electric walls
Inspector Ellen Kiel: Ow! It shocked me!
Waiting at the electric walls
Inspector Ellen Kiel: We need to shut that down. You find a way to turn that off, I'll watch your back.
Talk end option tango.png I'm on it.
At the console before the Kleptotronic Design Lab
Inspector Ellen Kiel: Hmmm, let's see what this does.
Talking to Inspector Kiel to get into Frizz's lab
Inspector Ellen Kiel: This security panel seems simple enough. Are you ready to breach the room?
Talk ready option.png Let's go.
Talk end option tango.png Not yet.
Cinematic showing the lab
Frizz: This is a sterile research environment. Leave at once.

Frizz points at <Character name>.

After cinematic
Frizz: Very well. I have ways of dealing with contaminants.
Talking to Frizz
Frizz: This is a sterile research environment. Leave at once.
Talk ready option.png Let's finish this.
When Frizz is at 75% health
Frizz: You're vandalizing previous equipment. Why don't you play with live wires?
During fight
Frizz: Time to amplify the power. Fry, you pests. Fry like skritt on a lightning rod.
Frizz: This isn't supposed to happen. You should be dead by now!
Frizz: Zap! (laughs) What, you wanted something more pithy? Sue me. I'm new at killing people.
When someone is downed or defeated
Frizz: Someone call sanitation. I have stains that need eradicating.
When all golems are defeated
Frizz: You think you've won? You've won nothing! Tremble and cry as I unleash my greatest—
Inspector Ellen Kiel: Have I mentioned how much I hate those grubby little Inquest?
Talking to Inspector Kiel after the lab
Inspector Ellen Kiel: I'm shocked—and impressed—that these ruffians kept this place a secret for so long. Let's go. We've still got ground to cover.
Talk end option tango.png Here we go.
Talking to Inspector Kiel at the rope bridges
Inspector Ellen Kiel: We need to shut that down. You find a way to turn that off, I'll watch your back.
Talk end option tango.png I'm on it.
At the main doors
Inspector Ellen Kiel: Don't leave me here. I can help.
Talking to Inspector Kiel at the doors
Inspector Ellen Kiel: We have to find a way to open these doors. Look around for a way through.
Talk end option tango.png Okay.
After defeating all of the Aetherblade and Inquest
Inspector Ellen Kiel: Let's end this. Follow me!
Inspector Ellen Kiel: Oh no. Not another control panel.
Talking to Inspector Kiel at entrance to docks
Inspector Ellen Kiel: Behind this door is Mai Trin. Are you ready to face her?
Talk ready option.png Let's finish this.
Talk end option tango.png I need more time.
During the cinematic
Mai Trin: Scarlet's gonna have my skull.
Champion First Mate Horrik: What now, Captain? It'll take cannonballs to get out of here alive.
Mai Trin: I'm dead either way. Might as well strap in for a decent fight.
Champion First Mate Horrik: You got it. I'll undock the airships.
Mai Trin: I'll raise the gangplanks.
At the start of the fight
Mai Trin: This is what your curiosity gets you.
When Mai is at 75%, 50%, or 25%
Mai Trin: Horrik! Unleash the cannons!
Horrik: Aye, aye, Captain.
When Horrik is at 75%, 50%, or 25%
Mai Trin: No more half measures. All hands on deck!
When Mai is defeated
Mai Trin: Enough! You've won. Next time, just ask a little nicer.
Inspector Ellen Kiel: Lionguard, take our intrepid airship captain into custody. Don't take your eyes off her.
Lionguard: On it, Investigator.
Inspector Ellen Kiel: I'm itching to blow that escaping airship out of the sky. Any ideas how to do that?
Talking to Inspector Kiel after the fight
Inspector Ellen Kiel: Thank you, Commander. I'll sleep a little easier tonight knowing that Mai Trin is in custody.
Talk more option tango.png All of Lion's Arch will.
To think, the Aetherblades were hiding so close that entire time...
Talk more option tango.png She'll face justice. Don't beat yourself up.
I won't. I'm headed to Divinity's Reach after I wrap this up, to express my thanks to Delaqua and her assistant. I'm sure Magnus will want to celebrate with an ale. You're welcome to join us.
Talk quest option tango.png Dead End Bar? I know the way.


Lab Notes

These pirates are uncultured and filthy. These are not the working conditions to achieve great technological advancement!

Our "friends" know nothing of the subtleties and elegance of synergetics. Not only are our research specimens delicate and to be handled with the most gentle touch, but my lab equipment must be treated with the utmost respect (the pirates do neither).

B is arranging a visit to my humble lab in the coming week. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting her myself yet, but I want this place spotless by the time she arrives. The force-field generator above the power control core has been malfunctioning, I should get that repaired before her arrival. That way, I can give our guest a full demonstration of the lab's ability.

Letter from Ivan

Miss Trin,

Horrik is doing a good job at keeping the pirates from killing the Inquest, but Ivan is scared that we're one accident away from a full-on revolution (and trust Ivan, you don't want to clean that up).

The Inquest are pretty bossy, and they talk often about our "beef-witted malcontent.' Ivan doesn't know what that is, but it doesn't sound especially nice. Maybe we should arrange an icebreaker event with our companions. I'm sure the Inquest will be singing a different song after trying Ivan's omnomberry pie.


Scribbled Note from Horrik


Normally I'd bend your ear over a sea shanty and a keg, but with you being in Lion's Arch on assignment I figured I'd put it to paper. I'll give it to you straight, Mai―I don't like the current arrangement. I yearn for a good scrap and a rousing adventure as much as the next pirate, but the new boss is an anchor that's pulling us down. Mark my words, we're getting tangled in a mess and we won't notice 'til it chokes us out.

Then there's the Inquest buggers. Can't argue with the upgrades to our airships and equipment, but they're not like us. Got no code.

Goes without saying that I'll follow you to a cold and briny grave a thousand times over, but I want it to be on our terms―doing what we love, our freedom above all else. No fat-cat life for this first mate, you hear?

F.M. Horrik

P.S. Speaking of fat cats, threw half a fish to a stray the other day. Wouldn't mind having one on the ship. I know you like them.

My story[edit]

The Aetherblade Retreat loading screen.png

Turns out they were hiding in Lion's Arch all along, tucked away in a cave southwest of the city. Looks like Kiel and I know where we're headed next.

Kiel and I infiltrated the Aetherblade base and managed to fight our way inside. Seems the 'Blades are comprised of pirates and Inquest; they're rough in a fight, but also tech savvy. Their operation was impressive, especially given it was so close to the city.

The base was riddled with traps and lasers, making it difficult to navigate. Kiel and I found our way into a lab run by an asura named Frizz. Unbelievable that a bunch of pirates managed to erect an entire Inquest laboratory inside of the cave, filled with strange technologies. It looked like they were tracing something, though it'll be hard to question Frizz about his findings now. He was...squashed during the encounter.

The main hub of their hideout was constructed from the remnants of beached ships. And the stormy alcove was filled with pirates and Inquest engineers; crates upon crates were stacked against the walls. Mai Trin and her First Mate, Horrik, were hiding in the center of the maze, waiting for us to arrive.

They gave us their best fight, but we were able to take them both down. Horrik didn't make it out alive, but Mai Trin wisely surrendered to Kiel before we diced her into skritt feed.

With Mai Trin in custody, maybe we'll figure out who's behind this whole mess.

My story


Defeating Mai Trin too fast (e.g. with a bladesworn's Dragon Slash) may stall the final encounter.
Sometimes a phase triggers twice in a row without even hitting Mai Trin.
Defeating Horrik too soon can cause an endless canon phase forcing to restart the mission.


  • While most of the dialogue is the same as the original, Mai Trin's lines have been reworded and Ellen Kiel's final dialogue is completely different